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What is Hell Like – See Proof

What is Hell Like – See Proof

Published on Sep 8, 2014
What is Hell Like – See Proof
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What is Hell Like – See Proof
Jesus spoke more about hell than he did about Heaven. Why? Because he was trying to warn people not to go there.
everlasting fire Matthew 18:8, 25:41, everlasting punishment Matthew 25:46, everlasting chains Jude 1:6, eternal damnation Mark 3:29, eternal judgment Hebrews 6:2, eternal fire Jude 1:7, unquenchable fire Matthew 3:12, the fire that never shall be quenched Mark 9:43, 44, 45, 46, 48
fire unquenchable Luke 3:17, mist of darkness is reserved forever 2 Peter 2:17, the blackness of darkness forever Jude 1:13

Please Note: I was searching for a video to use for this when I thought I found the perfect one. I don't keep up with pastor Mark Driscoll and I was unaware of the things that are going on with him lately. I realize that he can seem arrogant and I always thought of him as a bit of a pitbull in the pupit. However, I do look his videos up when I am trying to find a powerful, no nonsense sermon on a tough subject. Well, I honestly have not found a more powerful and more real sermon about hell and what Jesus said about hell than this video done by Pastor Mark Driscoll. Most pastors tippy toe around the subject and it should be one of the subjects they preach about the most, just like Jesus did. I know that some people will be frustrated with me about having any of Mark Driscolls videos on my site, but may I remind you of Wise King Solomon. He was the son of David and he was wise and had great favor in Gods eyes. So much so that God put him in the bible and wanted us to learn about his wisdom. Yet, when Solomon was old he did the unthinkable . . . even much worse than what Mark Driscoll has ever done. King Solomon worshipped other Gods in his elderly years. Yet, God wanted us to learn from King Solomon in the time when he was a good Servant of God. The holy spirit spoke to me about this and that is why I am keeping this sermon of hell by Mark Driscoll and I highly recommend you listen to it, because it may just save your life.

What is Hell Like – See Proof
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What is Hell Like – See Proof

Hell Happens


  1. +MessengerOfTruth Yes, it's stupid, but what's so funny, because he seems to be dead and some corrupt police officer seemed to have sold the video to a shock and horror site like LiveLeak, and that's why we're able to watch it.
    Is this you?:

    JESUS is the TRUTH: are you a messenger of JESUS?


  2. +Alex Lielbardis This is a DREAM.. The real lake of fire was created for the devil and the other fallen angels, because God can't save angels.
    The fire in hell, aka the lake of fire is supernatural, because angels are supernatural beings. People are meant to be like the angels and during this life, in this dimension between heaven and hell, we get a chance to be saved by our creator, who became a perfect human as JESUS Christ. We can also choose to reject Him and then the consequence will be God's rejection, which is eternal damnation in hell. He doesn't want to condemn us, because He LOVES us and so He was punished in our place at the cross. Just BELIEVE JESUS died for your sins (acts and thoughts of disobedience toward God's commandments) and be GRATEFUL and He will SAVE you and LOVE you and HELP you to REPENT from your sins and to start a NEW life with Him. Thank God for the creation of ANIMALS
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    ThePrayerHotline 1 month ago
    Deception The story on the video goes against what is written on the bible

    Hans S 1 second ago
    +ThePrayerHotline Read this comment:

  3. +It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife
    Princess, tell them that we're all meant to be like the angels, and that this existence is an important, but temporary testing phase.

    So where will we spend our eternity, being future supernatural beings?
    In heaven and on the new Earth with JESUS=God, being VERY HAPPY in unison with MANY, or in the lake of fire, sharing Satan's fate, being VERY UNHAPPY and EXTREMELY LONELY?
    Tell them also why God created the animals first: Thank God for the creation of ANIMALS

    This is also informative: What is Hell Like – See Proof

    Love in JESUS, from your brother Hans!

  4. +matrixlone
    JESUS is God and He wants to save you from His WRATH=His garbage can=the LAKE of FIRE=the 2nd death, and death is SEPARATION from God.

    You are still lost without Him, so this means you're going to BURN FOREVER, while being IGNORED by your own maker=JESUS.

    But JESUS wants to save you from this AWFUL FATE!

    On the subject of hell/the lake of fire:


  5. +It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife
    Good question, Princess!
    Simple answer: BOTH!

    Because we proclaim a FABULOUS ETERNITY for everyone who is willing to BELIEVE in our Lord JESUS Christ, BUT....we also warn them that in case they are so very STUPID to reject this FANTASTIC GIFT of GRACE, PEACE and LOVE, they'll go to a very AWFUL destination, which is the very BORING, lake of fire, which is also eternal.

    Love in JESUS from your brother Hans!


  6. +28jander God has already invented these kind of PERFECT HORROR movies and they're called NIGHTMARES. They're being produced in our right hemisphere
    , which is specialized in images, while our left hemisphere, which thinks in words and sentences, generates the story line.

    Hans S 20 seconds ago
    +Mickey Smith So when your mother told you to keep your hands away from the fire, when you were young, she was a devil? God is LOVE and He wants the BEST for us, just like a loving PARENT. JESUS is God!


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