Monday, January 19, 2015

Israel Strikes Hezbollah and Iranian Qods Force Troops in Syria

Image: An Israel Defense Forces. IAF AH-64D 'Seraph' poised on a
hilltop during June 2011 exercises in Greece with the Hellenic Air Force.

19 January 2015: Yesterday, just a tad over 100 miles to the south of the underground Iranian WMD site exposed in SITREP A4, the IAF executed an airborne strike against a very high profile set of targets in the vicinity of Mazra'at Amal village near Al-Quneitra, Syria. 
One or more of the IAF's upgraded AH-64D 'Seraph,' (AH-64D Apache Longbow) attack helicopters, like the example seen in the image above, may well have been the platform(s) which launched the deadly precision strike.

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