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Dr George Rodonaia - Atheist Scientist had Near Death Experience

Dr George Rodonaia - Atheist NDE - If You Think You Are

Published on Aug 30, 2013
George Rodonaia's Near Death Experience Page:

Documentary Produced by Peter Shockey - Watch the complete documentary or order at:

Dr George Rodonaia held an M.D. and a Ph.D. in neuropathology, and a Ph.D. in the psychology of religion in the Soviet Union. He was about to emmigrate to the U.S when he was apparently ran down by the KGB and was dead for day's until he awoke in the morgue.

Atheist Scientist had Near Death Experience and Waking up in the Autopsy Room - Dr George Rodonaia

Uploaded on Nov 6, 2011
Dr George Rodonaia, MD, PhD died by hit and run car accident. He was an atheist from the Soviet Union. This video is from "To hell and back Dr. Maurice Rawlings.

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Atheist sees Hitler, Child Killer's & Witchcraft Hell - Black Juju - And he gets saved by JESUS



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  1. +barbie pauly
    Hmmm...are you sure you're not judging me, just because I don't SEEM to be nice to you?

    Of course I still love you as a friend in JESUS, and I love 'jam' too, and I loved her so much that I lost my ex-wife because of it. so don't say I didn't love her!
    But I don't know Kat Kerr, and please do me a favor and rather talk about JESUS than about her, okay?
    Because it's ONLY about Him!
    We exist because of Him, and we're saved, thanks to Him!
    About what 'jam' believes: she told me personally that she loves JESUS Christ, and that's what I wanted to hear from her.
    We've had several confrontations in the past in which she never mentioned JESUS, while I was talking about Him.
    That doesn't make me a better person, but I believe that JESUS-worshipers are so full of Him that they can't stop talking about Him.
    JESUS saved me from going to hell!
    I know what it feels like to be totally LOST.
    It's HORRIFIC!
    JESUS saved me from going to that awful place, far away from His love and mercy.
    I've just had a discussion about suicide with other believers, and they also believe that a believer in JESUS who has perpetrated suicide, will be forgiven.
    I believe by saying this it could encourage suicidal believers to actually kill themselves, which to me is NOT relying on JESUS, but listening to Satan.
    Many JESUS-believers were tortured and yet they didn't think of the option suicide.
    Of course they hoped they would die fast, but not through their own actions.
    I'm not condemning anybody, but JESUS is against suicide, and He chastises and molds us in such a way that we resemble Him more and more character-wise.
    Satan put Him on top of the temple when JESUS was physically very WEAK after having had no food for 40 days, and in fact he tried to entice JESUS to commit suicide, saying the angels would keep Him from falling to the ground and die.
    And JESUS answered that we must not put God to the test!
    That's the character of JESUS.
    Again about 'Jam': she believes in her 'orbs' and she believes they are supernatural, but why do so many people see nothing at all when they examine her videos?
    I believe that 'jam' wants to have supernatural experiences.
    I understand, but with FAITH in JESUS we don't need them.
    The way JESUS has saved me was a MIRACLE, because He TALKED to me!
    But this doesn't make me a better believer than you or 'jam' or somebody else.
    God-the Lord JESUS decided that I needed such an experience as an ex-atheist, who really didn't believe in His existence in the past.
    He's treating every single believer in Him differently, but always out of the SAME LOVE.

    As long as you put JESUS first we are friends. okay?

    Love in JESUS from your brother Hans, from the Netherlands.

    1. +barbie pauly
      Both my ex and I never felt the need to get other busy bodies involved in our (former) relationship
      and then call it an 'official marriage' with the consent of fellow SINNERS, because she was divorced and I'm from divorced parents.

      We just didn't believe in the so called 'official marriage' for ourselves.

      Adam and Eve were married by God-the Lord JESUS Himself without the interference of other people.

      We were also both disappointed in 'official churches', because they taught us fallacies, but my ex couldn't follow me anymore when I went further than her, because last year, before our break-up, I discovered the Gospel of Grace, and I discovered that there were even more fallacies I've been infected with by evangelicals who believe in the WRONG GOSPEL.

      But Barbara, you and 'jam' and my ex are CHURCH PEOPLE and I NEVER went to 'church', so we just don't understand each other.

      Church people have a completely different background than people like me.

      My best friend, apart from JESUS, is a Sister who's also an ex-atheist and she's 20 years older than me.

      She has a different background than me, but we both share the experience of never having been obliged to have to go to church when we were young.

      For your information: I HAVE forgiven my ex and I've had an encounter with her not so long ago and she says she still loves JESUS, but she doesn't love me anymore, but I think she's LYING.

      I believe she suffers from a SPIRIT of RELIGION, because her background is Dutch Reformed and Protestantism is PSEUDO-CATHOLICISM!

      Many 'Protestants' don't see that their theology is in fact still very CATHOLIC.

      Give Satan one finger and he'll take the whole hand.

      You seem to attack me now, because you and 'jam' seem to be friends and because you believe in supernatural things that are OCCULT, like the 'orbs' of 'jam'.

      They show NOTHING at all, but 'jam' sees all kinds of things in them, like MARY, and the moment I read that she had said this in a discussion on the internet, I knew she was under the influence of CATHOLICISM, and Catholicism is OCCULT.

      She also once said to someone that she believes in REINCARNATION and that she is the woman in Revelation 12.

      I don't know whether she still believes in this NONSENSE, because she refuses to talk to me.

      But I've established that she loves JESUS, so I let JESUS minister to her, because she believes He's her Savior and maker.

      I still hope that one day she will be able to love me as her brother in JESUS, because she still treats me as if I'm an enemy and that's also what my ex and her (my ex?-step) daughter are doing to me now.

      Just ask JESUS whether you are correct in your conduct toward me.

      If you and I have put JESUS first in our lives then there shouldn't be any problem.

    2. Are you looking forward to meet Him soon in the sky?

      I do!

      In heaven we don't have these kinds of discussions anymore and there I won't have the DISADVANTAGE to have to talk in a foreign language, because there I can talk DUTCH and everybody will be able to understand me, and I will be able to understand everybody, no matter what language they speak.

      Our brain is capable of doing this and we currently only use a fraction of its capabilities, due to the curse.


      barbie pauly
      Jun 28, 2016

      barbie pauly
      Jun 28, 2016

      (:D Thank you Lord, for your Holy Spirit, that makes lesser beings seem cute to us, not pesky...
      barbie pauly
      Jun 28, 2016

      +Hans S How can you not see that you are acting like a tale-bearing gossip? Did you ever even marry your "ex"? Where is the fruit of kindness in you to forgive? If you really did, you wouldn't badmouth them to me and others.


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