Wednesday, April 2, 2014

IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama IS A MAN 24/7


  1. Venus Williams is a man

  2. Satan is a BI-SEXUAL sickly JEALOUS BASTARD!
    He hates REAL men and REAL women who want to obey God-JESUS-the Bible.

  3. "She's a woman even if she has a penis because she presents as a woman and identifies as a woman."

    Haha... you, and the people who think like you, are so fucking stupid.

    If a child acts like, and identifies as a puppy, that doesn't make them a puppy.

    According to human biology, if a person is born male, they can't be a female... ever. It doesn't matter how much estrogen you give them, or even if you remove the male sexual organs; they still have an X and a Y chromosome.

    Why are these facts so hard for you freaks to understand?

    Transgenderism is a social phenomenon that is based on warped logic and pseudoscience. Personally, I think it should be classified as a mental illness.

  4. +JUNGLE SURFER I´m glad you DISTRUST EVERYTHING concerning the world´s ´elite´. They´re all serving the VATICAN and LUCIFER NEVER lose your sense of HUMOR!


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