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A suicide bomber with nothing left to lose...driven by....SATAN

fatima zfk
12:44 PM
if jesus is son of god than god has a wife right !!!
than who is his wife !!!!
how did jesus come than !!! who is his real mother !!
please i want the answer as you understand it in easy and clear way 

Hans S
2:32 PM
+fatima zfk
God doesn't have and doesn't NEED a wife in an earthly sense. 'Son of God' means God in the capacity of a human: JESUS Christ/Messiah.
God's NAME is 'I AM, who I AM' (YHWH)
JESUS' NAME means (from Yeshua, because Jesus is the Greek-English version) 'I AM SALVATION'.
JESUS is GOD in the capacity of SAVIOR.
God underwent OUR punishment for OUR sins=transgressions of His commandments on the cross, in the capacity of JESUS, as the PERFECT and INNOCENT LAMB of God.
God can NOT save fallen angels: only ANIMALS and HUMANS, and that's why we are FALLEN to an ANIMAL state, though we are meant to be like the angels: spiritual beings with immortal bodies consisting of supernatural, indestructible matter.

Because God can NOT save fallen angels, they HATE God and us humans so much, and especially the former highest angel, Morning Star Lucifer-Lightbringer.

He wants to take REVENGE on God-JESUS by DECEIVING people in MANY ways, so that they aren't SAVED by believing in JESUS Christ, who died for their sins and who rose from the dead.

God RENAMED Morning Star and his name became ADVERSARY=SATAN.

He wants people to go to hell=the ETERNAL lake of fire, together with him, and this is his REVENGE on God, as if he's a SUICIDE BOMBER!


  1. +TheEndTimesAreHere
    Are you able to pose a simple question
    without repeating yourself by copying/pasting of what you've already have communicated to me before, and what's your first name?

  2. +fatima zfk
    There's only ONE God and He's got three main CAPACITIES: God the Father, God the Son (being JESUS) and God the Holy Spirit.

    In the old testament He was also the pillar of smoke and the pillar of fire, when He guided and protected His chosen people, and He was also the 'Angel of the LORD'= 'The Angel of 'I am, who I am' (YHVH), who changed the name of Jacob into Israel.
    So you're right: there are no three persons, but only ONE God.

    Example: there's only ONE Hans S, but I used to call me Xembryo in the past, and I still have a site called Xembryo, and I also have a channel called Hans Steijnhagen.
    So three CAPACITIES of the SAME person: me.

  3. +fatima zfk
    The Quran PROVES Jesus Christ is God

  4. +fatima zfk
    allah is SATAN and he will BURN in the lake of fire and all of his fans too.
    Islam is an invention of the EVIL Babylonian, sun-worship Vatican, which incorporated the ancient moon-worship by the Arabs, LONG before islam existed.

    I am, who I am (YHWH) is God and NO ONE else!
    He has revealed Himself to humanity in the capacity of JESUS Christ.
    You can LIE all that you want, but it won't keep you from going to the lake of fire, God's WRATH.
    Your silly allah is an IDIOT.
    Did I make myself clear, SATAN-worshipper?

  5. +fatima zfk
    You're brainwashed by this miserable ideology, concocted by the Roman Catholic CULT.
    Only JESUS can save you and NO ONE ELSE!

    Muhammad was a SINNER and he's DEAD and buried.
    JESUS ROSE from the dead, and He's ONE with God the Father.
    It''s not my assignment to convince you, but to inform you and only God-JESUS is able to convince you, but if you don't want to be convinced by Him then you can't expect a human being will do a better job.
    I know one thing for SURE that Satan doesn't want you to become a follower of JESUS.
    He wants you to remain LOST, just as he is.
    Hans S
    10:10 PM

    +TheEndTimesAreHere +fatima zfk Read the King James Version (KJV) Bible.

    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    John 3:16

  6. +Jim Beckwith
    Of course there is no allah or 'Jibril', who's supposed to be Gabriel.

    The value of the Koran is less than toilet paper, though God can even use a satanic book like this in order to make deceived Muslims interested in the real Word of God, the Bible.
    When I was an atheist and a believer in evolution, God used music and lyrics of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper, and many other bands, to make me think about heaven and hell, life and death etc.
    This is the song God used to make me a believer for the first time, at the end of 1980:
    It didn't last long, but I could no longer deny that God exists.

  7. +Marion Peretti
    Satan is a bastard and a moron....and a liar, and a deceiver and a very UNHAPPY person.

    But he/she can present him/herself as a 'sweet person' in order to deceive.
    Hans S
    1:53 PM

    +Marion Peretti SATAN is a SUICIDE BOMBER

  8. +fatima zfk
    I'll give it one more try: God became a human through JESUS to set an example to us, being the offspring of the first SINNERS, Adam and Eve, and He called this PERFECT human example 'the Son of God' or 'the Son of Man'.

    Every human is meant to be like the angels, but God can't save fallen angels, and that's why He first created the animals (and the plants from which they originally live) and finally two human beings, who have a lot in common with the animals, which has a PURPOSE, because God can only save animals and humans.

    When the highest angel Morning Star, or Lightbringer=Lucifer rebelled against his creator, he managed to persuade first Eve and through Eve, Adam, to disobey God too, so that they became the first sinners.

    God cursed this earth and He turned all creatures into MORTALS, because there was no DEATH in Paradise, which was a wonderful and supernatural world, and He took Paradise away from this dimension, leaving Satan=adversary and his co-fallen angels and the first two humans with a FALLEN world.

    But He knew there was a way in order to rescue those who wanted to be saved, and that was by becoming a human Himself through JESUS Christ, who would bear the punishment of Sin on the cross, which is Satan's symbol for his false Babylonian (but also pre-Flood) SUN-'god'.

    So JESUS was cursed in our place, and He died a horrible death, because God loves us so much, which means He doesn't want to miss us in eternity, but because He cannot accept sin, a PERFECT sacrifice had to be made, and JESUS provided this sacrifice as 'the Lamb of God'.

    God needed a virgin from the tribe of Judah of His own chosen people in order to impregnate this young woman through His Holy Spirit, so without sexual intercourse, and God wouldn't be God if He wouldn't have been able to to this MIRACLE, and so Miriam (Mary) became pregnant of JESUS Christ and the rest of the story can be read in the four gospels.

    Now you can stick to the BAD imitation and counterfeit, which is the Koran, or you can read and believe 'the REAL THING'...that's up to you, and if you choose to believe the Bible, then God will open your eyes.

    But if you choose to remain ignorant and deceived, then God will keep your eyes shut.

    It's that simple.

  9. +miguel rivera
    Judas Iscariot was a son of perdition and he died by committing suicide.

    Rejecting JESUS as the ONLY answer is by definition an act of (spiritual) suicide.
    It's not necessary for the Antichrist to be half fallen angelic and half man, and Judas Iscariot is proof of that.
    The current Pope is from Italian parents, and to this extent he's like a normal human being.
    The point is: is one like Satan or like JESUS?
    'Satan-characters' are lost and 'JESUS-characters' are being found and saved.
    The Antichrist will be a 'Satan-character' and the current Pope and the current president of the USA fit into this description.

  10. +Jim Beckwith SATAN is a STUPID MORON!
    LAUGH in his UGLY FACE and don't be afraid to DIE!
    FEAR is his ONLY weapon!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD!
    JESUS is LORD! etc. etc. etc.

  11. +Jim Beckwith
    You know something?

    I love Obama and I even love the devil and Pope Francis...and that's why they need an ETERNAL THERAPY, called the LAKE OF FIRE!

    My HERO!

  12. +jacob hendricks
    God is GOOD, so Hell is also good, and entities who refuse to give God the glory for sending His alter ego JESUS in order to die for our sins, will be eternally CORRECTED in the lake of fire where they MUST confess that JESUS is LORD and nothing else and their knees will bend.

    In the meantime the saved will be celebrating an eternal wedding holy feast with JESUS on the new earth and in the new Jerusalem.

    Stop believing in the Roman Catholic concocted islam and become a follower of JESUS Christ and be saved.

  13. +jacob hendricks
    Body amputation from the neck down: CRAZY Roman Catholic ISLAM 2

  14. +Todd Hill
    Satan wants ALL people to commit eternal suicide by rejecting JESUS as Savior.
    In fact it's WORSE than suicide, because eternally burning in the lake of fire is so bad, that no nightmare is able to depict this HORROR.

    So, because it's so bad and because this young woman is still alive, I pray for her that God will give her a HELLISH experience, after which she will REPENT and ask JESUS to forgive her, and JESUS is always prepared to forgive even the worst kind of sinner, after genuine remorse.

    The young man who listened to her was just as STUPID as Adam who listened to Eve!

    He MURDERED himself and he was his own accuser, judge and executioner. +Shyann Loving Warriorforchrist


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