Monday, January 4, 2016

Daniel's Prophecies Come To Life In Vatican Diplomacy

Daniel's Prophecies Come To Life In Vatican Diplomacy

Published on Jan 3, 2016
The title speaks louder than words, Daniel's prophecies come to life in the Vatican's Diplomacy; first the Nostre Aetate, then The Jewish Congress works for years behind the scenes with Rome. Shimon Peres 1993 land mark Vatican agreement, Second Vatican calls for the Palestinian State now it all moves forward

+Bobbie Garwood The Antichrist = The Pope  The False Prophet = Apostate Protestantism of America. The beast from the sea = The Papacy The beast from the land = The United States of America The Two Beasts of Revelation 13

+Adam 1984 The Pope is the Antichrist and Obama the LIAR in chief represents the United States of America, the SECOND BEAST of Revelation 13.
He will not be re-elected: he will impose MARTIAL LAW on behalf of the Vatican. His real name should be Barry Davis or Frank Marshall Davis jr., because he's the illegitimate son of the late COMMUNIST and PORNOGRAPHER Frank Marshall Davis, who made his mother pregnant when she was 17!
'Obama' is the False Prophet of 'peace, progress, prosperity, tolerance and equal sharing'. His true god is LUCIFER and he's also a MUSLIM and a FAKE 'Christian'.


  1. Many people still think the USA is the most powerful entity of the world, but that's NOT TRUE, because that's the PAPACY and the POPE, who is in fact the ROMAN EMPEROR, disguised as a spiritual leader.

    Some people think the US is a 'ZIONIST nation' , but that's a DECEPTION.
    The US is a ROMAN CATHOLIC Nation, run by the JESUITS of the Vatican and Pope Francis HIMSELF, because he's the head of the Jesuits.
    They use PAPAL JEWS in order to make people BELIEVE that 'THE JEWS" are the real evil doers, while the Vatican is capitalizing on centuries of REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY DECEPTION, asserting that the Jewish people are 'no longer relevant'.

    Nothing could be further from the truth: Satan HATES the JEWS, because JESUS Christ is a JEW and because He's coming back to His country, Israel and His Capitol, Jerusalem, and in order to rescue ONE THIRD of HIS people, and when he does He will DESTROY Satan's DISGUSTING Vatican NWO.

    Please realize that 'your' country is the SECOND BEAST system of Revelation 13 (the beast from the earth), bringing forth the second BEAST, and I believe this BEAST is the INSANE 'Obama', while I believe the POPE is the FIRST BEAST, leading the 1st BEAST SYSTEM, which is the Roman Empire.

    Please study The Satanic Power Tree


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