Friday, June 26, 2015

The beautiful Roman Catholic Islam

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Of course this picture is showing the CRIME of MURDER by killing people as if they're GOATS and of course Islam is DISGUSTING and EVIL, but I'm presenting it with SARCASM, as IF it's something good. I'm also pointing to the POPE and 'Obama', because these two EVILdoers are in favor of the (Roman Catholic) Islam, and they are behind ISIS!

What the headscarf represents





  1. +SheaSheaOnUrTUBE I love this teacher.
    Thanks, dear Shea!


  2. Replies
      Of course they are, but atheists and Hindus and Catholics too.

      In fact MOST people on earth are brainwashed, and in the days of Noah, ALL of them, except 8.

  3. +That Catholic Historian
    They're just as STUPID and 'allah' is Satan!

    Now, what do you want?

    Do you want to be saved by JESUS Christ or TOTALLY SUBDUED by His ALTER EGO, GOD?

    Go argue with HIM and NOT with me!

  4. +That Catholic Historian
    I said go argue with God or can't you read?
    Or do you think I'm God?....I don't think so...

    You don't want to surrender to JESUS because your ego is still too big to be saved.

    God started your life when you were a one celled embryo and back then you were much wiser than you are now.

    The Vatican created Islam...PERIOD!

    You don't want to believe it..fine!

    +Atheism is Madness The Pope is the Antichrist and not just a clown on behalf of a counterfeit 'Christian church'.

    His god is LUCIFER and that's 'Obama's 'god' too.
    Pope FRANKENSTEIN and SCUMBAMA are ruining the world on behalf of SATAN


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