Thursday, March 27, 2014

Putin and the POTUS: are they really at each other's throats?

Obama Meets Pope Francis For First Time - The Marxist Connection 



Putin, Francis & Trump are ALLIES



  1. God damn the Catholic Cult.
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    HIFI man
    1 day ago

    Catholics are NOT Christian, but rather humanist and popian.
    Hans S
    1 minute ago

    God,aka JESUS, will DESTROY Babylon=The Roman Catholic CULT!
    Hans S
    51 seconds ago

    Pagans with a christian veneer

  2. Putin is also serving the Vatican NWO, PLAYING the role of 'enemy of the (Vatican) west'.
    He shaked the hand of Pope Francis and bowed to him.

    The Vatican uses him in order to fulfill prophecy, because the jesuits know the Bible very well...from a satanic point of view....
    Stalin was a Jesuit and marxism/communism is a Jesuit-invention.
    Fascism too.
    I do believe Satan has his eyes on 'Obama', because he plays the role of 'antichrist', but I believe he's the false prophet, and the Pope is the ANTICHRIST, playing the role of 'false prophet'.
    This is typical satanic practice
    Everyone thought Hitler and Stalin were arch enemies, but they served the SAME cause: the Vatican NWO.
    The people of Russia need JESUS Christ and not Putin!
    Hans S
    1 second ago

    Putin and Obama: are they really at each other's throats?

  3. Vladimir Putin Full Length Documentary: The Putin System

    Published on Nov 7, 2012

    CBC's "The Passionate Eye" presents The Putin System - a point-of-view documentary that presents an ominous view of what Putin is willing to do to ensure Russia regains its position on the world stage.

    The Putin System chronicles the remarkable life of Putin, a tough, young leader who is not afraid to make harsh decisions and holds a secret purpose-to restore the old Russia of his dreams.

    The Putin System is directed by Jean-Michel Carré in association with Jill Emery for the French production company Les Films Grain De Sable.


    Published on Apr 26, 2012

    Blowing Up Russia This Documentary Was Shown Just Once On Russian tv in 2000 it got halfway Through then took A tv Ad Break that Was It The Film Maker Knew not To Stay In His Home And After Being told The next Morning His House Was Raided By FSB Thugs Then His Name Was Put On Wanted List As Suspect For The Bombings Pure Orwell Right This is Putin,s 1984 Russia Today

    1. +dangerousslave
      There's only ONE RIGHTEOUS Kingdom possible: the future Kingdom of JESUS Christ.

      He's God in human capacity and He's showing humanity that a world without His leadership becomes a DIRTY MESS!

      Satan's mess, because people love Satan and themselves more than Him, except those who LOVE and Obey Him.

  5. +momoszabong
    You'll need JESUS the JEW if you want to be saved, and He happens to be God almighty.

    He's coming back to Israel in order to save a remnant (one third) of His people.
    This means that 2 third won't give a damn about Him...very sad.
    But Jews are just humans, like everybody else.
    The real bastards are the Jesuits, and especially this Jesuit-Pope Franciscus.
    They are behind all wars and revolutions, and they also use Jews, in order to put the blame on ALL the Jews, just like the JESUIT Hitler did in the past, and Stalin was also a Jesuit from Georgia, and Mao Zedong was Jesuit-trained too.
    The Vatican is Satan's headquarters.

  6. +Yvonne Boatright Putin is also serving the Vatican NWO and the Papacy.
    He's PLAYING the role of adversary.
    Putin and Obama: are they really at each other's throats?


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