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  1. +Atheism is Madness Exactly!
    Don't trust anybody with a LOT of MONEY!

    Even when they give billions away, because that's what Bill Gates does, but he's also part of the conspiracy and Microsoft Windows is NSA-spyware, and especially Windows 10, and the NSA is serving the Vatican and the CIA too.
    But let them do what they want and in my country it's the same disaster, and my country is a close ally of (Vatican controlled) America.

    We're citizens of HEAVEN! YES!

    Our Kingdom is NOT of this world: spread the word among the brethren.
    Don't worry about anything, just believe and stay in contact with the KING!
    With JESUS!

    There's in fact NOTHING new under the sun, and my country has been part of the (hidden) Roman Empire for MOST of its existence, and especially the land beneath the wide river Rhine.
    During the Reformation my country broke free from the evil Roman Empire and there was a struggle of 80 years against Roman Catholic Spain, but the Roman Empire took revenge through the British crown, which cooperated with the Vatican, and the British STOLE New Amsterdam from us (New York) and we've had several see wars with the British, and that was in fact a big shame, because both the British people and the Dutch people were Protestants.
    The British crown also deceived America, because it supposedly lost the war of independence from the Americans, but though other (financial) ways it was the WINNER, and America is still a British colony, controlled by the EVIL Papacy.
    Don't blame the British people, but the treacherous British crown.
    My monarchy is also treacherous against its people, and all monarchies are serving the Vatican.
    Donald Duck...errr.. Trump, is a CLOWN and a MUPPET of the Vatican NWO and controlled opposition.
    Later the revenge of the Vatican on the Dutch was complete when Napoleon Bonaparte invaded my country and he was doing it on behalf of the Jesuits, and he installed our current FAKE monarchy, because the Netherlands were before that the first FREE, modern Republic in history, and this attracted a lot of people, like persecuted JESUS-followers from France and Jews.
    Thanks to the presence of the Jews, my country was richly blessed by God, the Lord JESUS and the Dutch became the richest people on earth, and they were a people of only about 2 million inhabitants back then!
    The Dutch were richer than the British and this led to ENVY, encouraged by the Vatican.
    The Dutch are Western-Germans, who developed their own language, and Germany itself didn't yet exist as a country, and this lasted for centuries, and only in 1870 it became a unified country, and it immediately started a war against France and won, but this became one of the causes of 'the first world war', which was the start of a period of 30 years of the 20th century Vatican inquisition, including 'the 2nd world war', which was meant to reshape the world and to establish the United Nations and killing as much Protestants, Jews and Eastern Orthodox Christians as possible.
    Meanwhile the US-government under Roosevelt (of Dutch descent) and Truman, and later Eisenhower (of Swiss descent) were secretly cooperating with the Vatican, and now under 'Obama' it's in fact doing this OPENLY, though Ronald Reagan's administration has been the most Catholic administration in American history, but in fact ALL US presidents were serving the Vatican and Abraham Lincoln was murdered by the Jesuits, because he knew they were the enemies of the US.
    It's a DONE DEAL now and the USA has become a Catholic country, controlled by the Vatican.
    The Vatican is in fact a MAFIA organization, disguised as a religious entity, and the true god of this organization is LUCIFER himself.
    Examine this info by brother Eric Jon Phelps, though I have updated it myself: The Satanic Power Tree

  2. Washington City becomes Washington D.C. District of Columbia!!
    In the U.S., the big push to canonize or deify the pirate Columbus came after the fall of the Papal States in 1870. On June 1, 1871, the name of the headquarters of the government was changed from Washington City to Washington D.C. —District of Columbia!! No expense was spared by the Knights of Columbus to glorify this thief, and murderer, A seal and motto, "Justitia Omnibus" (Justice for All), was adopted for the District of Columbia.

    In 1937 President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed every Oct. 12 as Columbus Day and in 1971, President Nixon declared it a federal public holiday on the 2nd Monday in October.
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    Michael Hall
    7:27 AM

    Very interesting
    Hans S
    7:42 AM

    +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist The Papal Colonization of America

    Washington D.C.'s original name was Rome, Maryland

    +Michael Hall 


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