Thursday, January 15, 2015

We're living in a SATANIC world

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

John 12:24

Paul Hill

September 3, 2003 AD Around 5:45 PM a large rainbow appeared over Florida State Prison, then around 6 PM a great storm arose and the sky turned black.  I remarked to Paul's lawyer that this is like when Jesus was crucified, the sky turning black. While I was in the observation room, the lights flickered two or three times; this happened right before Paul spoke his 'last words'.  I sat wondering if I would be sitting in the dark and started thinking whether the prison had back up generators; and if so, would they go ahead with the execution.
     From reports outside, both from media and Paul's friends, some long bolts of lightning happened around 6 PM, so close that smell from the lightning bolts was obvious. Another appeared to hit close to the prison itself. A few minutes after 6, the storm ended as suddenly as it started and then began a gentle rain. I do not think this was coincidence.



Satan about abortion




Vatican supporting radical pro-abortion, pro-‘gay’ Communist group?



Satan is a LIAR!


  1. +troy miller I'm an attention.
    Yes, God is PERFECT.

    JESUS is GOD!
    JESUS is the perfect LOVE who bore (y)our sins on the cross, while being INNOCENT and like a lamb, the Lamb of God.

    You are a CRIMINAL, so come up with some stupid ACCUSATIONS.

    They won't keep you from burning in hell, but you're still free to accuse God, for the time being.....

  2. +troy miller
    Yes, I WAS an atheist, and a very CYNICAL one.

    Anyone who hasn't surrendered to God-JESUS stands ACCUSED and is him/herself an accuser.

    These are the rules of the 'game'.

    God-JESUS created EVERYTHING, and He even arranged this conversation.

  3. +troy miller
    No, we're not perfect, because God cursed His creation, making it IMPERFECT with the aim to thwart Satan
    (the former angel Morning Star) and in order to chastise all humans, so that they might listen to Him again, because sinning is disobeying God.

    God introduced DEATH, which didn't exist in Paradise, and the function of death is to LIMIT the lifespan of humans, so that they don't automatically would exist in a fallen state, like the fallen angels, because God can NOT save fallen angels, because they are SPIRITUAL beings, but He CAN save humans, who are spiritual and animal creatures in one.

    God can save animals because they don't know what they are doing, and that's what JESUS (God in human capacity) said concerning us humans, when He was (physically) dying at the cross.

    He died like a sinless ANIMAL: the Lamb of God, which guarantees that anyone who believes He bore their sins on the cross, will be saved.

    JESUS-God will RESTORE all humans after death and resurrect them from death, and also the DAMNED.

    The FORGIVEN will exist in God's presence and ENJOY His Heaven and New Earth, which will come after this earth and this universe will be done away, replacing it with a NEW Heaven and a NEW Earth.

    This will happen after the 1000 year reign of King JESUS on this old earth, from Jerusalem, and after the Final Judgement.

    DEATH itself will be cast into God's garbage can, the lake of fire, after it no longer will be needed.

    Now, YOU will be cast into God's trash can, the lake of fire, in case you'll refuse to LOVE JESUS and to surrender unto Him.

    The alternative is to live forever and be HAPPY without ever being BORED, being grateful to God-JESUS about His SALVATION.

    You may choose what you want, because God respects your free will, which HE has given you.

    If you don't want to be saved, simply reject Him and stay in the state you're currently in.

    If you want to be saved, just say this prayer:

    God, please SAVE me through the BLOOD of JESUS Christ, which was being shed because of my sins.
    Forgive me my sins and I thank you for doing so, because I don't want to be lost and punished, and I need your GRACE and MERCY.
    From now on you're my heavenly Father, and you and JESUS are ONE and God.
    I will read your word, and fill me with your Holy Spirit and guide me when I'm studying it, or hearing it, when someone else is preaching from your word, the Bible.
    I want to LOVE you and tell others about you, so that they also might be saved by you.
    Thank you for answering my prayer, in JESUS' name, amen (so be it).

  4. Replies
    1. Er is een betere doodstraf: de 'natuurlijke' dood!
      Sluit iemand levenslang op, met minimaal comfort, maar wel humaan, en wacht totdat GOD de veroordeelde het leven ONTNEEMT.
      Mocht er een fout zijn gemaakt en een onschuldige zijn veroordeeld, dan kan dit altijd nog worden teruggedraaid.
      Amerika is een BARBAARS land!
      Deze veroordeelde deed overigens iets wat ABORTEURS aan de lopende band doen, EN OOK IN NEDERLAND: ONGEBOREN MENSEN VERMOORDEN!

      Aborteurs en aborteuses (ik zag een keer zo'n mens op de TV en nota bene bij de EO) mogen in dit LEGAAL ongeboren MENSEN VERMOORDEN.

      En dat allemaal omdat mensen hun GENEUK en hun ORGASMES belangrijker vinden dan het GEVOLG van hun SEKSUELE DAAD: de totstandkoming van een nieuw MENSENKIND, dat GOD=JEZUS heeft gemaakt!

      Omdat ze hun BEESTACHTIGE GENEUK belangrijker vinden wordt dus een MEDEMENS(je) TER DOOD VEROORDEELD en op GRUWELIJKE WIJZE in de baarmoeder VERMOORD.

      ELKE moord zal door God-JEZUS worden GEWROKEN!

      Alleen God heeft het recht om te doden, of om opdracht te geven om te doden, zoals daar voorbeelden van zijn in het OUDE testament.

      JEZUS is DEZELFDE God als de God van het OUDE VERBOND, die niet wil dat ook maar IEMAND wordt gedood, maar dat zelfs vijanden worden liefgehad, want die vijand zou zich kunnen BEKEREN, en veel voorbeelden zijn daarvan bekend, en de Apostel Paulus is zo'n voorbeeld, want deze religieuze Jood mocht graag gelovigen in JEZUS (laten) VERMOORDEN, totdat JEZUS PERSOONLIJK tegen hem zei: "Saul (Sja-oel; zijn oude naam), Saul, waarom vervolg je MIJ?"

      Wat Paul Hill heeft gedaan is NIET juist....maar WEL begrijpelijk, want hij doodde een ONGEBOREN-BABY-MASSAMOORDENAAR die toch al op weg was naar de HEL, en hij wilde een SIGNAAL afgeven!

      Dat hij vervolgens door de staat Florida in de VS werd VERMOORD is net zo goed een zware MISDAAD, die NIET ongewroken zal blijven.

  5. +ProSecondAmendment
    JESUS saves, not our own (dirty) works.

    JESUS died in our place as if He were a CRIMINAL, because WE are CRIMINALS.
    Anyone who says he or she isn't a CRIMINAL in God's Holy eyes is a ........CRIMINAL!

  6. +Michael York
    Beware of the NSA/CIA/jesuit trolls.

    They're all over the place.
    They don't like free speech, and especially concerning the Pope and the Vatican, being the Antichrist and the satanic Roman Empire.
    That's because they have so much BLOOD on their hands.

  7. +Scarlet Rose
    A social conduct?
    What NONSENSE!

    In a world without God and divine justice I could EAT YOU ALIVE, if I want to.
    In a world without DIVINE JUSTICE, based on the commandments of the ONLY GOD of the Bible=JESUS, this world is being ruled by SSSSSATAN!

  8. +Scarlet Rose
    I course I don't want to eat you (alive), but just SUPPOSE, and who's says it's illegal in a world without God?

    In a world without God, all other people (and animals) are potentially DANGEROUS and INSANE, so also so called 'authorities' like police officers, and other humans with a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX, while they're just living PIECES of MEAT who are SLOWLY DYING...again, in a world without God.....YOUR world of SATAN, and Satan means adversary, so SATAN exists because YOU are my adversary, and THUS my see?

  9. +Scarlet Rose
    Muslims have no social contract: they blow themselves up, together with you and others
    in order to get into the Islamic never ending 'paradise of porn', and that's only meant for the MEN.....NOTHING for the WOMEN!
    Allah is SATAN, btw, and Islam is an invention of the Vatican.

    This is what the Bible says about our CURSED state, since the Fall of Adam and Eve:

    18 I said in my heart, “As for the sons of men, God tests them, so that they may see that they themselves are like animals. 18 I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.

    World English Bible and King James Version, Ecclesiastes 3:18

    Evolution is NONSENSE!

    All people are meant to be like the angels, but angels can sin (disobey) only ONCE and then they'll receive NO mercy, because they are VERY intelligent, and they are able to know beforehand what the consequences could be.

    God can ONLY save ANIMALS!

    That's why He created the animals FIRST and after this MAN.

    We are half angelic, half animal, during our stay in this dimension, and because God became man, in the capacity of JESUS, it became possible to save us, because JESUS died on the cross (the cross is the satanic, Babylonian symbol for the 'sun-god') as the so called LAMB of God: the PERFECT sacrifice!

    Read this, if you want: A sickly jealous morning star

  10. +Seanykin Skywalker
    That's a long piece!

    I haven't read it all yet, but it's quite interesting.
    I don't believe fallen angels had sex with females, because angels weren't created so that they could procreate and because the miracle of life and DNA/RNA is God (=JESUS) 's secret.

    Did Fallen Angels Have Sex with Earthly Women?
    Hans S
    3:17 AM

    +Scarlet Rose Quote/ funny how you use a religious fundamentalist country to combat social contract. the Christian bible also puts heavy ristrictions on women, but women fought against it, and revised the social contract, to earn thier rights. Allah is the Muslim god (very similer to Yaweeh) and not the Christian Satan.

    Evolution is a sound scientific theory

    if god is not capable of saving man from an adversary he created, than he is a pitiful god indeed. The crucifix is a torture device. /unquote.

    I wasn't talking about a country, but about islam, which is a SATANIC ideology, concocted by the Vatican.

    Allah = SATAN and he has NOTHING in common with YHVH= I AM, who I AM, who is JESUS!

    You can LIE what you want, but evolution is one of the greatest DECEPTIONS in history.

    Evolution is the ideology behind Marxism/communism, fascism/Nazism/feminism through which Satan tries to DESTROY God's order.

    You don't get it: God wants to save us from HIS OWN WRATH.

    You deserve to be destroyed and to be cast into God's lake of fire, or hell, which is God's ETERNAL WRATH, because you are so evil by stating that God (your OWN creator) doesn't exist.

    That's WORSE than saying to your own parents they don't exist!


    I used to be an ATHEIST=God denier, and it brought me to the brink of SELF DESTRUCTION.

    God saved me from SUICIDE=being your own JUDGE, PROSECUTOR and JURY in ONE with the verdict: DEATH!

    Thou shalt NOT MURDER/KILL!

    Satan wanted me to KILL myself!

    That's a SIN/TRANSGRESSION against God and yourself and others, because it would have caused great GRIEF in the hearts of those who love me.

    If one kills someone or oneself, one causes PAIN and GRIEF to a lot of people and not only to the victim!

    Abortion is the COWARDLY MURDER on a tiny HUMAN BEING, which causes GRIEF into the heart of God, but it's also very bad to the mother, and it has been established that it increases the chance of getting breast CANCER with 50%!

    Abortion is also a form of a SATANIC sacrifice to SATAN.

    SATAN LOVES abortion! It gives him a THRILL!

    He watches with great satanic 'joy' when a LIVING unborn BABY is being TORN APART!

    It's the MOST SATANIC thing people can do, apart from RAPING/ABUSING/BURNING babies/children/people ALIVE

    Satan was VERY GLAD when the Roman Catholic NAZIS were burning the Jews and believers in JESUS and others ALIVE in the NAZI-OVENS, after they were being NUMBED by means of Zyklon-B.

  11. +Daniel Carelli
    You're not happy, because I say so, stupid BIOLOGICAL ROBOT, and now shut up, in JESUS' name, satanic moron!

    God will take every ILLUSION of ownership you have, away from you, including 'your' life!
    God OWNS everything, and you deliberately choose to turn your back on Him and then He'll turn His back on YOU FOREVER!

    Bub bye!

  12. +dagnyatl
    You could pray for these people, because they are lost without JESUS Christ, and this goes for Jews and Gentiles.

    JESUS was circumcised and He's God who had invented and commanded this practice in the old days, but we know it's no longer needed, yet the religious Jews aren't aware of this, because JESUS=God has closed their minds to the truth, except to a minority to which you belong, and never forget that JESUS started His Body of Christ wit Jewish believers, and don't forget that JESUS is coming to save a remnant (ONE THIRD, which is a LOT of people) of HIS chosen people.

    Now, about the 'star of David': during most of my 31 years walk with JESUS I never had any problems with this symbol, until I discovered information like this and I've been to Israel and Istood where the Har Habayit-the house of God on the mount (the 'temple') once used to be, where the Dome of the Rock is now standing and I touched the rock Moriah.

    I've always been pro-Israel, but I know the STATE of Israel is occult and the government is cooperating with the Vatican NWO, and THUS with the devil.

    This is what needs to happen, because it has been prophesied.

    Recently I discovered counter-information about the star of David, and I don't have a problem with it anymore, because I know Satan imitates everything which is from God, and he's INSANE.
    I'll provide the link in the next post (again), because Google+YouTube is actively censoring me, because I call this organization SATANIC and cooperating with the EVIL NSA-CIA-FBI and the satanic American government, which cooperate with the LUCIFERIAN Vatican.
    Hans S
    1:32 PM

    +dagnyatl The Truth behind the Star of David
    Hans S
    1:33 PM

    +dagnyatl GOD is a JEW....FOREVER!
    Hans S
    2:50 PM

    +dagnyatl Cynthia, I've watched your testimony and I'm so glad you are my (Jewish) sister in JESUS!
    He's coming!!

  13. Believers in evolution are the dumbest people in history.

    Apart from being DUMB they're also very dangerous, because they believe they weren't human when they were growing in their mother's womb, hence they are positive about killing unborn babies on a MASSIVE SCALE.

    This is also making them the most DISGUSTING people in history, far worse than the Nazis and the idiots of ISIS.
    Hans S
    1 second ago

    I can destroy evolution with one question.

    My question: Why do you want to KNOW?

    'Evolution' doesn't want to KNOW, because 'evolution' doesn't exist.

    GOD, also known as JESUS, has made you curious!

    And something else...

    'Evolution' couldn't possibly have produced something like THIS


  14. +Joyce Ben Did Fallen Angels Have Sex with Earthly Women?

    Jim Beckwith 2 hours ago
    Your callouts are too fast to read brother, other than that I like the truth you present is mainly true. May the Lord Bless you ministry. Yours in Christ Jim
    · 1

    Hans S 1 second ago
    +Jim Beckwith Did Fallen Angels Have Sex with Earthly Women?

  15. +Joyce Ben
    +Wagner Paiva - Born again in Jesus Yes, Joyce, you are everywhere within this small circle of people on Google+.

    After YouToube changed into Google+ they* turned this 'thing' into a Facebook-like piece of garbage, though I appreciate the contacts with fellow believers in JESUS.

    *the Vatican NWO, because Google+YouTube is just a tool of the NSA, which is being controlled by the Vatican NWO.

  16. +Joyce Ben
    How come?
    I tell things the way they are, because Google+ is confining us within small circles of people, so that we don't have the ability to reach out to MILLIONS of people, unless we make very good videos which attract a lot of attention.

    So if you take my remark personally, then this wasn't my intention.
    It's nice to have contact with you and others, but I miss the old independent YouTube.
    Now it's part of 'almighty Google' and Google is a tool of the Vatican NWO.

  17. +Born Twice
    Brother, they are already PUNISHED by the DEATH of their BABY!!

    Their child is awaiting the resurrection of the dead and will be like the ANGELS.

    Why an EXTRA HARSH punishment by a system that MURDERS MILLIONS of UNBORN children?

    I do NOT respect the court's decision!

    Suppose it were YOUR child!

    Of course these two were VERY STUPID, but they thought it would be the best treatment for their beloved child, according to their MISGUIDED faith.

    They need our PRAYER and COMPASSION: they are misguided FELLOW believers in JESUS who need God's LOVING CORRECTION and GUIDANCE.

    +It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife

    Love in JESUS from Hans to the both of you, my brother and sister.
    Hans S
    11:17 AM

    +Born Twice
    +It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife This system is so SATANIC and HYPOCRITICAL! The same in my country, the Netherlands.


  18. +Born Twice
    Place yourself in the position of these parents: would you sentence yourself to 6 years jail, and being locked up together with REAL CRIMINALS, on top of the disastrous loss of your child, due to being part of a faith-healing CULT?

    These two people are OUR BROTHER and SISTER in Christ JESUS!
    They need to be taught a better theology and NOT doing jail time.

    All those parents who choose to let their unborn children being BUTCHERED by SATANIC ABORTIONISTS are off the hook and will not be prosecuted.

    Don't you see that this is a move by Satan to HURT members of the Body of Christ, even though they acted UNWISE?

    I pray they'll tell MANY fellow convicts about JESUS and may JESUS save A LOT of them.

    Satan is an IDIOT!
    He will BURN extra for this!

    PS: the whole American judicial system is in fact a MARTIAL LAW system, did you know that?
    +It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife 


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