Thursday, October 30, 2014

Someone Told Me Sarcastically That 'Obama Killed Jesus' Did He?

Someone on my YouTube jokingly or sarcastically said: “Obama Killed Jesus.” Which I responded to thus:

He did in a sense that he and many others sit in a pew for twenty years that teach a post-modern culturally Marxist Jesus… with sermons sold in the church’s bookstore (the entire twenty years Obama attended) by Farrakhan. Remember, he is the guy who said was taken up in a UFO and told by Jesus and Elijah Muhammad that he was the little messiah. He sermonized ideas like Yakub (the crazy scientist) creating the white man [aka, the Devil] on the island of Cypruss 6,600 years ago. That blacks alone are the true Jewish descendant and that white’s are lying who say they are Jewish. Books in that same church book store that said this:


  1. +Papa Giorgio
    Thanks Sean!
    I've corrected it.

    I have a pretty fast laptop, but Google is making everything going very SLOW, so I guess that's the reason why the link went wrong.

    Greetings from Hans, from the Netherlands and JESUS be with us


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