Sunday, February 1, 2015

What do I think of Pope Francis? What do I think of Obama?

4 Reasons Death Of America Is Inevitable.. WAKE UP! Jesus is The Answer. 




The Founding of a Nation












  1. Islam is SATANISM, deriving from the true church of Satan, the Roman Catholic CULT!

  2. +michael s
    I'm sure about Alex Jones and the Pope.

    The Pope is PLAYING he role of False Prophet, or he allows people to think he's not all that important, but the truth is that he's the REAL ruler of this world on behalf of Lucifer-Satan, and Lucifer always likes to HIDE behind others, and in this case, behind 'Obama' and/or islam.
    Satan allows people to think 'Obama' (Barry Davis) is the Antichrist, just as people thought the same about Adolf Hitler in the past, who in fact acted 100% on behalf of the Vatican and Pope Pius XII.
    Alex Jones knows the truth, but he will NOT reveal it, because his assignment is to DECEIVE people and in the meantime keeping them focused on FEAR...and of course he wants to SELL his merchandise, based on this fear mongering.

  3. +Yeshuasaidmyname
    Why do you call yourself "Yeshuasaidmyname"?

    Someone called you Angie: is that your real name?
    I'm Hans, from the Netherlands, ex-ATHEIST follower of JESUS and not of Yeshua, because I'm not a Hebrew speaker, but Dutch, and in my language it's 'JEZUS' with a Z, pronounced as YAYSUS.
    I do love the name Yeshua, that's not the issue: Jesus or Yeshua (my site)

  4. +Daniel Carelli Body amputation from the neck down: CRAZY Roman Catholic ISLAM

  5. +Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa
    Your response is CLEAR; JESUS is NOT (yet) your MASTER and LORD=BOSS.

    Btw: boss is a DUTCH word, deriving from the Dutch word 'baas', pronounced almost the same as boss.

    Get to know JESUS, because He's GOD and you're lost without Him.

    He not only wants to be your boss, but He also wants to be your best FRIEND.

    Dutch for friend is 'vriend', pronounced as vreend.

    Dutch for God is 'God', pronounced with a HEBREW of ARAB CH for our G and the d sounds more like a T in our word 'God'.

    Have a nice day and don't go to hell!

    JEZUS is God is Dutch for JESUS is God, pronounced as 'Yaysus is Chot'.


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