woensdag 20 mei 2015



The plastic peaches there
On concrete beaches there
You see the leeches there
You see the leeches there

It's soft marshmallow there
It's, oh so, shallow there
In dead Loss Angeles
In dead Loss Angeles

The dredged up mastodon
Has got his glasses on
He's never seen the shit
From the La Brea Pit

The lunar base camp there
With burning midnight lamp
They call it Frisbeeland
It's just a Disneyland

Android Americans
Live in the ruins there
In dead Loss Angeles
In dead Loss Angeles

The dredged up mastodon
Has got his glasses on
He's never seen the shit
From the La Brea Pit

They get the tremors there
Been given Babylon
Plenty of companies
Such lonely company

I hear a symphony
Of lonely timpani
In dead Loss Angeles
In dead Loss Angeles

The dredged up mastodon
Has got his glasses on
He's never seen the shit
From the La Brea Pit
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  1. +Samuel Guzman

    Washington D.C.'s original name was Rome, Maryland

  2. Reacties
    1. Interesting, but no word about the JESUITS and the SATANIC Vatican, which is the real power behind the US's foreign policies.

  3. Google+ is censoring me (which I know for quite some time). Signed out version:


    1. +pabl0hassan
      +pabl0hassan doesn't exist, and that's a fact.

      But I know that the person behind this fake identity exists.
      Saying that God doesn't exist is as foolish as saying that one is God him/herself.

    2. +pabl0hassan
      Okay, you are God: now do everything God has done in the Bible and I'll believe you.

      Start with the creation of an EMPTY universe and an EARTH, just like in Genesis.
      Become a human being according to MANY prophesies and LOVE all those who you've created and DIE for them on a cross (the satanic, Babylonian symbol for the 'sun-god') and RISE from DEATH, also according to prophesies.
      This is just a hint.

  4. +Amber Geary Jesus Hitler, Adolf Christ http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2011/05/jesus-hitler-adolf-christ.html

  5. The singer Peter 'Steele' was a CRAZY CATHOLIC...2 years younger than me and searching for answers..and now he's DEAD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Steele

    The USA and this world is FULL of CRAZY CATHOLICS!
    The Pope is NOTHING without them!
    They are all LOST without JESUS Christ!

  6. Reacties
    1. +Miguel G. Steven Anderson is a ROMAN CATHOLIC NAZI!

      Marching To Zion EXPOSED! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNluN8gngVI&list=PLxAJnHVF-qs2DgFQssiKmcoO-kb6NsIE7


  7. +NowTheEndHasBegan Shut up, ROMAN CATHOLIC NAZI! JESUS the JEW WILL CAST YOU INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE, together with the POPE and OBAMA!


    Hans S 1 second ago
    +NowTheEndHasBegan YOU are an ANTICHRIST! And a COWARD and a THIEF, by using a STOLEN name and NOT your own REAL name! You work for the SATANIC government!

  8. +Tennessee Don Zionist satanist? And what are you? A Roman Catholic NAZI?
    JESUS is a JEW and He is GOD! JEW HATERS won't feel at home in the presence of JESUS the JEW!
    The Pope is the ANTICHRIST and 'OBAMA' is his EVIL MUPPET! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/02/pope-francis-luciferian-number-13.html

  9. +squiggz90 The ROMANS crucified JESUS, NOT 'the' Jews! The cross is the symbol for the SATANIC BABYLONIAN SUN-god! This was Satan's so called victory, but Satan is STUPID and he did exactly what JESUS = GOD wanted! SSanderson is also VERY STUPID, because he 's also doing exactly what JESUS wants, because it all fits into His plans. Satanic people are like COMPUTER VIRUSES and JESUS is the best possible ANTI VIRUS! The USA has become NAZI-AMERICA! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/NAZI-America


  10. +Geri Ungurean
    God is JESUS is a JEW FOREVER!

    The eternal destination of ALL worshipers of the God of the Bible = the God of Israel is the New Earth and the New JERUSALEM, and the 12 JEWISH Apostles will forever be commemorated and the 12 Hebrew tribes too.

    God=JESUS had set His own people ASIDE in order to rescue the non-Jews too.

    But there are non-Jews who think they have replaced God's chosen people: they spit JESUS in His face!
    Hans S
    10:04 PM

    +Geri Ungurean
    Sister in JESUS-YESHUA, please watch this playlist: Marching To Zion EXPOSED!

  11. NAZI-America http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/NAZI-America

  12. +Jim Beckwith CNN: Vatican NWO-controlled FEAR MONGERING.
    I don't watch the main stream media any more, and in my country it's just as bad as in the US.
    193 Dutch citizens were MURDERED in COLD BLOOD on behalf of Obama and the Papacy and people from other countries too, when the MH17 was downed by the Ukraine in order to blame Russia.
    ALL the main stream media tell LIES about it and also in my country.
    They want us to be focused on ISIS and NOT on the inventors of Islam: the Vatican and the Papacy.

    The Lord JESUS be with us.

  13. Reacties
    1. +tuddy pena THE POPE IS THE ANTICHRIST AND OBAMA IS HIS MUPPET http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/02/pope-francis-luciferian-number-13.html

  14. +Gabriela Nita Moniz +Jim Beckwith
    Too bad for those wicked people: there were about SIX BILLION people before the Flood and many of them were 'LGBT'

    God = JESUS DROWNED them ALL!

    I do believe He will have MERCY on the youngest children at Judgement Day.

    It's not their fault their parents were rotten.

  15. Hollywood is being run by people who LOVE to BURN in HELL, because they're asking God=JESUS to be SPANKED forever for being such EVIL and DISGUSTING entities from hell.

    And there they MUST and WILL proclaim that JESUS is THE LORD, forever and ever, in unison with SATAN OBAMA and POPE FRANCIS and all SATANIC and EVIL angels and people.

    Some of them MIGHT be saved, but most of them will BURN, because they love SATAN so much and THEMSELVES, and because they HATE JESUS, their own creator.



    The USA is the MOST EVIL country on earth, because it's being run by the SATANIC PAPACY and all presidents serve the Pope of Rome, the true RULER of this world on behalf of LUCIFER!


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