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The man behind

Uploaded on Jan 27, 2012
Frank O'Collins is the founder of which is an alternative to the current 'Roman Cult System' as Frank calls it. He has been researching and creating this alternative for 25 years. If you wish to know how the world is actually run by the 'Elites', Frank's information is the best place to start.

Frank is the man behind

That's right and the strange thing is that I was at school with Lisa back in 79. and that was the last time I saw her and she is being mislead , by all these warlocks, she never really did like Christians    

So you three are from Australia...Frank and Lisa aren't BORN AGAIN followers of JESUS Christ.
Knowledge doesn't save: only the BLOOD of JESUS Christ and one's submission to Him, by calling Him Lord and master, and being born again through God's Holy Spirit, saves.

Yet, God has used Frank O'Collins at the end of 2011 to open my eyes to the real truth behind the Catholic CULT and for instance the 'second world war'.

Frank thinks that a lot of people are ignorant or stupid or both, but believers in JESUS like we are, who are informed, know that it's no use to fight against the Vatican New World Order, because it's part of GOD'S plan with this world, because God=JESUS is allowing Satan to rule this world since most of the people on earth are legally owned by Satan, because of the wrong choice of our ancestors Adam and Eve.

Only people who are freed by JESUS personally, are no longer living under the dictatorship of Lucifer-Satan.

The alternative of Frank is just as occult as the doctrine of the Roman Catholic CULT.

It wil lead someone on a path to hell!

Frank isn't preaching the gospel of JESUS Christ as the ONLY truth, but his own philosophy.

Frank and Lisa are both LOST without JESUS Christ.

Join me in prayer: "Lord JESUS, we ask you to open the eyes of Frank and Lisa, because you are their creator and you love them, and you don't want to see them ending up in your trash can, the lake of fire, after your Final Judgement.
SAVE THEM in JESUS' name! And thank you for listening.




Micha en de Holocaust




Living Under the Last Pope - 12 Facts You Must Know




LEAVE The Whore of Babylon!



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  1. Over ‘de elite’ gesproken: The man behind
    Micha Kat (en anderen), luister hier maar eens naar, en er is meer op YouTube.

    7 maart, 2014 om 15:29
    Hanss zegt:

    It's okay if you love Lisa, but love her in a spiritual way
    , and not because she has been you girl friend, because in the end we will ALL be LIKE the angels, whether we're going to heaven or hell, because we will all receive new eternal bodies after this life in this dimension.

    May she and Frank realise that only JESUS Christ can save them!

    May God-JESUS open their eyes, and of many others!


  3. +Will J
    You really are a special kind of ignorant and brainwashed person.

    In my country ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! police officers helped the Nazis when they rounded up the Jews, who subsequently were MURDERED during the (ROMAN CATHOLIC - VATICAN) occupation of the Netherlands, 1940-1945.
    Only ONE police officer didn't participate, because he was SICK!
    He's the one who revealed this TRUE story on TV, some time ago.

    About 104.000 Jews were killed of BURNED ALIVE in the Nazi ovens, because Zyklon-B was NOT used in order to 'gas' them, but in order to NUMB them, after which those poor people were being BURNED ALIVE.
    Because Satan loves to HATE the people of God, and not just the Jews, but also MANY real followers of JESUS Christ.
    In total 18 MILLION were being killed this way!
    6 million Jews and 12 million believers in JESUS Christ = 18 million people = 6 = 6 = 6 million people.

    America has become a ROMAN CATHOLIC country, and the true church of Satan is the Roman Catholic CULT!

  4. +diybunny
    Sister, a couple of years ago I was just as uninformed as many others, though I knew the Roman Catholic church was VERY wrong, until I discovered this site at the end of 2011

    I wanted to confront Holocaust deniers and God led me to this information.
    It's from a Australian man:

    After this I discovered much more on this subject and this led to the conclusion that the Papacy/the Pope is the Antichrist.

    About the seat of Satan: Satan's Throne Revealed At Last!!

    It's all VERY SIMPLE: The Pope is the Antichrist and 'Obama' is his executor/MUPPET.

    ALL evil roads lead to the Vatican!

    The most powerful person on earth is the POPE: he owns TRILLIONS and MONEY is POWER in this SATANIC world!

    The Jesuits are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church


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