Saturday, July 26, 2014

Subject: Gaza War

Fighting in the Gaza strip has been focused on the Israelis trying to destroy the numerous mouths of the tunnels, and the tunnels themselves. Hamas has used tunnels effectively in the current war against Israel. In numerous cases the volleys of fire were connected to the locations of the tunnels.
The fire power in the form of RPGs, missiles, guns, rockets, etc., is analogous to the fire power of lava spewing out of the mouth of a volcano.

In August 2005, a lengthy article was written about the Israeli disengagement from Gaza. The title was: "The Disengagement from Gaza: A Volcano?" The article in general suggested that outcome. However, the single most effective term read: "My nation perverted the disengagement. A mouth of a volcano there -- their belief". With the new understanding of the ERUPTION of fires in Gaza, the Bible code above takes on another, even more powerful dimension.
In March 2013, a video was posted to YouTube: "The Volcano that Prime Minister Begin Predicted." The video was produced at that time because newly released documents revealed what Prime Minister Begin (and others) expected would happen in Gaza. The volcano code above stated that "this was their belief". The documents that were released less than two years ago reveal why so many Israelis refused to leave Gaza. As Prime Minister Begin knew decades ago, as was stated in the Bible codes, and as we can see clearly today, the fire from Gaza is as devastating and indiscriminate as lava is from a volcano.
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