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The Papacy - The Throne Of Antichrist

Published on Feb 9, 2014

like the Babylonian emperors and the Roman Caesars before them, the pagan Roman Catholic popes were seated on the throne of Satan, and possessed the title Pontifex Maximus (Supreme Pathfinder...the pope, Baker's Pocket Dictionary of Religious Terms) as displayed on a medal portraying Pope Leo X (1513-1521 A.D.) with the inscription "Pont. Max.".

Further evidence supports the fact that the papal office is the pagan Babylonian priesthood. Roman Catholic popes not only bear the title Pontifex Maximus and are seated on Satan-Nimrod's throne, but they also wear the scarlet robes of Nimrod and the miter of the fish-god Dagon, plus they carry the shepherd's crook of Nimrod and the mystical keys of Janus and Cybele, who were the pagan god and goddess representing Nimrod and Semiramis respectively (Babylon Mystery Religion, pp. 83-90, The Two Babylons, pp. 206-218).
The Roman bishops wore only white robes until they received Satan's throne and the title Pontifex Maximus (ibid., p. 111). Roman Catholic popes and cardinals now wear the scarlet robes of Nimrod. The shepherd's crook or crosier carried by the pope is the magical crook traced directly to Nimrod who was the first shepherd king (Baker's Pocket Dictionary of Religious Terms, entry "Crosier"; The Two Babylons, p. 217). The miter worn by the pope represents the mouth of a fish and was worn by the pagan Philistine fish-god Dagon (The Two Babylons, pp. 216-217), which is another name for Nimrod (ibid., pp. 114, 215, 252). Also, the tiara worn by the popes is identical in shape to that worn by the Philistine fish-god Nimrod (ibid., pp. 216-217).

The Hierarchy of the Roman Empire now called the Roman Church...

Vatican City is a landlocked state within the city of Rome, Italy. It is governed by the Bishop of Rome (called the Pope) are in fact clergymen.

It is the smallest sovereign state in the world.

Caesar Constintine began the "corporate takeover" by renaming all the old Roman offices, this evolution of name changing still occurs. Name changing allows a person to hide their tracks of origin.

Roman Empire offices & their modern names:

Roman Empire (Imperium Romanum) renamed: Roman Catholic Church

Curia (legal body of Senators) slight name change: Curia (legal body of Cardinals)

Roman Emperor renamed: Roman Pope (head of all church and state affairs)

Civil government matters of state: Extra-Ordinary affairs (matters of civil-state governments)

Religious orders matters: Church "ecclesiastical" matters

Roman College of Senators renamed: College of Cardinals

Magistrate of College of Senators renamed: Dean of College of Cardinals

Departments of the Roman Senatorial Curia renamed: Congregations

Political Ambassador renamed: Pro-Nuncio (highest civil ambassador sent to other governements, ie Wash.DC, London etc)

If a government has not signed a treaty with Rome which makes the Romans the head of the foreign country as certified in the Roman Code of Canon Law. This rebel nation which has no official ties has an ambassador called an Apostolic Delegate. The United States and the United Kingdom never allowed the Vatican to serve as their legal head until President Reagan quickly signed into law on January 10, 1984. This Treaty for the very first time in U.S. history recognized full diplomatic relations between the United States and the Vatican State.

In 1534 when the United Kingdom realized that the Treaty with the Vatican City-State made them subject to all the Popes rules they voided the treaty. Formal diplomatic relations between England and Vatican State were broken. Full diplomatic relations with the Pope's Vatican State were never restored for 448 years until 1982.


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  1. Gyöngyi djurdja
    True. The building is in the shape of a crowned snake
    ..its called the crowned serpent. The altar is a dead sheep...and a locust. His trown is the flying serpent coming out of the pit... Made from copper. (Color of not sure about meaning but its in the bible exectly discribed in that verse) in a room thats a snake. And the trown stands in its mouth. 😨😨.
    The pope said hell does not really exist


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