Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Global SITREP C12-14: The Middle East's Expanding War - Next Stop Jordan

29 June 2014: The Islamist threat to the current government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan may actually not be where most media have set their eyes in recent days. Those reports have focused on a region of Jordan well to the east of Amman. At the farthest extent of the vast Al Mafraq Governorate, Jordan's vast eastern arm, lies a desert region which is actually the southernmost portion of the Syrian desert. This desolate region is known in Jordan as Ar-Ruwayshid and it terminates at the Iraqi-Jordanian border crossing of Tarbil. There are virtually no cities of any significant population to speak of out here; it is basically just a transport corridor between Baghdad and Amman. 
The threat area, highlighted on the map above, is the city of Ma'an, officially the second poorest city in Jordan. This city of 200,000 is populated by many educated but out-of-work youth who are drawn to the perceived promises of ISIS and potential opportunity they see in the creation of a truly Salafist Islamic state without borders. An Islamic Caliphate in other words. The reason they see opportunity and are given inspiration by ISIS is due to the military successes they have achieved in neighboring Iraq. For these youth the morning begins with a visit to the Al-Furqan website used by ISIS to make their daily Salafist indoctrination and propaganda announcements which inspire these Arab youth to riot in the city. The youth are immediately beset upon with extreme prejudice and often deadly violence by the local law enforcement which is loyal to the Hashemite throne.


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