Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My God! Why are you SLOWLY killing me?


    I started smoking when I was 18 and went to bars and discos, and before that I hated smoke...and smokers.

    Being a smoker myself I became more social toward smokers and people in general, and I still smoke, and I know how bad it is, and my wife too, who's also a smoker, and who's 59.
    Yes, it's bad for my voice and the funny thing is that nowadays smoking is prohibited in bars and discos, but I don't need to be in those places for a very long time, though I still went there after I had surrendered to JESUS.
    Life itself is dangerous: we're all SLOWLY dying!
    My God! Why are you SLOWLY killing me?

  2. I still look young when I shave myself, but I can't (or won't) hide my grey hair, or the fact that I've lost some hair.

    I accept my age (54+) and I'm yet older than my dad who died when he was 53.

  3. Lacressha Powell
    Jan. 26, 2015

    Jesus NEVER established the church if Rome.
    Jesus established his church in Israel. Stop your lies! Rome us Satan's church. She is the Great Whore! Israel is the Woman of the Bible.

    Sent from my iPad
    +Lacressha Powell Hey, now I know: you're working for Apple ('Sent from my iPad')....I'm kidding...

    Hey, Lacressha, I'm glad you don't worship the devil or the Pope or both, but you've got to understand that I'm not a 'Christian', but an ex-atheist who became a JESUS-follower, because God decided to save me, when I didn't want to be saved at all.

    I only know that I didn't want to go to hell, and then JESUS told me the following: "Hans, there are two things you can do; commit suicide, or start reading the Bible".

    JESUS didn't start a 'church' (church is a Catholic word) but a LIVING ORGANISM, called the 'Body of Christ'.

    The word 'church' is giving me associations with 'church buildings', 'church towers', 'church bells' and 'church organ (music)', which JESUS never intended, being a JEW.

    I'm as free as a bird, being a follower of JESUS, and I'm not obliged to honor any kind of day of 'rest', because I'm in HIS rest, since the Holy Spirit (God-JESUS in spiritual capacity) came to dwell within me, but originally the only day of rest is the Sabbath, from sunset on day 6 ('Friday') till sunset on day 7 ('Saterday').

    Why did you block me?
    Because you love JESUS and me so much?

    You don't believe in 'going to heaven'....where did JESUS go when He ascended into heaven?

    Is he in heaven, or somewhere else, according to you?

    Heaven is a DIFFERENT dimension from this one, because God-JESUS exists in a SUPERNATURAL dimension, and to Him it's normal, but to us it's supernatural.

    You don't believe in the pre-Times of Trouble for Jacob=ISRAEL-rapture/departure.

    That's sad...for you, because then you're not prepared like the WISE virgins.

    But listen: you don't listen to anyone, but to Lacressha Powell, so I leave you up to the Father, okay?

    I love you and JESUS loves you even more.
    Hans S
    10:14 PM

    Follow JESUS ONLY!
    All people are sinners, and also those who are saved, and no one is perfect, except God-the Lord JESUS.
    Hans S
    10:25 PM

    +dona 4him "Uh,....... No, Not quite. But I would say now it is one of them.

    There's still others such as Scientology, Mormonism, and some other fakes that I can't name off the top of my head right now"
    To which comment are you responding, Dona?
    Hans S
    10:27 PM

    +dona 4him Well, I didn't block her, and I suppose she has blocked me.
    It's a SAD thing when fellow believers in JESUS block each other, and it's breaking JESUS' s heart.
    He died in vain for people who aren't willing to LOVE the way He did and does.

  4. +bridgefin
    Thanks for telling me your name, George!

    You know what's the problem with most people?: because of their god-complex, due to the fall of our ancestors, Adam and Eve, we tend to be meddlesome with respect to each other, and that's not what JESUS wants.
    JESUS wants all people to love each other, and to respect each other, because we all have been created in His image and likeness.


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