Sunday, February 8, 2015

America Under Duress

6 February 2015:  Many teachers of Bible prophecy have pointed out over the years that America is not mentioned specifically in the 'last days,' and because of this they have assumed or speculated that the country would have been attacked and destroyed by a nuclear armed enemy; or laid low by a natural disaster of unimaginable proportions; or even judged by Almighty God before the judgments of the other nations of the world during the 70th Week.
Well, I do not believe there is a single human being alive today who accurately knows the future in the kind of detail that led to the above speculations, not even the so-called Bible prophecy "experts."  The only things I know for sure are what the Holy Spirit directly convicts me of, or what I hear and see with my own eyes and ears and have tested their validity. What I have heard very recently passes muster with both of these testable thresholds.


The Founding of a Nation


  1. +Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa
    Yes, you need to accept JESUS as your COMMANDER in CHIEF=BOSS=LORD in order to be able to understand what's going on.

    'Obama' is 100% acting on orders of the Vatican and the Vatican isn't just a religious organization: it's the GUISE for the MOST POWERFUL SATANIC MAFIA-ORGANIZATION in HISTORY, and every Pope is A Antichrist, and the current Pope is also the leader of the SATANIC Jesuits, making him THE Antichrist, on behalf of LUCIFER Himself.
    Hans S
    1:28 PM

    Why is +mebadkitty1 showing some kind of SATANIC WHORE or WITCH on her profile picture??,07593449d4b7cf85/Girls_Princess_in_the_red_017361_.jpg


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