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Lunch With Adolf Hitler




Bad news for Jew-hating Israel-haters; The Khazar Myth Debunked - 13th Tribe - Arthur Koestler Refuted 




The Vatican Holocaust




Angela Merkel servant of the Papacy 



Angela Hitler



Satan's Throne Revealed At Last!!




The Pope is the ANTICHRIST!



  1. Our Lord JESUS wants us to love each other, and blocking fellow Saints will be an impossibility in heaven and on the New Earth, but here in this dimension, and through the possibilities given by 'almighty YouTube-Google+', we're able with a simple mouse click or a finger tap (f we're using a tablet or a smartphone), to block and possibly hurt someone's feelings.

    This Google+ 'thing' is not heaven and 'cyber space' is a hostile environment for all followers of JESUS Christ.

    I only block real satanic people who are not willing to listen to reason.

    I'm here on YOUR thread, and I've said what I wanted to say about Paul Begley and Anita Fuentes.

    I do love them with the love of our Lord JESUS, which also means that His truth is above anything.

    You've had the opportunity to meet Paul personally, and you believe he has done a great job in Ontario, and Anita too.

    JESUS gave us all the assignment to tell HIS GOOD news to anyone who is willing to listen, and you believe that's exactly what Paul has done.

    I'm glad with anyone who has given his or her heart to our Lord JESUS during this meeting, and only God is able to look into their hearts in order to see whether their decision for Him was genuine or not.

    I pray you'll do some investigation, like I and others also did in the past

    At first I thought Paul was okay, though his 'are you serious?' style was fun at first, but it started to annoy me after some time.

    I''ve discovered a lot during the past years concerning the Vatican, the RCC and the Jesuits, and it struck me that those who know the truth about this diabolical 'church', we're pointing out that this CULT has everything to do with the coming Antichrist and the False Prophet.

    My eyes were being opened at the end of 2011 when I discovered this information:

    This was due to discussions I had on a Dutch site back then about the assertion that there hasn't been a Holocaust and that the gassing of the Jews was a lie.

    This made me angry and I wanted to know the truth and God led me to the aforementioned site, and what I discovered on this site really stunned me!

    My wife can testify of this, because for days I was in a state of bewilderment.

    I thought I knew almost all about the 2nd world war, but I realized I knew almost NOTHING!

  2. My country has been occupied for five years by the Nazis and every year we still commemorate this on the 4th and 5th of May.

    May 4 is dedicated in remembrance of the fallen and the dead, and May 5 is dedicated to May 5, 1945 when the war was officially over in the Netherlands.
    We call it liberation day and it's a festive day.
    May 4 is always a sad day, and I was raised with this awareness.

    This year, on the 10th of May, it will be 70 years ago that Nazi-Germany invaded my neutral country, and after 4 days of war, and about 3000 dead soldiers on both sides and without a decisive victory for the Nazis, Hitler ordered the destruction of our second largest city, Rotterdam.
    He threatened to bomb Amsterdam, The Hague and other major cities too, until the Dutch would surrender.
    Our queen Wilhelmina had betrayed her own people and even the government and the supreme command, by fleeing by boat to England in the morning of May 13, 1940, while my country was still undefeated, taking with her our gold.
    The Husband of the crown Princess Juliana, the German Prince Bernhard, was a member of the SS.
    This truth came out after his death and also the fact that he had never distanced himself of being a direct servant of the Pope (Pius VII), because that's what the SS stands for:
    The Dutch government knew nothing about the flight of the queen.
    Later that day also the Dutch government fled to England without consulting the supreme command of the armed forces.
    Poor supreme commander, general Winkelman, subsequently had no other option than to surrender to the ROMAN CATHOLIC Nazis!

    Because this was my great discovery: Hitler was 100% acting on behalf of the Vatican!

    Our 'Monarchy' and government consisted of a BUNCH of TRAITORS (on behalf of the Vatican NWO), and after the Dutch soldiers found out they lost all hope!

    And so the Netherlands became part of the German REICH (empire), on behalf of Rome and the Papacy.

    The killing of Jews and Protestants would begin.,
    This whole war was about murdering the Jews and the Protestants, and later also the eastern orthodox Christians in countries like Greece and Russia.
    But also within Germany itself!
    Hitler's power base was southern Germany, which is Roman Catholic.
    When the was was over, millions of Germans had died, and many of them Protestants.

    Now, don't be afraid, but that's EXACTLY what 'Obama' wants to achieve in the USA!
    The power base of the Roman Catholic CULT is VIRGINian and MARYland and in between the district of Columbia, and the capitol Washington D.C, which original name was ROME!
    He wants to start a regional war in the Middle East concerning Israel, and a (world) war with Russia, because 'Obama' is (like Hitler in the past) 100% acting on behalf of the Vatican!

  3. The endgame will be world dictatorship to the 'glory' of the Vatican and Lucifer, the TRUE god of the Jesuits, who are in total control, and even the current Pope is a JESUIT, and he is in fact the highest Jesuit. The 'black pope in white'.

    Have you ever heard Paul Begley or Anita Fuentes tell you about this?

    Have you ever heard them talk about the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture, aka the 'pre-tribulation-rapture'?

    I don't thinks so.

    I know for sure that there are 'end-time preachers' who deliberately DON'T tell us the truth about the Vatican and Pope Francis and 'Obama' the pawn of the Jesuits and Satan.

    Please do some investigation, because 200 years ago the USA was predominantly PROTESTANT, but now the US have become increasingly CATHOLIC!

    Islam is invented by the Vatican and communism and fascism too.

    The Roman Catholic CULT is the true church of Satan.

    The Dutch fought 80 years against this CULT and this was in fact the birth of the Netherlands as a nation, and the Netherlands became the first modern Protestant Republic, without a monarchy which was serving the Papacy.

    But in 1795, the French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte invaded my country and he reinstalled the monarchy in 1813 through a puppet 'king' who was (of course) serving the Papacy.

    The Vatican and the RCC is all about dumbing down the people, and God-the Lord JESUS is all about the truth and the right knowledge.

    First we have to surrender to JESUS and repent and BELIEVE that we are saved by FAITH.
    Then we must gain the right knowledge, and firstly the Biblical truth and secondly the truth about our enemy, and the Bible reveals us that the Vatican is 'Mystery Babylon, the whore'.
    Knowledge about the Papacy reveals that the Pope is the 'Vicar of Christ'=the 'in place of Christ'=BLASPHEMY, and so it's clear who the Antichrist is: the Pope!

    Obama, who should be called Barry Davis, because he's the son of Frank Marshall Davis, is the executioner of the Pope, and Joseph Biden is Jesuit trained, and he's Obama's supervisor.


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