Thursday, December 18, 2014

Satan wishes you a Merry Christmas = HAPPY HOLOCAUST!




  1. +d3 br33c3
    He looks like Pharaoh
    But I believe they selected Frank Marshall Davis jr.,aka Barry Davis, and gave him the identity 'Obama' because he's 'everything and nothing', just like Adolf Hitler in his days, who was a total FAILURE, but yet a very skilled orator and mass mesmerizer.
    Furthermore, he's multi-ethnic, which makes him even more suitable than Hitler, because most of the people on earth are 'colored'.
    Just try to imagine these two people when Lucifer-Satan has come to dwell WITHIN them, which is not YET the case, because the restrainer, the Holy Spirit, is still on earth..

  2. +Amoe Damackahoe
    What the Spanish Catholics have done in the America's
    , on behalf of the Roman Catholic CULT, had nothing to do with the gospel of LOVE and GRACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS of JESUS Christ, and with RESPECT for other peoples and tribes.
    The Spanish Cathollics have also RAPED my Dutch speaking people, splitting it up between 'Belgium' and the Netherlands (Antwerp used to be a DUTCH city ), and between Catholics and Protestants, because the Protestants were able to BREAK away from Rome, though in our days this is something of the past, because most Protestants have lost their PROTEST against the EVIL Roman Empire, disguised as a 'Christian church', the Roman Catholic church, or better said: CULT!

  3. What I wrote a sister in JESUS, who still celebrates Christmas, though she (thank God) doesn't get 'Santa Claus' involved: Hi Donna, I'm 54, almost 55, and I'm from a non-practising Catholic mother, who still lives (86) and an atheist dad, who died when he was 53, because he drank too much.
    I know all about Chirstmas celebrations and Christmas trees etc, but that's not the point: we became followers of a JEWISH man, who happens to be God almighty, our REDEEMER JESUS (Yeshua) Christ.

    The more we know Him, the more we get to know His JEWISH SOUL, because God's redemption plan started with His chosen people, the Jews.

    Brother Chaim is a son of this people, and this doesn't make him a better person, but it's very rare that Jewish people are believers in THEIR MESSIAH JESUS, because among the people of the Body of Christ, Jewish believers are a small minority, even though the Body of Christ ( I don't like the Catholic word 'church') started with almost only Jewish people and ALL the Apostles are Jews.

    Again: I'm not telling you what to do, and I'm not calling you a Catholic, but during my following of JESUS since Januari 1984 I've discovered that Roman Catholicism still has an ENORMOUES influence on people who call themselves 'Christians'.

    The first followers of JESUS didn't call themselves Christians, but the outsiders did, in order to give them a label.

    I never wanted to be a Christian and I wasn't interested in my own creator and I believed He didn't exist, because I believed in evolution, though as a little boy I went to a Protestant kindergarten and for ONE school season I believed all the Bible stories, including the stories about JESUS, like His birth, His mission and His good deeds and words and His death and resurrection, because I was very fond of the female teacher who could read so well aloud from the children's Bible.

    But after this I went to public schools, including a public highschool and this early faith faded away, and I grew up as a happy child who didn't need God, because I concluded that God was a lie, because our version of Santa Claus (Sinterklaas) didn't exist, so I was being lied to, and even by this Protestant kindergarten, where 'Sinterklaas' (Santa) appeared with his black companions (in fact black demons).
    I thought 'this is God', being this boy of 6, but later I realised it was all a lie.

    So my mother and this school had taught me a LIE, and Satan used it in order to make me an unbeliever, which evolved into a worse situation when I went to highschool where they taught me the evolution LIE.

    This made me a VERY cynical person, because life seemed to be without ANY meaning and purpose, so I lived like a suicide bomber (live fast, die young....who cares?) from when I was 13 until my surrender to JESUS when I had just become 24 in 1984.

  4. Meanwhile I believed the world was headed toward total destruction through nuclear war, and I had no respect for what they taught me at this highschool, even though I have the intellect to could have been a student at a college, but I was a rebel wihout a cause, which almost got me killed, but I didn't care.

    I was only interested in ONE question: what the hell are we doing here in this ZOO, and why did my dad want to KILL me when I was 15?

    Mind you that I really believed humans are ANIMALS, so why should I care about the fate of other 'stupid animals', and I strongly disliked ALL religions and especially Christianity.

    In hindsight I know these were all tactics by Satan in order to deceive me and to make me think JESUS and 'Christianity' are the same....which it is NOT!

    JESUS NEVER ordered to build 'churches and church towers with church bells'.

    JESUS is a JEW.

    Don't you see: A JEW SAVED MY LIFE and NOT someone from a Christian 'church'!.

    When He saved me He said: 'Hans, there are two things you can do; commit suicide or start reading the Bible'.

    So I bought myself a brand new Bible, because I didn't own one, and I started to read with JESUS as my ONLY teacher.

    I didn't trust people, so only JESUS could be my teacher, and you know what?
    I still don't trust people, because I only wanted to inform you and you treated me with hostility, because Christians don't want to know how Catholic they still are.

    I trust Chaim, because I don't think he wants to take disadventage of my natural wish to become friends with likeminded people.

    I want to accept you as my Sister in Christ JESUS, but please don't say 'Merry Christmas' to me because I HATE Christmas!

    It's NOT wrong to commorate JESUS' birth on ANY given day of the year, because only God knows on WHAT day JESUS was being born, but the most imortant celebration is JESUS' death and resurrection and His DEFEAT of Satan.

    On the southern hemisphere it's HIGH SUMMER!

    I wish I was there during 'Christmas'!

  5. I will be VERY glad when december is over, and not because I'm lonely, because I have a wife and I'm a granddad, but because it's lonely among Christians who still celebrate 'Christmas' with all that I know about the murderous Roman Catholic CULT.

    This CULT has misformed the way of thinking of my mother, and she still isn't born again, and recently I neighbor woman died of cancer, and she was Roman Catholic and she didnt want JESUS to save her.....VERY SAD!

    I HATE THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT, because it's the true church of SATAN!

    Many of my relatives from mother's side are Catholics and on their way to HELL, but also the relatives from my father's side, because they don't believe at all, or they believe in the wrong things.

    I don't blame you for believing what you believe, and if it makes you happy I won't begrudge you.

    I saw your comment and I wanted to inform you about what I know about 'Christmas'.

    JESUS never celebrated his own day of birth, and I follow Him and not people, so why should I celebrate His birthday?

    I celebrate His PROMISE to RESCUE us from this EVIL world.

    Believer in JESUS are getting SLAUGHTERED by islamic MORONS in Africa and the Middle East, and islam was being concocted by the Vatican!

    It's the real church of Satan, and Adolf Hitler (who murdered 104.000 Dutch JEWS during the war, and many thousands of Dutch too) did EVERYTHING on behalf of the Roman Catholic CULT....but during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944 the Americans and the Germans stopped fighting for a brief time during 'Christmas'....after which they slaughtered each other AGAIN, and the Roman (Babylonian) Catholic SATAN was laughing....

    The Vatican OWNS the USA and the EU and most of the countries of the world, because of it's power over MONEY!

    Satan is the god of money, silver and gold.

    JESUS is coming in order to give this MONSTER a DEATH BLOW and all his evil 666-followers, because tha mark of the beast has everything to do with the Catholic SUN(worship) day and days like 'Christmas', because it's all about ECONOMY and THUS about MONEY!


    The BLOOD of Christ is what it's all about, because He was born into this world in order to become THE LAMB of GOD!


    'Father, HEAL this beloved (Donna) of yours in JESUS' NAME!'

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    1. PAPAL CRIMINAL Billy Graham

  7. +Nancy Anderson
    The (pre-tribulation) rapture is the event which will trigger everything that's going to happen thereafter.

    My conviction is that 'Obama' is the FALSE PROPHET (of 'peace, security, progress, prosperity and equal sharing'), who's playing the role of 'Antichrist', while the Pope is the ANTICHRIST (instead of Christ=Vicar of Christ=BLASPHEMY), who's playing the role of 'False Prophet'.
    The third person is LUCIFER-Satan himself.

    All three are MAD as HELL, CRAZY, LOCO, psychopaths.

    JESUS is coming and He's going to evacuate us from this MADNESS.

    Greetings from Hans, from the Netherlands.

  8. +Nancy Anderson
    Hi Nancy!

    The Pope isn't first and formost a religious leader: he's LUCIFER'S ANOINTED ONE, and a POLITICAL leader.
    This man is so VERY EVIL, and yet so VERY CHARMING.
    The Pope is the EMPEROR of the ROMAN Empire, the Pontifex Maximus.
    His Cardinals are in fact his SENATORS, just like in the old days of Rome, though they have (very deceivingly) other names.
    Satan is a deceiver, right?
    He made many people believe 'Obama' is the Antichrist, but the FIRST BEAST is ALWAYS the Pope.
    ALL world leaders bow to him, did you ever notice this fact?
    Even Putin!
    The Vatican is Satan's HEADQUARTERS:
    Follow this link and click on other links and study the information I provide.

    You don't have to agree with me, of course, but MY enemy is Satan, and no one else, and God is providing me with knowledge and wisdom in order to be able to step on Satan's toes without getting hurt.

    Obama could have been my younger brother, and it's sad he wants to be 'big and important'.
    Pope Francis could have been my father (age wise), but he chose the ways of Lucifer, instead of JESUS Christ.

    They both pretend to be 'Christians', but they're NOT!

    Islam was concocted by the Vatican, and Marxism/Communism too.

    Keyword: JESUITS

    The USA was being founded by people who served the Papacy and Rome!
    The Statue of Liberty is LUCIFER!
    Washington was almost called Rome, but they changed their mind.
    It's built on Catholic soil!
    Just think of the NAMES of VIRGINia and MARYland!
    The USA is the MILITARY ARM of the Vatican.
    The USA sponsored both Hitler and Stalin before and DURING the war.
    Hitler was a Catholic servant of Pope Pius XII and Stalin was a Jesuit Priest!
    The worst killers of the 20th century were all servants of Rome, so even Mao Zedong, who was being educated by the Jesuits.

    The two 'atomic bombs' on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a HOAX, and it was the start of another HOAX called the 'cold war'.
    This led to the following HOAX: man in space.

    There were no men on the moon and the pictures from 'Mars' are in fact manipulated pictures from Earth.

    But this will do for the moment, because there's so much to know.
    I give credit to all the people on the internet who have provided me this information, but most of all I thank God-JESUS.
    Hans S
    6:18 AM

    +Nancy Anderson "I believe the anti-Christ could even be the new ruler of the Ottoman Empire, which may be an Islamic antichrist."

    The Antichrist is NOT a Muslim (Walid Shoebat is Wrong)

  9. +Nancy Anderson Do you realise what Satan can do to an old man like Pope Francis with one lung?

    He can turn him into a 'young god' again!

    Yes, the Antichrist is an Assyrian, but whoever controls ASSUR (Syria and Iraq and more) will be the Antichrist='the King of the North' from Israel's viewpoint.

    We always MUST read the prophetic word from Israel's viewpoint, because there our Lord JESUS is returning to, and Satan knows this VERY well!

    You're still not convinced that the Pope truly is the Antichrist, with Obama as his executor, the so called 'Antichrist'.

    Please study this:
    Hans S
    1:38 AM

    +Nancy Anderson
    Islam is an invention of the Vatican and ISIS too!

  10. +Crux Driven
    When I was an unbeliever I was only interested in Christmas because of the vacation
    and the food and drink and 'having a good time together', but I was never drawn closer to JESUS because of it, and since my conversion and my increased knowledge of the origin of this so called 'Christian feast', I don't want to have anything to do with it, because I now associate 'Christmas' with everything the Roman Catholic Cult stands for: my mom who's still a Catholic, but NOT born again and saved (like ALL of my Catholic relatives), the Holocaust, the Inquisition and many other disgusting things.
    How can I celebrate 'Christmas' when the Roman Catholic Cult RAPED my people and my country, and worse: it's the SAME Roman Empire, disguised as a 'Christian church' that MURDERED our Lord JESUS Christ!

    Again: JESUS NEVER celebrated His own birthday, so why are people so pigheaded in doing it on a day which is associated with something else and why is it so hard for you to acknowledge this?

    Did JESUS ever tell you to celebrate His birthday on december the 25th?

    I'm sure He didn't, and there's a REASON why you still insist in celebrating it, because you're still Roman Catholic in your heart and soul.

    The Roman Catholic CULT is Babylon the Whore and what does the Bible say?

    Can you tell me a bit more about this movie before we have e-mail contact?

  11. +Dee M.
    It's Christ-MASS.

    Please watch this:


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