Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Truth about Arab Spring - ISLAMIC WARS ( part 1 & 2 )


The Truth about Arab Spring - ISLAMIC WARS ( part 1 )

Published on Mar 17, 2014
The Arab Spring was seen as an Islamic Revolution for reform in autocratic states, but as reliable intelligence sources have revealed, it was carefully manufactured by the West to destabilise the region, where one autocrat is replaced by another (e.g. Egypt) and the majority of Muslim heads of state are Western allies, who imprison, torture and murder there own people (e.g. Bahrain). The Islamic people are being used as pawns so that Western governments can pass more laws to reduce cherished freedoms.

thanks to Adrian McQueen

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I like the FIRST part of this video, but the second part is oversimplified AGAINST Israel, though I know about the occult state of the state of Israel: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2013/04/the-occult-state-of-state-of-israel.html
BUT...God is a JEW and His name is JESUS and He still LOVES His people because of a REMNANT (one third) that will convert at His second coming.
I also don't like the STUPID and BLUNT ATTACK on the Biblical pre-tribulation-rapture teaching, and it's a SATANIC LIE FROM HELL to say this teaching is concocted by the Jesuits.
The truth is that this is EXACTLY what the SATANIC Jesuits want us to believe!
I will FIGHT AGRESSIVELY anyone who ATTACKS the pre-tribulation-rapture teaching, because people who are GUILTY of this CRIME want to STEAL the PROMISES that are meant for ISRAEL, and NOT for the Body of Jesus Christ, which they call by the ROMAN CATHOLIC WORD 'the church'.
The word 'church' is NOWHERE to be found in the original manuscripts of the New Testament, and instead the word 'assembly' is applicable.
The word 'church' generates associations with CHURCH BUILDINGS and it's a word SATAN LOVES to HEAR, because he knows that the REAL Body of Jesus Christ is an ORGANISM over which he has NO control, but he CAN control 'churches' through HIS ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT and the CHURCH OF ROME, the true CHURCH of SATAN!

The Truth about Arab Spring - ISLAMIC WARS ( part 2 )

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