Monday, March 2, 2015

Psychological Warfare

About the truth behind the 'fact' that Obama wants to shoot down Israeli jets, if they attack US  'ally' Iran.
Update 2 March 2015: Given that baseball season is finally upon us, Global SITREP B3-15 shall be considered as 'strike one' against the blatant untruthfulness of the Arab media reports.  Eschatology Today has led the way in vetting this subject, so we should get credit for the first strike thrown.

Now, and to its credit, the Obama Administration late last night issued a statement to The Washington Times stating that the al-Jarida/Ma'an News Agency report about Obama ordering a shootdown of Israeli planes attacking Iran nuclear facilities "is totally false." 

"Steee-rike twooooooo!!!"

Not to be outdone, the White House-based National Security Council (NSC) also issued via its Twitter account its own denial stating "there is no truth to ‘reports’ about Obama & Israeli jets." 

"Steee-rike threeeeeee!!! You're outa here!"


Barack Obama Threatened 2 Shoot Down Israeli Fighter Jets as They Planned 2 Attack Iran Nuke Sites!


  1. +ultrajd
    That's why I gave you a link to an article about psycholocial warfare.

    Btw: Obama's boss is in fact Joseph Biden, a Jesuit trained servant of the Vatican, and Obama (Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis) is a pawn of the Vatican.

    The original name of Washington D.C. (District of Colombia) was ROME, but that was too obvious, but it's suspicious enough that Washington D.C. is located in the middle of VIRGINia and MARYland, Roman Catholic territory.

    Washington D.C.'s original name was Rome, Maryland

    Christopher Columbus's assignment was to claim all the America's for the Vatican, which he did.

  2. +ultrajd
    Be informed: The Papal Colonization of America

  3. +ultrajd
    Why should they?"Islam is a product of the Vatican, and they use it in order to reach their goal: world domination in honor of Lucifer.

    The Vatican's man in the White House is a Muslim, but he's also a satanist and an universalist and a fake Christian, but that doesn't matter to him, because 'allah' is Satan.

  4. +ultrajd
    Ha ha, I never went to church too, before my conversion, and after that I tried for several years to fit into a local assembly, but I function better without it.

    But I have a wife who accepts me the way I am, and this goes for God too.

    The word 'church' is a Catholic invention and Jesus never started a 'church', but a living organism of believers in Him.

    They can meet each other wherever they want, like at home.

    All official churches are being controlled by the government, because it has to do with MONEY, and Satan is the god of money, because money is POWER.

    That's why the Vatican is the richest organization of the world, though they pretend to be relatively poor, which is a lie.

    The Roman Catholic CULT is pure MAFIA, and the Pope is the Godfather of this CULT.

    The POTUS is his MUPPET and Putin is also bowing to the Pope.

    70% of human language is BODY language:

  5. +ultrajd
    The founder of the Christian faith didn't initiate Catholicism or Protestantism, but a movement of LOVE based on His divine teachings.

    The Bible says that every true believer' in Christ JESUS is a TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit.
    I agree that houses of worship should be less conspicuous, because it's not about the building but about the content of the teaching.
    Roman Catholicism and Protestantism seem to have a lot in common, but not without a reason there has been a PROTEST against the Catholic CULT in the past, which led to the reformation.
    Unfortunately Protestantism became a religious system too.
    I don't need both systems and I simply call myself a follower of (the teachings of) JESUS.

  6. +ultrajd
    This is why I write the name of God in uppercase: Moses asked God to tell him His name, and God told him His name is 'I AM, who I AM' and in short 'I AM'.

    Now the name 'Jesus' derives from the Greek (phonetic) Iésous, because the Greek don't pronounce the 'sh'-sound and they add an S at the ending of a male name, and this name is the Hebrew name of Jesus: Yeshua, or in short Yeshu.

    Yeshu(a) means 'I AM Salvation' or 'I AM Savior', which means that Jesus was(is) God in the capacity of Savior.

    You don't have to agree, but to me JESUS is God.

    He's the God of Israel and the 'Palestinians' serve a FAKE god called 'allah' and Islam is created by the Vatican.

    But the ideology of this fake 'god' is VERY dangerous, as we all know, and that's no wonder because it derives from the SATANIC ideology of the Roman Catholic CULT, which is the true church of Satan.

    Even if you don't believe in God or religion in general, you know there are people who are willing to kill for their religion/ideology.

    They believe they must obey if 'allah' says 'behead the 'unbelievers''.

    They are brainwashed IDIOTS.

    NO follower of JESUS is allowed to MURDER someone else, or else he or she is not a follower of JESUS, but Islam and Roman Catholicism have no problems with KILLING people, and Adolf Hitler was a genuine Roman Catholic from Austria, and Joseph 'Stalin' was Jesuit priest from Georgia.
    They both served the Vatican!

    JESUS even teaches to LOVE your enemy and to do good to those who hate you, and that's why He didn't try to defend Himself when He was being arrested: He even LOVED His tormentors.

    On the cross He said; 'Father (His alter ego) forgive them, for they don't know what they are doing'.

    When people are in a LYNCHING mood they're no different than WILD DOGS or a pack of wolves or hyenas.

    Then they act as STUPID ANIMALS.

    Now, is it okay to defend yourself against a dangerous animal?

    Of course!

    Is it okay to defend yourself against a humanoid who acts like a dangerous animal?

    Of course...BUT every human being has TWO sides: an intellectual side and an emotional side.

    If it's possible to communicate with this intellectual side in a positive way, an 'enemy' could become a good FRIEND.

    The secret is: one must NEVER be afraid to be killed.

    One must believe that death isn't bad, but good, because this dimension is cursed and the kingdom of Satan, since the fall of our ancestors Adam and Eve.

    It's EASY to kill someone else, but it's much harder to love someone else who's about to kill you.

    A man who was much stronger than me tried to break my neck, and I was prepared to die, and my neck became like elastic.
    He failed.
    I stayed very calm and I looked him into to the eye and told him: 'my dad tried to kill me, and now you....why?'
    He was surprised by my calm reaction and his anger subsided.

    After this I had a good conversation with him, and I could do this, thanks to JESUS.

  7. +ultrajd
    'allah' was one of the 360 'gods' who was being worshiped long before and during the days of Muhammad.

    If you only read the text on the images you'll know a lot more:


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