Saturday, July 12, 2014

I am still amazed there are people that still think our government had nothing to do with 911


Hans S
Jul 7, 2014
That's a WORLD WIDE phenomena and it's due to the BRAINSWASHING by the Vatican New World Order, which owns almost ALL of the media.

Only on the internet it's still possible to get the right information.

I'm Dutch, and like many people I used to believe the 'offical' interpretation of 9/11, because back in those days I didn't have yet an internet connection and I relied on Dutch and international 'news', which was (and still is) in fact being controlled by the Vatican NWO.

I always had something against computers and the internet, because I knew these technologies would be used in order to establish the dictatorship of the future Antichrist.

Back then, I didn't yet know that ALL evil roads lead to Rome and the Vatican, and I didn't know how bad the situation already was, both in my country, being part of the (Roman Catholic) EU, and in the USA.

At the end of 2004 I was finally on broadband internet, and after that things went fast.

First I discovered a video made by a Republican, who at first tried to refute the 'lies' of the people who already believed 9/11 was an 'inside job', but after doing intensive investigation, he changed his mind and he (and his wife) became a 'truther'.

His video made it perfectly clear that controlled demolition had been used to bring down the WTC buildings.

But then I was being confronted with a puzzle, because why had 'they' done this, and what was their goal?

It became clear that the 'war on terror' was a HUGE lie, in order to distract the people's attention from the beginning of dictatorship, and Alex Jones used to be my main source of information, before I discovered that he himself is part of the 'controlled opposition', working for the CIA and the Vatican NWO.

He never told (and tells) the people who were really behind 9/11 and the 'Patriot Act' (loss of freedom!) and the 'War on terror': the satanic JESUITS from the Vatican!

It took me quite some studying and reading and watching videos and analysing, before the truth came out, and the big change for me was at the end of 2011, when I discovered this obscure (Australian) web site, as a result of a discussion about the Holocaust on a Dutch site:

This was THE eye-opener for me!

I suggest you study the information, and understand that the EVIL Roman Catholic CULT and its Jesuits are behind ALL evil in this world on behalf of Satan (Lucifer).

Later I discovered the site of Eric Jon Phelps, Vatican Assassins, and much more information.

I also discovered that the manned moon landings are a HOAX, and also that the earth is NOT spinning and indeed (as the Bible points out in Genesis) the centre of the universe, which means that I left my helio(Sun)centric vision on the universe and exchanged it for the Geo(earth)centric TRUTH.

I have been an atheist when I was younger, and like many people I had been brainwashed with a lot of of lies, like the big lie of 'evolution'.

It turned out that 'evolution' is also a lie by the satanic Jesuits from the Vatican.

The real church of Satan is the Roman Catholic CULT, and it will establish a world government and the Pope is the Antichrist, which means he is the 'in place of', or the 'instead of' Christ, which is BLASPHEMOUS!

in fact the Pope (or the Papacy) pretends to be GOD!!

The Vatican uses a DISTRACTION, called 'Obama', as they used people like Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Roosevelt, Churchill, Truman, and many more, because they ALL served (in secret) the Vatican!

Every American president is in fact a servant of 'Rome'.

The Roman Catholic CULT is a "Christian' guise for the ROMAN EMPIRE, which in fact NEVER went down!

The USA is the military arm of the Vatican, and the 'City of London' and Switzerland are the financial arms, and the Vatican itself is the BRAIN of Satan's rule over the earth.

The Vatican is Satan's project!

The end game is ISRAEL!

Satan knows that JESUS (= GOD!) will return to Jerusalem, in order to gain power over the earth as King, and to dethrone Satan.

Satan the devil, is doing all he can to try to avoid this from happening, but the Bible tells us that he will FAIL.

The ONLY escape is to surrender to JESUS Christ, because all people who (will) refuse to choose His side will be destroyed and punished forever in the lake of fire.

God ALLOWS Satan to act, because He's using him and his co-fallen angels in order to sort out who belongs to Him and who belongs to Satan.

It's that simple!

Anyone who chooses to follow JESUS and is willing to suffer and to die for Him, will be saved, and everyone who is a COWARD will be lost forever.

JESUS is saving people who are (or will be) LIKE Him!

People with the character of the devil, will PERISH.

Written in simple English, because I'm Dutch, greetings from Hans, from the Netherlands.

Jul 9, 2014

Hans S
6:08 PM
You know, it's not forbidden to be lost and to go to hell.
Take it or leave it: JESUS died on the cross for (Y)OUR sins, being God in the flesh, and He rose from the dead.

It's not forbidden to believe that the USA isn't being controlled by the Vatican and the JESUITS.

It's not prohibited to think that 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr, or Barry Obama) is merely a nuicance that will go away, after he has ended his last term in office, while the truth is that he's the DESTROYER of this once great country.

Believe what you want and think I'm telling fairy tales.

But JESUS is coming and Satan will lose!

7:26 PM


  1. +Tonya Brobeck
    The message of Bob is, that's it already too late
    : the USA has become a Vatican ruled dictatorship under 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr, or Barry Davis).

    The ONLY way out is JESUS Christ!

    Is JESUS your Lord and Savior?

  2. +carpejkdiem It was a FALSE FLAG. During that time I had not yet internet, and like so many people i was DECEIVED, but almost NO-ONE died that day and it was a clear case of CONTROLLED DEMOLITION and the Twin Towers were hit by CRUISE MISSILES, and in the footage shown on TV they were changed into AIRPLANES through computer graphics.
    They used a lot of CRISIS ACTORS, and ALL the media, WORLD WIDE were controlled by the SAME CRIMINALS on behalf of the VATICAN, the JESUITS and the POPE...and the DEVIL!
    In the other cases (Pentagon, Pennsylvania) they also used CRUISE MISSILES.

    I am still amazed there are people that still think our government had nothing to do with 911


    The WORST LIE concerns our salvation: Jesus vs Paul - a VERY IMPORTANT message!


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    Wow! Great one and good point!
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    Hans S
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    +Hans S Great breakdown and reminder of the blatant sham! - Blessings2u


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