Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Has War Erupted On Israel's Northern Front?

28 January 2015: Beginning with Hezbollah rocket fire into Israel yesterday afternoon that continued into evening, it appeared as if war suddenly erupted on the Northern Front between Israel and Hezbollah, Iran and Syria. 
Hezbollah began firing rockets from Syrian territory against Mt. Hermon and the northern Golan Heights in Israel. Israel responded with intense counter strikes, both artillery and air, against the positions where the Hezbollah firing originated. Those positions were reported to be Syrian army positions which the IDF and IAF pasted with precision strikes that resulted in secondary detonations. There are enemy casualties.


  1. +Deondre
    I believe the rapture will occur shortly before, or at the beginning of the Psalm 83 war, because this war is about Israel and not about the Body of Christ.

    This war will be a war of ALL Arab-Islamic states/peoples against Israel.
    This war will trigger a much more dangerous war: the war of Gog & Magog.
    Russia and it's non-Arab Islamic allies against Israel.
    God-JESUS will grant Israel the victory, and then the Antichrist (the Pope) will assert it was all thanks to him, because this IDIOT claims to be God himself, through the power of Satan.
    A covenant will be made between the (secular) government of Israel, which is already cooperating with the Vatican NWO, and the Vatican-Antichrist, and the Temple will be rebuild.
    This will be the start of the last 'year week' of Daniel 9, lasting 7 years until JESUS' return.


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