Friday, May 2, 2014

The CIA , NSA & CFR - The Company exposed (Full Length Documentary)

The CIA , NSA & CFR - The Company exposed (Full Length Documentary)

Published on May 2, 2014
This documentary is great ! Its true everything the "Elite" does they do over the backs of all Americans and the rest of the world , that includes the false War on Terror , therefore we have to stand up to defend ourselfs a Restoration is what USA needs not a Revolution , so every high official or group promoting a Revolution is in a sense betraying you or making a big mistake.

The unholy office of the Inquisition , waging crusades for the Jesuit controlled papacy. The CIA was founded by at least 2 Knights of Malta , Wild Bill Donovan and Nazi Reinhard Ghelen and since its existance many Knights of malta's have been head of the CIA as well as members, all had ties to High Level Freemasonry , some to the Skull & Bones secret society and some had Jesuit educations on Jesuit universities like Knight of Malta Leon Panetta the current CIA director , they kiss the ring of the Pope who is actually Ceasar ! The Former CIA director Knight of Malta George J Tenet had a major role in orchistrating the Twintower Attacks i combination with The CFR , The Archbischop of NY and The Jesuit Universities Georgetown and Fordham University. USA is controlled by The Jesuit controled Vatican since the Fasces are hanging in the House of representatives. The Bush Family are descendants of The House of Stuart.
The Jesuits control the British Crown since 1773 when King George III gave them shelter during their worldwide ban by a Papal Bull from Pope Clement XIV , which is also the direct reason for the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati 1776 when the Jesuits brought Papal Jews to places of power , especially the Rothschild & Rockefeller Dynasty.

The CIA had a role in funding the Marshall plan (rebuilding Europe after ww2) which was designed by CFR member Dean Acheson who was also responsible for designing NATO and also (together with Cardinal Francis Spellman and 33rd degree Freemason Harry Truman) it was the Secretary of State working for Spellman who brought Mao to power. The John Birch Society published much on the State Department's role in bringing Mao over poor people of China. But never did the JBS blame Rome for this.
Mao was also the murderer of Baptist missionary John Birch ad proven by Dr. William P. Grady in his masterpiece work: How Satan Turned America Against God.

Mossad is another branch of the CIA

Donald Rumsfeld is a crook he delivered Weapons of mass destruction to Saddam which led to the death of thousands of Kurds in North Iraq , he also delivered North Korea with Nuclear weapons. Donald Rumsfeld is a Knight of St Gregory a high level Freemason and a CFR member

(i do not support Jeff Rense as long as he rejects Eric Phelps , i do appreciate some of his work , this article is usefull)

ALL Intelligence agency's are controlled by The Jesuit Superior general aswel as The Vatican Knighthoods (through control of the Pope) and the supreme council of the 33rd (controlled by The Archbischop of NY) and inner circle of High level Freemasonry.



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