Monday, July 7, 2014

Meet God as your BEST FRIEND, in the capacity of JESUS, or as your WORST NIGHTMARE


  1. Have you listened to brother Bob?
    Tell others of JESUS: He's the ONLY way out of this MESS!
    My country is DOOMED and embedded in the EVIL Roman Empire of the Vatican, and your country TOO!
    Obama is the False Prophet of 'world peace and prosperity' through 'sharing of wealth'=marxism/communism, playing the role of Antichrist.
    'Pope Francis' is the JESUIT Antichrist (Vicar of Christ='instead of Christ=BLASPHEMY!), playing the role of False Prophet.
    The two BEASTS of Revelation 13!
    Both the Republican and Democratic party are COMPLICIT in the establishment of the VATICAN NEW WORD ORDER!
    The United Nations too, and NATO and the EU and the World Bank etc. etc.
    It's a DONE DEAL!
    He is our BEST and ONLY hope!

  2. +LAna St.ColumB
    Let the devil do his 'thing' and in the meantime JESUS is doing His 'thing': saving people from going to hell!

    God allows the devil to act, because if people reject Him and His mercy, He's giving them the devil instead.
    JESUS loves us and Satan hates us!


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