Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Obama regime is a SICK JOKE, orchestrated by the Vatican. Open ur eyes (resistance on Twitter)


Afbeelding zal als link worden weergegeven.
  1. Why do ALL the world leaders visit a leader of a 'Christian church'? WAKE UP PEOPLE, bc the POPE is the ANTICHRIST!
  2. Please elaborate, because I have proof I'm right: Pope Francis INVOKES LUCIFER
  3. I was being facetious... This is twitter, and we do joke around.
  4. Can't say that I remember what this Was about, but if we are kidding all for it! Hope Sat. Is a good one!
  5. I just saw this. If you think because you saw it on a YouTube video, It must be true, please! J.C. Is alive!
  6. Then I'll write it down for you: LATIN: "Flammas eius lúcifer matutínus invéniat: ille, inquam, Lúcifer, qui nescit
  7. occásum. Christus Fílius tuus, (!!!) qui, regréssus ab ínferis, humáno géneri serénus illúxit, et vivit et regnat
  8. in sæcula sæculórum. - Translation: "Flaming Lucifer finds Mankind, I say: Oh Lucifer who will never be defeated,
  9. CHRIST IS YOUR SON (!!!!) who came back from hell, shed his peaceful light and is alive and reigns in the world
  10. without end." Pure SATANISM! JESUS the JEW, didn't start the Roman Catholic CULT, which is the hidden Roman Empire
  11. So once again: the Roman Catholic CULT states that JESUS Christ is the son of LUCIFER! Satan is a PSYCHOPATH!
  12. And ALL the world leaders (Putin too!) visit the leader of this CULT! That's because they don't like JESUS CHRIST
  13. I come from a country that fought 80 years against this CULT: Eighty Years' War
  14. The Roman Catholic CULT STOLE our most important city in the past and divided our people:
  15. But eventually our country became weakened by the wars with Britain, because the British crown serves the Vatican
  16. When the Jesuit-aided Napoleon Bonaparte conquered our country, he installed a FAKE monarchy
  17. which is serving the Pope Pic: King Willem-Alexander and his Catholic wife Maximá & the Pope
  18. See former Queen Beatrix and current Queen Maximá surrender to islam in the recent past
  19. Former Queen Beatrix' German father was the founder of 'Bilderberg' and

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