Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let's talk about SEX (baby)

35 Year Men & Sex Study: FEW Guys Respect Women & MOST Share Your Intimate Details With Other Men.

Published on Jun 19, 2015
This data is from an exhaustive 35 year men and sex study, hearing personally from TENS OF THOUSANDS of guys on this topic, so it's a HUGE study pool! I was led to do this video. It is not my usual video type but it addresses problems that need to be dealt with and brought to light.This is a video that will help EVERY woman who watches it to understand what they are dealing with, when it comes to men. If your among the MINORITY of men who don't think and act this way, just ignore it. IF you ARE one of the VAST MAJORITY of men this video describes you have 2 choices...1) GET MAD at me or 2) Change your ways and start treating women with the love and respect they deserve!!! I've already heard from several women who have said this has greatly helped them. That's what it's all about.

+dockidds Great message, Paul, but where are the comments? I've got a LOT to say about sexuality on my site, because without this invention we wouldn't exist, and Satan LOVES to ATTACK this very special gift and turn it into something cheap and dirty. 
And now the other side of the coin: this former Miss Belgium (I'm Dutch, but she's from the Dutch speaking part of Belgium) and sexologist said on Dutch TV that a scientific study had proven that women are more adulterous than men by nature, and she explained it by telling that like female animals in the wild, many women subconsciously want to enhance their chance of becoming pregnant by the 'best possible male'. 
This (non practicing) Catholic woman isn't a follower of JESUS and she's talking from a secular and evolutionist standpoint, but I believe she's ALSO right about this issue. 
Don't forget that the FIRST HUMAN who became a SINNER was a WOMAN, and she became just like Satan: a LIAR and a DECEIVER. Then Adam took from her the forbidden fruit and he became a LIAR and a CHEATER too! 
ALL men are born from WOMEN and it really depends on HOW they were raised by their MOTHERS and their FATHERS, and on what kind of EXAMPLE they gave to their children.
Women who say they are forced into prostitution have a choice, and this choice could mean DEATH. Suppose our Lord JESUS had been detained together with CRAZED homosexuals/sodomites who wanted to have 'sex' (perversions) with Him: He would rather be killed than letting this happening to Him. 
But it's another thing when CHILDREN are being forced into 'sex' (disgusting perversions). 
MANY women dress like whores and also 'Christian women'. They show a lot of NAKED flesh of their bodies, and/or they wear makeup in order to enhance their 'sex appeal'. 
Both MEN and WOMEN are LOST without JESUS Christ. 
God is JESUS and He's the INVENTOR of sexuality, and He knew beforehand that He had created a POSSIBLE strong incentive for sin. 
Yet He's not to blame, but the devil and us humans, and He bore OUR GUILT and SHAME and OUR GRIEF on the cross when He died, and MOST CRIMES are sexually related. 
ALL Roman Catholic 'Priests' who are or who have been guilty of sexual harassment and abuse of children have been victimized themselves when they were young, due to their AWFUL BABYLONIAN religion, which is Roman Catholicism. 


I love you Paul, and JESUS is coming!

PS: the POPE is the Antichrist and the POTUS is his executor and of Lucifer.


  1. +Mandy Good
    No they can't because they don't have GENITALS and they don't know the SECRET of the SPERM and its DNA/RNA
    and LIFE itself, let alone the secret of the MUCH BIGGER ovum (female egg-cell) which contains INCREDIBLY MUCH MORE information.

    Angels are smart, but God=JESUS didn't make them too smart, otherwise He wouldn't be able to control them.

    Angels are Sons of God and we are also meant to be Sons of too, being a feMALE.

    We will all be BEAUTIFUL! ;-))

  2. +Manguy331
    I don't think she used the word 'fuck' and why do you call it the 'f-word'?

    I'm Dutch and in my language we have a similar word, but then it's being used for procreation among animals, like cattle, and the verb is 'fokken' (click on the loudspeaker icon )
    When someone breeds cows he 'fokt' (breeds) cattle.
    Not that he has sex with the animals themselves of course, but the Germanic origin of the word 'fuck' and the Dutch word 'fok' are the same, but the words got a different meaning.
    Yet, we Dutch can be 'opgefokt' , wich is the same as 'fucked up', in case someone is almost losing his or her temper.
    The Dutch word for 'to fuck' is 'neuken', and this is a bit hard to pronounce for English speakers, but here you can hear the pronunciation and click on the loudspeaker icon:
    The tidy term for 'neuken' is 'seksuele gemeenschap hebben', which means 'to have sexual intercourse' , but nobody uses this when people want to have sex.
    The Dutch word for vagina is vagina:
    The Dutch word for penis is penis:
    The Dutch word for cunt is kut:
    The Dutch word for cock is pik or lul:
    The Dutch word for ass or butt is kont:
    This word is almost the same as the English word cunt, but it has a different meaning.
    Pubic hair is 'schaamhaar' in Dutch:
    It literally means shame hair: hair one gets when one starts to be ashamed for one's genitalia, and this has to do with the fall of Adam and Eve.
    pubic hair is a more neutral term, because it's indeed hair one gets when one reaches the age of puberty

  3. The very first marriage was a 'match made in heaven', but Satan, Eve and Adam turned it into a disaster, because their firstborn became the first murderer, after his parents had become the first SINNERS, and we're ALL their offspring.
    Nevertheless: listen to this sermon and read along with a KJV or a GNV Bible

    Thank God-the Lord JESUS for the fact that you EXIST, because in eternity we'll all be LIKE the angels and NOBODY will ever get married (again) and sexuality and procreation will have become a thing of the past.


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