Sunday, October 13, 2013

Exorcist Bob Larson gets kicked by a Russian demon!

Bloodgood- Demon on the Run

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  1. +jack tarr
    Using the cross is reminding Satan of his DEFEAT by JESUS, because He sacrificed His BLOOD and His LIFE at the satanic symbol of the 'sun god' out of LOVE for us humans and according to scripture and prophesy.

    YHVH is NOT the name of God: it's 'I am, who I am', or in short 'I am'.

    Now be brave, and ACCUSE this brother in Christ JESUS when you'll be standing before God's THRONE, and then let's see what happens....

    What are YOU doing in order to FREE sinners from DEMONS in JESUS' name?

    People are indeed ROTTEN to the CORE and always full of ENVY, CRITICISM and the urge to be wanting to be like God, just like Adam and Eve, our ancestors, when they listened to SATAN.

    Develop the urge to be wanting to be like JESUS Christ and follow in His footsteps.

    I'm not better or worse than you, but acknowledge that JESUS=God gave His life for CRIMINALS=transgressors of God's commandments, which we all are!


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