Wednesday, December 2, 2015

ErdoHORN of Turkey
Erdogan admires HITLER...the MORON beside him too...

Russian military reveals details of ISIS-Turkey oil smuggling 




The U.S Is Deploying More Troops To Iraq and Syria


    Yes, all the major players obey the Vatican and especially LUCIFER.

    Nuclear weapons don't exist and space flight is also a hoax and all the major players are LIARS toward us ALL, including the government of Israel.

    Israel is NOT the most powerful nation on earth: JESUS is the GOD of ISRAEL and He's the most powerful person of the universe and He happens to love His OWN country and His OWN REMNANT of HIS OWN chosen people.

    So anyone who attacks HIS country is SUICIDAL.

    People are blinded by Satan and they love to SIN, and that's why they're ignorant concerning the Pope and the Vatican and its satanic Jesuits.

    They reject JESUS, so they'll get the DEVIL instead.


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