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Bragging rights
I love to annoy Satan by talking about JESUS Christ as much as possible!
Map of the places this user has lived
Amersfoort (Birth place: true) Netherlands - NSA-city (this is to fool the NSA-CIA)


  1. +Nick Cox
    Be informed: Rapture and prophecy

    Mysterious Body of Christ

    May JESUS show you His truth concerning the end times.

    Hans, from the Netherlands

  2. +TerraCottaGamer
    I'm Dutch and I try to use proper English, and you write 'there real name', while it should be 'their real name'.

    No big deal, because I sometimes make the same mistake, but I correct it afterwards.
    It's always so easy to call someone else an idiot.
    I can call you an idiot too, or worse, but what's the use?
    I could have ignored you and say nothing anymore, and I don't need to have the 'last word', because saying nothing can also be a last statement.
    I had asked you a simple question 'who's JESUS Christ for you?' and you chose to call me names and to continue to talk about names on the internet.
    What did I establish?
    I didn't find friends in JESUS on this page and on this thread, because real friends in JESUS are honest to me, because they know that JESUS is monitoring every conversation and they know that they won't go to heaven when they lie, because liars don't belong to heaven.
    If people aren't prepared to stop lying in this dimension between heaven and hell, then they'll continue to lie in eternity, and JESUS won't allow them into His perfect and Holy world.
    That's not a judgement or condemnation on my behalf, but an assessment.
    You're a human and not a fallen angel, which means that in principle you can be saved, while fallen angels are forever condemned, so my last words to you are:

    "Lord JESUS, save this poor wretch, and 'Rachel Smith' too"

  3. I've not been in space, except in a dream, in which I went from earth to the outer darkness, just in my normal clothes, and the earth has the same shape as the sun and the moon: a round sphere.
    When I woke up from my dream, I was scared to death, because I was an atheist back then, and I'm pretty sure God took me on a trip to the edge of HELL, i order to teach me a lesson.
    This is a dream one never forgets.
    I went BEYOND the stars and planets and there was absolutely NOTHING, but UTTER DARKNESS.
    I'm also pretty sure it wasn't the devil who took me on this trip, because he's AFRAID of the outer darkness.

  4. +Annie Oakley
    It was a warning.

    During that time I was a God-denier, which is an atheist.

  5. +Sue W
    Evolution exists, because I once was a one celled creature, and now I'm a born again follower of JESUS
    with a head and a brain, and a body with four limbs and I'm able to type this, and all within a time span of about 56 years (the time in my mother's womb included).

  6. +doncooper512
    I had to look that up, because I'm Dutch

    Hans S
    7:32 PM

    Now I see..

  7. +doncooper512
    but an S doesn't sound like a C, U C?

    Btw: in Dutch we have three ways to say you: Jij (say something like yie like in pie, but the Dutch ij or ei sound is still a bit different) and U (sounds like a Turkish U and not like oo) which is the polite version, or we can say Gij (say something like chi with a Hebrew sounding ch) and this is a bit old fashioned, but still in use in the southern parts of the Netherlands and in Flemish Belgium and it can mean both 'U' or 'jij', and it's in older (and better) versions of the Dutch Bible.

    I give you is Ik geef jou (ick gafe yow, with a Hebrew/Arab sounding G), in Dutch.

  8. +Mex Seiko
    Ha ha!

    +J Wing Yes, JESUS saved me more than 31 years ago when I had just become 24.

  9. +Compulsive Learner
    Well, it's not a 'they' but just one person, but I believe you may be right about his/her post-trib stance.

    This person may be right about Levi Price but hasn't yet discovered that Paul Begley is a Jesuit infiltrator:
    My name is Hans, from the Netherlands and may I know your first name, and thanks for telling me you're a man of Russian descent, living in Stockholm, Sweden.

  10. +Fishers of Men Ministries
    Okay, thanks for telling me, and you're right this issue is nothing to create separation about.

    The separation will occur at the time of the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture, and JESUS Himself will be the separator.


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