Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pope Francis and Obama, PLEASE SAVE US!







  1. This man is behind the attacks in France: Francis Hitler
    He's the boss of the JESUITS and they rule this world n behalf of LUCIFER.

    JESUS will deal with these CRIMINALS!

  2. I pray for the SURVIVORS, and the WITNESSES and the RELATIVES of the DEAD VICTIMS that they will SEEK JESUS, because God ALLOWED it to happen in a 'Christian country', which had turned its back on Him, and which is Roman Catholic, and in which MANY THOUSANDS of real believers in JESUS were persecuted and MURDERED in the past through the hands of ROMAN CATHOLICS.
    VERY FEW people in France are BORN AGAIN followers of the Lord JESUS Christ, which means that Satan encounters almost NO resistance, because the Holy Spirit within PRAYING and ACTIVE followers of JESUS is the RESTRAINER of the devil!
    MOST born again followers of JESUS have a PROTESTANT BACKGROUND and most protestants were KILLED in the past in France during the ROMAN CATHOLIC INQUISITION, or they had to flee to safer countries, like my country, the Netherlands.
    Realize that islam has been created by the VATICAN, so this attack came from Satan's headquarters in ROME!
    What I'm saying is: don't just pray 'for France', but pray that people will be found and SAVED by JESUS so that they'll become RESISTANCE FIGHTERS against Satan and HIS Roman Catholic CULT and HIS Roman Catholic ISLAM!
    WE don't fight against FLESH and BLOOD but against SATAN HIMSELF, just what JESUS did when He was on earth, and Satan KNOWS he has been DEFEATED by JESUS, who is GOD, manifested in the flesh!
    FIGHT SATAN by telling people about JESUS and by THINKING and DOING what God pleases, and always realize that God ALLOWS Satan to rule this world, because MOST people rather do Satan's will than God's will!
    We're in the middle of a WAR: everywhere on earth, but JESUS has been VICTORIOUS, and those who are prepared to die are INDESTRUCTIBLE, because Satan can only make people murder the PHYSICAL human, but NOT their SPIRITUAL being.
    Look at these SATANIC ISLAMIC 'heroes' who have perpetrated this HEINOUS CRIME on behalf of their SATANIC 'allah': they will BURN in the LAKE of FIRE, and they will NOT go to the islamic 'PORN-PARADISE of PLEASURE'.
    They have been DECEIVED by their own master!
    allah is SATAN!


  3. "At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow.".
    We do it because we LOVE Him and others will be FORCED to KNEEL for their MAKER, and they will NOT enjoy it forever.

    God = JESUS waited 1 2 0 YEARS for the people to REPENT and TURN to HIM and AWAY from their WICKED ways, while His servant Noah was building the Ark, but they ALL REFUSED to be RESCUED!

    So then God had NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE than to END their LIVES, and prepare them for JUDGEMENT.*

    We're living in COMPARABLE times, according to JESUS.

    Soon the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-RAPTURE will SUDDENLY happen and after this JUDGEMENT will come, and we're already witnessing the harbingers of this.

    But we know that even after the rapture, MANY will seek the LORD and many will be saved, though they'll have to pay for their choices with their lives, by REFUSING to accept the mark of the beast.
    But they will live again after JESUS GLORIOUS 2nd coming.
    And we'll be with Him, because we are destined to be CITIZENS of HEAVEN!

    *I believe that the unborn, the babies and the small children among them ARE SAVED: MILLIONS of them!
    There were about 6 BILLION people on earth at the time of the Flood.

  4. +Juochi Okuwa
    Dear Sister, just be HAPPY with what you know, because WE CANNOT SAVE ONE soul, but only JESUS, and when He does, He has used us who LOVE Him to be His AMBASSADORS and SIGNPOSTS.

    We show that JESUS is THE WAY, and He is RESPONSIBLE for their RESCUE.

    We tell them the GOSPEL of GRACE:

    Enoch is OUR EXAMPLE: he walked with God and then he suddenly VANISHED!

    Let's walk with JESUS and PRAISE His MIGHTY name!


    GOD in the capacity of SAVIOR!

    Love in JESUS from your brother Hans!

  5. +1969stanpoulan
    I believe the attacks in France were planned in order to get the French population behind an all out attack on Assad of Syria
    , because the Vatican led 'elite', like president Hollande and president Obama, want people to believe that Assad is the cause of all misery concerning the invasion of Europe by refugees from the Middle East, while they themselves are responsible by having created ISIS in the first place.
    Old BREAKING NEWS: US Created ISIS As A Tool To Overthrow Syria's President Assad
    US-government responsible for ALL MURDERS in Iraq and Syria by ISIS!

    The people who died in France were just a number of casualties they needed in order to influence people's minds, just like after 9/11, so that the people will agree that 'something must be done' in order to stem the tide.

    The Vatican-led west wants to get rid of Assad PLUS Russia and its allies like Iran.

    They don't care how many people have died, as long as they're able to reach their goals.

    The Vatican and its JESUITS are behind this attack, because Islam is a creation of the Vatican.
    The true god of the Vatican is LUCIFER!

    The people who died were simply having bad luck, but I agree with my sister in JESUS that they didn't die for no reason, because they were in most cases In the wrong place at the wrong time, because of their ungodly way of living.

    They were not there in order to praise JESUS!

    Is JESUS Christ your Savior?


  6. +It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife
    It's very sad so many had to die, and many more got injured, but these LUCIFER-led MANICS were being used by the JESUIT-controlled Vatican, and now there's MARTIAL LAW in France, which is a BLUEPRINT for the rest of the world.

    This will be enforced AFTER the rapture and then they'll also LIE to the public that 'aliens' have invaded 'planet' Earth so that 'we must UNITE' and establish a ONE WORLD government.
    The satanic Vatican wants to turn the clock back to medieval times!

    The TRUE TERRORISTS are the (mis)leaders of our countries, starting with 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis).

    But JESUS is with us, and He will take His beloved out of this MESS!


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