Wednesday, January 8, 2014

JESUS Christ wasn't a 'white' man!

JESUS Christ wasn't a 'white' man!
Adam and Eve weren't 'white'.
I am 'white', but you've got to see me when I'm having a sun tan!
The Jesuits aren't the real enemy and NOT EVEN THE DEVIL: the REAL enemy is WITHIN us: our OWN way of thinking!
We can CHOOSE to think like God-Jesus....or we may choose to think like the devil.
We may choose to act from LOVE and COMPASSION toward a fellow human being, or we may choose to be SELFISH and to HATE (a) fellow human being(s).
JESUS Christ, God IN THE FLESH, chose to act from LOVE and COMPASSION toward His fellow human beings, WITHOUT watering down God's TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS, because He and the Father are ONE.
I pray for Eric Jon Phels that he'll be able to LOVE people of ALL color and ethnicity, because WE are ALL created by the SAME God, whom JESUS has revealed to us.
We are all related to each other through Noah and his family, and through Adam and Eve.
God-JESUS allows the devil to have his way, to show us how EVIL we are!
That's why He became a human being to show us how GOOD He is and how GOOD we can be if we follow in His footsteps.
The devil had NO power over JESUS, because JESUS and God are ONE and GOD IS LOVE!
Fight evil, by doing GOOD, according to JESUS' teachings!

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