donderdag 18 september 2014

How many actually lived to tell about the ovens?

It is a matter of record that the life expectancy of a Jewish prisoner working in the Crematoria of camps such as Auschwitz was weeks, if not days. It has been proven through court testimony and accounts that the prisoners working in the Crematoria were kept in separate lodging, well away from the rest of the population and were relatively better fed than the majority at the camps. It is also a gruesome fact that these workers were deliberately executed on a regular basis for “whatever reason”—with new prisoner recruits eager to join any new vacancies on account of the better “living” conditions.

It means very few individuals lived to tell the tale of working in the Crematoria from the perspective of a Jewish prisoner of war. Some who have claimed to work in the Crematoria turned out to be untrue testimonies for whatever motive. Very few testimonies exist from less than a handful of genuine workers in the Crematoria who worked there only in the final moments before they ceased and the camps were “liberated”.


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