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'RAPTURE' ! is in the bible , NEW evidence ! PROOF pt 1

''RAPTURE'' ! is in the bible , NEW evidence ! PROOF pt 1

Published on Feb 28, 2013
King james (changed) !! the words to suit himself. Plus ''FANTASTIC'' knew scroll /document found in israel by the dead sea that says the rapture is going to happen.


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    1. God doesn't need NUKES for His wrath!
      The Jesuits Fake Nukes on Hiroshima ( Japan )
      Hans S
      1 second ago

      Barack Obama Exposed - a PUPPET of the POPE OF ROME

  2. Jack van Impe didn't call the Pope the ANTICHRIST. Here's WHY: The Image of the Beast - 501c3

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    1. Jack van Impe; 16:55 'This man, Pope John Paul II, really loved God'
      He was an ANTICHRIST, like all the Popes of Rome!

    2. +John Henry Reaves
      The Pope is the ANTICHRIST
      (VICAR OF CHRIST=INSTEAD OF CHRIST=BLASPHEMY!), PLAYING the role of false prophet!
      Obama (Frank Marshall Davis jr) is the False Prophet, playing the role of ANTICHRIST!

      MOST Americans have been DECEIVED, like most people on earth.

      Be informed: Barack Obama Exposed - a PUPPET of the POPE OF ROME
      Hans S
      7 seconds ago

      +John Henry Reaves I agree with Jack van Impe on the pre-tribulation rapture.
      But I don't agree with him on his view on the Roman Catholic CULT.
      It's the most SATANIC CULT on earth, and in history, and the inventor of islam, marxism/communism/fascism, and more, and it is being run by PAEDOPHILES and BABY-KILLERS!
      It's the real church of Lucifer-Satan and the hidden ROMAN EMPIRE, ruling the WHOLE world on behalf of Satan.

  4. +John Henry Reaves I'm not talking about Catholics, I'm talking about the Roman Catholic CULT, and its SATANIC Jesuits.
    Satanic Vatican

    The current Pope is the 'black pope (of the jesuits) in white'.
    He's the DEVIL in disguise!
    Obama is his executor.
    The flag of the EU is Mary's flag!

    The Vatican is Satan's headquarters.

  5. +John Henry Reaves
    Be informed: The Satanic Power Tree

    JESUS is LORD!
    He's going to DESTROY the Vatican New World Order!

  6. Gina, please watch this: The Image of the Beast - 501c3
    We must be focused on JESUS and not on this SATANIC CRIMINAL!
    The information I gave you is coming from people who don't believe in the pre-tribulation rapture, and they are wrong about this issue, but I do believe they're right about the 'head wound'.

    The Antichrist (the Pope) can only come to world power AFTER the Rapture.

    The Holy Spirit (JESUS in spiritual capacity) within the REAL followers of JESUS, is the RESTRAINER.

    Pope Francis is the Antichrist, like ALL Popes are/were, and he's playing the role of False Prophet in order to DECEIVE on behalf of Lucifer, his hero.
    Obama is the False Propphet of 'peace and prosperity' and 'equal sharing', playing the role of Antichrist.
    His true god is also LUCIFER.

  7. +John Henry Reaves Jack van Impe has revealed that the KJV is a good translation, but NOT perfect, and in particular concerning the rapture: ''RAPTURE'' ! is in the bible , NEW evidence ! PROOF pt 1

    God is my Father and JESUS is my Lord, and He's my boss and my best friend.

    I'm here to inform fellow believers in JESUS Christ about the Antichrist and about Satan Obama, and I'm on YouTube to annoy Satan and to fight him wherever I can, and most of the time in a foreign tongue, because Dutch is my first language.

    Not that I hate him, but I 'like' Satan just as much as JESUS Christ 'likes' this CRIMINAL.

    He wants to keep people uninformed and deceived.

    The USA has become a Roman Catholic nation, serving the SATANIC Pope of Rome, just like the EU.

  8. +Lacressha Powell
    The pre-tribulation rapture is NOT a lie!

    Satan HATES the pre-tribulation rapture, and that's why the KJV 1611 had been tampered with: 'RAPTURE' ! is in the bible , NEW evidence ! PROOF pt 1

  9. Brother, there is NO 'falling away'! 'RAPTURE' ! is in the bible , NEW evidence ! PROOF pt 1
    Hans S
    2 seconds ago (edited)

    +Hans S
    Everyday new converts are being incorporated within the Body of Christ!
    This is the MAIN reason why our Lord JESUS still hasn't raptured us: He's still SAVING a LOT of people!
    We are not focused on religious people who fall away from their RELIGION.
    We are focused on people who REALLY (want to) LOVE JESUS Christ!

  10. +d3 br33c3
    Sister, I didn't say you post something out of fear, but I emphasize the JOY we have in our SALVATION and our PROSPECT to be taken away from this SPLIT dimension,
    which I call 'between heaven and hell', because we share this world with Satan and his demons (co-fallen angels) and with many people who are under their control, while there are also GOOD people and while the Holy Spirit dwells within the Body of Christ JESUS.

    We are God-JESUS' ambassadors and we point to the ONLY way to Salvation amidst growing UNREST and distress.

    But we are not in fear, nor in distress, thanks to our LOrd JESUS!

  11. +Kenny Jacobs
    We are not focused on FOOLS who turn away from JESUS, but on people who are EAGER to hear the gospel of Salvation of our Lord JESUS Christ.

    In almost every Bible translation 2 Thessalonians 2:3 has been wrongly translated and in Dutch Bibles even in all of them, but also in German and French Bibles. SEVEN English Bible-versions, preceeding the KJV 1611, 2 Thess. 2:3 had been translated RIGHT!

    People have been so BRAINWASHED with this term 'A FALLING AWAY', that it's hard for them to believe that we MUST read there the word DEPARTURE, which points to the (pre-tribulation) RAPTURE.

    I'm following the Lord JESUS for more than 30 years, and just not so long ago I discovered this TRUTH about this verse, and I was FILLED with JOY!

    The KJV 1611 is still a GOOD and SOLID translation, but there were translators, or perhaps maybe just ONE who deliberately CHANGED the meaning of this verse, because King James didn't believe in the pre-tribulation rapture.

    'RAPTURE' ! is in the bible , NEW evidence ! PROOF pt 1

  12. +AbaloneKid
    Thanks, brother Chaim, and the teaching of the rapture is as old as the Body of Christ JESUS.

    The Protestants during the reformation weren't anticipating the rapture, because it was still much too early and also because of another evil, which had been taught by the Roman Catholic CULT: the heresy of the 'replacement theology' teaching.

    The evil JESUITS abused this lack of knowledge of the early protestant community and they devised and alternative version of the pre-tribulation teaching, which they called 'Futurism', in which the Pope wouldn't be mentioned as the Antichrist=the 'instead of Christ'=the Vicar of Christ, but some obscure person, coming out of nowhere.

    This had become the main theme of people like Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye and others, who have made a lot of money with this watered down version, because the Papacy IS the Antichrist and also every Pope, and especially the current one, because he's and Italian and a ROMAN, even though he was being born in Argentina, but from Italian immigrant parents.

    He's also the true leader of the JESUITS, and the so called 'black Pope in white'.

    'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis) is his PUPPET, leading the world toward another world war with Russia!

    This means the Rapture is imminent, because in order to divert the attention of Putin SOUTHWARD, 'they' (the Jesuits and their Vatican NWO) will start a huge crisis in the Middle East, which will be the Psalm 83 war, and subsequently the Ezekiel 38/39-war will occur, because Russia's ally Syria will be destroyed and especially Damascus.

  13. This will infuriate PERSIA (Iran), which will press Russia in order to start a 'punitive expedition' against Israel, because Israel will get the blame once more, and a huge coalition of non-Arab muslim countries and peoples will join Russia in this 'punitive expedition' against God's land and God's people....but they will fail!

    The Vatican NWO and its Satanic JESUITS want to get rid of islam, which the Vatican had created itself in the past, and replace ALL religions on earth with pure worship of LUCIFER!

    This will all happen AFTER the Rapture, and when 'the job is done', the Vatican NWO will make a satanic covenant with the state of Israel, and the state of Israel is NOT God's type of government, because it's cooperating with the EVIL Vatican.

    The Vatican already owns 60% of Jerusalem, and Shimon Peres is a traitor who cooperates with Rome.

    JESUS will come back when His country will be under the same circumstances as during His first coming: the occupation of Israel by the Roman (Babylonian) Empire, and the 'Pope', who's in fact the 'Pontifex Maximus'=the EMPEROR of the Roman Empire, under the guise of being a religious leader.

    During the '30s and '40s, Adolf Hitler had the same role as nowadays 'Obama', and even Joseph 'Stalin', who was a JESUIT Priest!

    President Roosevelt was a TRAITOR and he cooperated with the Vatican and Truman too.

    The two 'atomic bombs' on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a HOAX, just like the subsequent 'Cold War'!
    It was meant in order to SCARE us all and in order to deceive us.

    The end of the 'cold war' wasn't a miracle, but it has been carefully planned by the Jesuits.

    The Jesuits are the Satanic rulers of this world, and the head of this CULT is the real boss, and that's now the current Pope.

    Our Lord JESUS-YESHUA is coming, dear brother, and let's be like the WISE virgins who had their oil (the Holy Spirit) in their lamps, and who were ALWAYS ready concerning the SUDDEN coming of the Bridegroom.

    The Rapture will happen just as unexpected and SUDDEN as like the Holy Spirit was being poured out at Pentecost, almost 2000 years ago.

    Love in our Lord JESUS from Hans=Johannes=Yochanan, meaning 'I am, who I am (YHVH) is merciful'.

    Amen to that: 'I am' is our Lord and Savior JESUS, whose name means 'I am Salvation'.

  14. +AbaloneKid
    Amen, and after the 1000 years there will be a NEW Earth under a NEW Heaven, with NO remembrance to this old earth and all the misery that took place on it.

    For instance: NO grave yards and even no grave yards with empty graves, because death itself will be something of the past, and it will be cast into hell-the lake of fire, being the last enemy.
    Only JOY, LOVE and PEACE and WISDOM and RIGHTEOUSNESS will be allowed in this NEW UNIVERSE without the need for the moon, the sun and the stars, because there will be NO more night and day and God Himself will be the LIGHT and God is JESUS!!!
    We're going to our MOTHER, the NEW JERUSALEM, and we will fill HER and she will be married with our FATHER: God.
    We are going to an ETERNAL WEDDING FEAST!

  15. +LucasLabradorX
    Lucas, we're NOT appointed to the WRATH of God, because He LOVES us and because we are His Bride.

    We have a job to do as followers of JESUS and what did JESUS do?
    He was a FIGHTER!
    With every word and with every deed He was FIGHTING the devil, His FOE!
    And He was VICTORIOUS......EVEN when He died!
    Because He had used to devil in order to fulfill prophesy!
    And He's doing it again!

    God, aka JESUS, is using the devil in order to filfull prophesy concerning His BODY (the Body of Christ, or the ASSEMBLY and indeed not 'church', because the word 'church' is a Roman Catholic invention, and the Roman Catholic CULT is the true church of SATAN and the Pope is the ANTICHRIST=the 'instead of Christ'=the 'Vicar of Christ'=BLASPHEMY!), and concerning the REMNANT (one third) of His Chosen People, the Jews.

    You'd better be ready for the RAPTURE, and it's in the Bible, and there's only ONE rapture: the pre-tribulation rapture, so you'd better REJOICE, because, indeed, we don't belong here, and this is still Satan's world, and it is JESUS within us, who's giving us this 'Abraham thing', because HEAVEN is our HOME! HIS REALM.
    Ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit=JESUS in spiritual capacity, because He has taught us to do so, and we only have to ask Him once and then RECEIVE HIM and REJOICE and PRAISE Him.

    You don't have (yet) a HAPPY message, and JESUS message is FANTASTIC: all who want to LOVE HIm and OBEY Him will go to an ETERNAL WEDDING FEAST in the NEW JERUSALEM on the NEW Earth, without any remembrance of this old and sinful world, and there won't be grave yards there and not even empty graves, because death itself will be GONE forever, being the last enemy!

    We have a GREAT message, and if people decide to refuse this SUPER OFFER of our Lord and Saviour JESUS, then too bad for them.
    We've done our best in order to inform them.

    We don't hate them, and we even still love them, but we have to move on and go to someone else who might be EAGER to listen.
    This might be someone whom we normally wouldn't have liked: a CRIMINAL or another 'DIRTY SINNER'.
    But the truth is: in God's eyes we are ALL CRIMINALS and WRONG DOERS and we DON'T deserve to be saved!
    It's all a matter of GRACE.....AMAZING GRACE!

    Spread this message of God's AMAZING GRACE on the internet and in 'real life', and make our Father VERY HAPPY!

    JESUS be with us.

    Hans, from the Netherlands


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