Thursday, May 22, 2014

This is NOT the American Eagle!

There are very clear masonic symbols hidden within the dollar bill. Together they tell of the creation of a new world order based on the slavery of the peoples with the power elite at the control. They deify there god the devil himself as the all seeing eye.This power of control is based on money and the creation one world government.
This symbolism has been decoded by an x Illuminati student Doc Marquis

The first symbol on the front of the dollar bill  is a hidden micro dot of an owl. This owl represents the false deity Moloch.




Phoenix on us dollar


  1. The JESUITS did nine eleven and they always love to put the blame on 'the Jews', because they hate the Jewish people, because God is JESUS and JESUS is a JEW.

  2. +ISRAEL DID NineEleven The Jesuits are the devil's servants and they will all BURN in the LAKE OF FIRE, unless they repent, just like you.
    No devil and no satanic human is telling me to shut up.
    JESUS loves you and He died for you on the cross.
    Satan wants you to BURN with him in the lake of fire...FOREVER!
    So, the choice is yours, and you're already slowly dying and the (Swiss) clock is ticking.
    When I die, I'll go to heaven...where will you be going?

  3. Switserland is controlled by The Jesuits as most if not all countries are , The Swiss have been guarding the Vatican since the 1300's , once the Headquarters of The Knights Templars was Cyprus , i assume Switserland was on the Route for the Crusades and Switserland has been de Bankers for the Vatican since a long time. Also the Bavarian Illuminati was co designed in Switserland aswel as the UN and the State Israel. The Pharao's are the Royal and especially The Papal Nobility bloodlines who are descended from The Last Ptolemaic Dynasty of Ancient Egypt and throughout time there are many offspring related to the Papal Bloodlines. Breakspear , Medici , Orsini , Farnese , Borgia , Aldobrandini , Chigi , Somaglia , Este , Sforza , Barberini , Phampili , Palavincini etc etc its these bloodlines that rule the world secretly most are in the Jesuit order and Vatican Knighthoods.Many are connected to The Rothschilds and The British Crown and there are also bloodlines in India and China , USA etc etc note that the King of Spain is a real Pharao descent because he is one of the few Farnese bloodlines still around (Pope Allessandro Farnese approved the Jesuit order in 1540) , King Carlos is the Roman Emperor of Israel and hold close contact with The Masonic Muslim Leaders of the Middle East , The Skull & Bones department in the Templar Church is interesting , The Order of death there is a very good website online exposing this too you might need to find it yourself :)

  4. If you really want to resist the satanic Vatican Jesuit NWO, then you'll have to preach the gospel of JESUS Christ.
    Satan hates JESUS and the best way to annoy Satan is by preaching the name of JESUS Christ.
    JESUS CHRIST will DESTROY the Satan Jesuit Vatican New World Order!


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