Thursday, April 23, 2015

War With Russia Seems Inevitable

War With Russia Seems Inevitable

Published on Apr 22, 2015
Czech News is Reporting that Russia intends to take Ukraine in May, and with the push of the United States and the current Ukraine government its seems that if Russia doesn't take action the East Ukrainians will become genocide by the Neo Nazis Regime currently running the country.

The Crusade Against The Russian People 









Roman Satanic NATO 



The Pope is the ANTICHRIST!



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    1. +Nancy Anderson Washington D.C.'s original name was Rome, Maryland
      Nancy Anderson
      12:59 AM

      +Hans S Then other questions are: Will the Vatican use Russia to destroy the capitol of the US, Washington D.C., formerly known as Rome, Maryland? Russia is gearing up in the Arctic for coming down from the North to I assume attack the US. But if the Vatican is the Mother of all harlots and the church of Satan, then why doesn't God destroy the Vatican? Is it so the leading military center (the USA) can completely be destroyed (as Obama is doing a bang-up job of doing that now with firing so many leading generals and down-sizing our weaponry), and this so it can't come to the aid of Israel during the Tribulation?
      Hans S
      1:54 AM

      +Nancy Anderson
      Like most people I have been FOOLED, but thanks to the internet and God-JESUS, the truth came out that we have been held hostage all of our lives by Satan and his evil Vatican NWO by means of this FEAR MONGERING concerning the so called NUCLEAR THREAT.

      Why doesn't God-the Lord JESUS destroy the Vatican?
      When Eve and Adam sinned=disobeyed God, Satan obtained the right to rule this world.
      Before the Flood his power was so great that God could only rescue a few people like Enoch and Noah and his family.
      About 6 BILLION people were being drowned by the Flood, because it was a JUDGEMENT and these people were all evil and wicked.

      After the Flood Satan succeeded to regain control over the earth, and he initiated 'Mystery Babylon'.

      The Roman Catholic CULT is the modern day version of Satan's Mystery Babylon, and the Vatican is Satan's headquarters on earth.
      The Pope and the Jesuits are his faithful servants, because they worship LUCIFER!

      God is allowing this in order to see who are on His side and who are on the devil's side.

      It's all very simple!

      The endgame is to come to a world government on behalf of the Papacy and Satan.
      The Pope is the Vicar of Christ=the in place of Christ=BLASPHEMY!
      Obama's role is about the same as of Hitler.

      But the true believers in JESUS don't have to worry, because God-the Lord JESUS is going to EVACUATE the Body of Christ, consisting of born again, Holy Spirit filled followers of JESUS Christ, both the deceased and those who will be alive, just before the start of the Times of Jacob's Trouble, which is all about Israel and the remnant thereof.

      This is also prophetically necessary, because the Holy Spirit (within the true believers) is restraining the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

      After the DEPARTURE of the Body of Christ and the removal of the Holy Spirit, in the way He's now operating on earth, all hell will break loose on earth and Satan will get seven years to do ALMOST whatever he wants, because the two witnesses will go against him from Israel, and later the 144.000 Jewish evangelists will also add to Satan's annoyance, because many will come to believe in JESUS (praise God!), though also many will be captured and beheaded.

      The JESUITS themselves will destroy Islam and Catholicism and the Vatican, because the future EVIL Capitol will be Jerusalem, and worship of LUCIFER himself will replace all other false religions.

      In the end JESUS will come as King of kings and Lord of lords, together with His raptured Saints and He will DESTROY Satan's rule on earth.

      The raptured Saints are then already Citizens of Heaven, and the martyred Saints of the Times of Jacob's Trouble, or the seventieth week of Daniel 9, will be resurrected form death and they will enter the 1000 years of peace on earth during the reign of KING JESUS from Jerusalem.

      I'm Dutch, so maybe my English wasn't that good, but I hope you were able to understand.


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