Monday, June 29, 2015

Obama demands Christians Deny Jesus!

Obama demands Christians Deny Jesus!

Published on Jun 28, 2015
Back in April I did a video of how Hillary Clinton demanded Christians needed to ignore what the Bible says and bow to the demands of a sinful society. Now that homosexual marriage is legalized, we see Obama saying the very same thing only this time directly associating it with homosexual marriage. He is demanding everyone deny the teachings of Jesus Christ and simply accept same sex marriage. And yes, what we see happening today is exactly what Noah saw in his day. Right down to the legalization of same sex marriage! That in fact is what moved God to flood the planet. That is why the homosexuals keep waving the rainbow flag! Satan is moving them to mock God's promise.

The presidency of the US is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13

Links mentioned in video:
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Same Sex Marriage is a Major sign of the END!

Clinton Demands Christians Deny Jesus!

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  1. +bbigham2585 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis) is NOT a 'black' man (a 100% African American) because his mother was a 'WHITE' woman.
    I don't like the words 'black and white', because 'Obama' has a BROWN skin and I have a PALER skin, which can get a TAN.

    Obama is NOT the Antichrist, but the MUPPET of the REAL ANTICHRIST: Pope Francis:

    And something else: there is only ONE race: the HUMAN race!

    God=JESUS made the outward differences between people, but we all derive from Noah and his family, and before that from Adam and Eve.

  2. +HarvestArmy Hi Shana, please make a distinction between the (Roman Catholic) 'church' and the BODY of CHRIST.

    The Body of Christ has NOTHING to do with 'same sex' and SODOMY, but the SATANIC ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT!

    The Body of Christ is the Body OF!!!! Christ JESUS and He's keeping HIS!!! Body PURE!

    And don't you worry, because the Body of Christ is SOON going to be EVACUATED: Rapture and prophecy

    Don't forget to be HAPPY, because Satan wants to STEAL the JOY of our SALVATION through our Lord JESUS Christ, God, manifested in the flesh.

    'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr, or Barry Davis) is a SERVANT of LUCIFER and Pope Francis too, so don't WASTE your time and prayers on them, but focus on people who want to listen!

    THE POPE IS THE ANTICHRIST AND OBAMA IS HIS MUPPET PS: you're quite pretty, but that's God's responsibility: He's our INVENTOR. ;-))

    1. +54t4n5w0r5tn1ghtm4r3 Don't call a beloved of God-the Lord JESUS 'pussycat', and you're lost without JESUS Christ. God has made her pretty, but that doesn't mean you have the right to call her 'pussycat'.

  3. +Swiss Knight Obama is a SODOMITE and a SATANIST and the MUPPET of ANTICHRIST, Pope Francis.

  4. Oh, and the other guy is Hitler

  5. I believe the Vatican has already invested so much in 'Obama' that they need him for a 'third term', which means MARTIAL LAW and DICTATORSHIP.
    Donald Trump is being used in order to give the ILLUSION of CHOICE.
    But the Vatican has everything under control on behalf of LUCIFER.

  6. Replies
    1. +Teresa Changed Dear Sister, before the settlers came to the 'New World', the Vatican and Lucifer had already claimed it for their evil purposes: The Papal Colonization of America

      I believe the USA is the 2nd beast system of Revelation 13 and 'Obama' is the 2nd beast.
      The Pope/Papacy is the 1st beast (system).
      The Roman Empire, disguised as a religious organization.

      We're CITIZENS of heaven and NOT of this world!

      Our Lord JESUS is with us!

      Very good sermon on the rapture: Pastor James Knox The New Testament Church IS NOT The Nation of Israel Part 2


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