donderdag 19 november 2015


Jesuits & Their Plan To Weaken The Nations in Preparation For Their Antichrist






Satanic SHIT 



Satanic Vatican 



Satan is a CATHOLIC



Check this out....


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  1. The catholic church created Islam to kill jews and true Christians. The proof:

  2. +Isabelle Esling
    They cannot walk in purity because they are LUCIFERIANS!

    Their whole belief system isn't based on what we believe but on Babylonian and Egyptian OCCULT knowledge.


    Isabelle Esling
    6:54 PM

    If they really walked in purity they wouldn't be "sexually frustrated".

    1. +Isabelle Esling Yes, it is, with a Christian veneer, in order to deceive.
      The Catholic church is the true church of Satan and the counterfeit of the real Body of Christ, which is a living organism and not the sum of church buildings including its members.
      Catholics have been brainwashed into having to belong to THE CHURCH.
      That's Satan's way of controlling people, and it also has a lot to do with money.
      He can't control FREE believers in JESUS-YESHUA!


      Isabelle Esling
      Yesterday 11:27 PM

      +Hans S I know that catholic church is pagan.


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