Monday, January 25, 2016

Song on behalf of the POPE, the POTUS and the Vatican NWO 'elite'

tHe SeX pIsToLs - PrEtTy VaCaNt

A strong ANTIDOTE:

Undercover - Branded - Tears in Your Eyes

"Nihilism is the belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated. It is often associated with extreme pessimism and a radical skepticism that condemns existence. A true nihilist would believe in nothing, have no loyalties, and no purpose other than, perhaps, an impulse to destroy." 


Following this...



The POPE is a PUNK and Obama too


  1. +Angela Martin
    Yes, and???

    I was 17 when I discovered the Sex Pistols in 1977, but I was more into The Stranglers, and that other band, The Meteors, with their song 'I Hate People', was a discovery I did YESTERDAY, because I was searching for a song by the DUTCH band , 'The Meteors', called 'Don't Talk To me'.
    I can be a Nihilist, if I want, and blowing up the universe, is like 'the Big Bang' in reverse.

    Well, at a point in time, in the future, God will COMPLETELY DESTROY this universe and create a BRAND NEW one with a BRAND NEW Earth.

    God is the LORD of LIFE and DEATH, HEAVEN and HELL.

    Get to know Him: He's JESUS Christ!

  2. +George Vorillas
    Hear the one with the GOD-complex speaking: "idiots like you".
    The Sex Pistols are proof for SUCCESSFUL MARKETING a GIMMICK, because it was all a SHOW.

    If you want to have proof for the existence of Satan, then look in the mirror, because atheists are proof for the existence of the devil.


  3. +Two Sheds Because He knew one day He would become a human in the form of JESUS Christ and humans need one day a week for rest and contemplation and worship of their maker and for being together as families, and Adam and Eve already knew this, long before the emergence of God's chosen people.

    The seven-day week has a long history, which the Soviets identified with religion since the Bible states that God worked for six days and then took the seventh day to rest.
    In 1929, the Soviets created a new calendar, known as the Soviet Eternal Calendar. Although keeping the 365-day year, the Soviets created a five-day week, with every six weeks equaling a month.To account for the missing five days (or six in a leap year), there were five (or six) holidays placed throughout the year.

    A Five-Day Week
    The five-day week consisted of four days of work and one day off. However, the day off was not the same for everyone.Intending to keep factories running continuously, workers would take staggered days off. Each individual was assigned a color (yellow, pink, red, purple, or green), which corresponded with which of the five days of the week they would take off.Unfortunately, this did not increase productivity. In part because it ruined family life since many family members would have different days off from work. Also, the machines could not handle constant use and would often break down.

    It Didn't Work
    In December 1931, the Soviets switched to a six-day week in which everyone received the same day off. Although this helped rid the country of the religious Sunday concept and allowed families to spend time together on their day off, it did not increase efficiency.
    In 1940, the Soviets restored the seven-day week.

    1. The JESUITS were the inventors of COMMUNISM and Stalin was a JESUIT PRIEST!

  4. +George Vorillas
    Why should he?
    You have been given a FREE will, so you can say whatever you want and God can do with you whatever HE wants.

    The difference between Him and you is that He's ALL POWERFUL and ALMIGHTY and you're not.
    Just because He loves you and because He wants to save you He doesn't destroy you in an instant.
    Now think about it: would you be so KIND to entities who HATE and DESPISE you?

  5. +George Vorillas
    No man: think and say whatever you want.
    But I warn you that one day WE will ALL be judged.

    Matthew 12,36

    I tell you that every idle word that men speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment.
    Hans S
    8:21 AM

    +Angela Martin "Can you get this being to visit us?"

    Are you an individual or a member of a TRIBE or a CULT?

    I'm visiting no one: this is just a page on the internet on which I interact with other minds.

    I'm telling you that God=JESUS is VERY KIND and VERY PATIENT toward His REBELLIOUS creatures.

    He even allowed them to torture and murder Him!

    Conclusion: if you want to be like God, then follow in JESUS' footsteps.

  6. +Angela Martin
    Think and say whatever you want, sweetheart.
    And I do the same: Hans S

    commented on a video on YouTube.
    Shared publicly - Nov 19, 2013

    JESUS Christ is the ©REATO®, because He is God and if you want proof for the existence of God then look in the mirror, because we're created in His image!
    Made in the image of God


  7. +Two Sheds Have a lot of fun with your insanity!

  8. +Angela Martin
    Dream on, silly atheists!
    Grey Aliens and Nazi UFOs

    +George Vorillas

  9. +Two Sheds
    I have EVERYTHING: JESUS Christ
    , God, manifested in the flesh.
    You're the LOSER, because you don't want to know your OWN maker!

  10. +Angela Martin
    You still haven't read the article.

    Saying I'm delusional doesn't keep the DEVILS away.

    But this is an interesting EGO-GAME, because now you MUST respond, because otherwise your EGO will tell you you didn't have the LAST WORD, and then you're EGO is telling you, you have lost 'the debate'.

    But WHO"S driving your EGO?

    I can choose to IGNORE you from now on.

    IGNORING is also a way of communicating.

    JESUS is a GREAT EXAMPLE, and I compare you to King Herod who asked JESUS do do a miracle or a 'magic trick':

    Luke 23:8-12 World English Bible (WEB)
    8 Now when Herod saw Jesus, he was exceedingly glad, for he had wanted to see him for a long time, because he had heard many things about him. He hoped to see some MIRACLE done by him. 9 He questioned him with many words, but he gave no answers. 10 The chief priests and the scribes stood, vehemently accusing him. 11 Herod with his soldiers humiliated him and mocked him. Dressing him in luxurious clothing, they sent him back to Pilate. 12 Herod and Pilate became friends with each other that very day, for before that they were enemies with each other.

    +George Vorillas +1'd your comments, and he's like PILATE and you're FRIENDS in EVIL.

    But I'm SURE you DON'T LOVE each other!

    The ONLY thing that's binding you is your COMMON HATRED against JESUS CHRIST.

    That's why you LOVE the LIE, called 'evolution'.

  11. +Angela Martin
    Yes, of course I DISAGREE with these thousands of SO CALLED 'Christians', because they are LIARS too, and they also think they know things better than God=JESUS.

    Here is a follower of JESUS a AGREE with concerning creation versus evolution (in the introduction): Clueless Evolutionists Get Owned By Creationists

    1. Here is a follower of JESUS a AGREE with=Here is a follower of JESUS I AGREE with

  12. +Two Sheds
    And you are a loser, because you don't want to accept it as FACT that you yourself are proof for the existence of an intelligent designer.

    Time and coincidence and energy can't produce a creature as wonderfully made as you are.
    We are all created in the image and likeness of God.

    The flaws we have are due to the Fall of Man and subsequently God's CURSE.

    Evolution-adherents draw conclusions on the basis of this CURSE, and they don't see the CONCEPT, which is incredibly beautiful.

    They find a damaged masterpiece and they say it couldn't have been made by a real artist, and they even question it whether it was really made by a famous painter at all, until they're eyes are opened and they discover which artist really made the painting.

  13. +james pond
    Response made out of ignorance: believers in JESUS don't have to give ANYTHING, unless they WANT to give out of LOVE, and the rule of 10% (the tithes) is NOT Biblical and NOT according to the NEW covenant.

    Preachers who DARE to mention 'the tithes' are CRIMINALS and THIEVES.

    But you CAN'T blame God!
    Hans S
    2:51 PM

    +George Vorillas
    Satan is the leader of the MOST EVIL MAFIA-organization in history: the ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT, and from his logic, MONEY is POWER!

    But Satan has NO POWER over people who can survive without having to use MONEY.

  14. +George Vorillas
    You don't even believe he what are you talking about!

    But I know what he wants to do with you: drag you with him to ETERNAL CONDEMNATION.

    Every LOST SOUL is his INSANE 'GAIN'.

    He doesn't HATE you: in his eyes you're only a useful IDIOT!

  15. +George Vorillas
    Don't make me LAUGH!

    Types like you are in FAVOR of MASS MURDER by means of ABORTION of UNBORN HUMAN beings on a MASSIVE SCALE and then ABUSE their MURDERED bodies for 'science'!


  16. +james pond
    You're a raving lunatic yourself
    : money will become EXCLUSIVELY ELECTRONIC and through this system EVERYBODY will be controlled, UNLESS people are able to survive without being dependent on this system.

  17. +George Vorillas Rule the world, because he always uses people.
    His instruments are the PAPACY, the JESUITS and more:
    Hans S
    7:19 PM

    +james pond
    Yes, you pretend to be LUCIFER:

  18. +Angela Martin
    Unless a miracle will happen, you'll see JESUS when He returns
    , but then it will be too late for you to get saved, because your ego is much too big and JESUS = God is in favor of the mentality of a child, and you have the character of SATAN=ADVERSARY.
    That's why I say that atheists are proof for the existence of the devil=slanderer/accuser/deceiver.
    You're a bunch of ANTICHRISTS, who love the LIE instead of the TRUTH.

    You're right about leaving Christianity behind you: JESUS has NOTHING to do with 'Christianity' and you prove by saying this that you've never been born again and that you never really knew Him and loved Him.

  19. +George Vorillas
    Ah, you're talking to yourself...

    I'm not going to explain what JESUS really meant, because you don't believe in Him and you don't want to be saved.
    The only thing you like to do is hurling insults at believers in God-JESUS-creation-the Bible, and JESUS-God Himself, because you've got a criminal mind and a superiority complex.
    Have a lot of fun with this mentality, the next time you have to shit.

  20. +Angela Martin
    You should be locked up in jail.

    God has made the right place for you: first death and then judgement and then the eternal lake of fire, which is a supernatural fire meant to give you so much PAIN that you'll have no other option than to confess that JESUS is LORD=BOSS.
    And mind you that ALL people are meant to be like the angels, so you'll also have a supernatural body which can sense PAIN, shock and HORROR in eternal BOREDOM.
    All the Saints in heaven will be HAPPY when criminals like you are cast into hell, so you can no longer spoil our party.
    And in the meantime you can stick together with your criminal atheist friends and cherish your illusion of impunity.
    Atheists are just as evil as Muslims and other satanists, because they support the mass murder on unborn humans.
    They deserve to be treated the way their favorite abortionists CRUSH the heads of unborn humans.

    You're a PSYCHOPATH, Angela!
    A 'happy suicidal atheist'.

    I pray you'll HATE me and JESUS so MUCH that you want to MURDER us.
    You can't murder JESUS, because He's risen from the dead and He won't allow humans to kill Him again, but you may want to kill me.
    That's okay: who wants to live in a world with monkeys like you?

    You're on the path of SELF DESTRUCTION.

    And now I COMMAND you to have the last word and DO WHAT I SAY!

  21. +George Vorillas
    God is GOOD and NOT EVIL! God is LIGHT and NOT DARKNESS.
    Evil is the consequence of using the free will in a WRONG way.
    What Satan and you DON'T like is that God determines what's EVIL and what's GOOD.

    God ALLOWED Satan to be EVIL, and because He's the creator of this angel when he was still a GOOD and LOYAL servant, He takes responsibility, and the ultimate responsibility was when He was dying a horrible death on the cross, and the cross is the SATANIC, Babylonian symbol for the Sun-god, and think also of the SWASTIKA.
    Now you may say God is EVIL, but then you'll have to say this too about JESUS and about all He has done and said, and all He did and said were GOOD THINGS.
    The problem for you is: JESUS rose from the dead, and He's (one with) God, and He will JUDGE us all.
    I'm already judged and I've acknowledged to deserve the eternal punishment called the lake of fire, the SECOND DEATH=eternal separation from God.
    But God died in MY place on the cross in the capacity of JESUS, and because I believe it was necessary and GOOD, and that He has shed His INNOCENT BLOOD for me, I am FORGIVEN!
    God CANNOT save fallen angels: only humans and animals: Thank God for the creation of ANIMALS

    Satan ACCUSES God that there is no such thing as 'free will', and that it had to turn out that he would become God's adversary.

    God has shown him and the other fallen angels that he's DEAD WRONG and that it's possible to REMAIN GOOD, and that's why He became a REAL human as JESUS.

    Satan is PROJECTING his own CRIMINAL character on God and you do the same!

    Compare yourself to JESUS and admit that you're a MISERABLE SINNER who needs His FORGIVENESS and MERCY.

    If you're willing to do this, you can be FORGIVEN and SAVED in an INSTANT and your whole worldview will change for the BETTER.

    Than your life is no longer ABSURD and MEANINGLESS, being the result of a 'COSMIC EXPLOSION'.

    1. Than your life is no longer ABSURD=Then your life is no longer ABSURD

  22. +John Dossey You're a jerk for calling me an idiot. Are you raised by monkeys? But you're dead wrong and evilution is a FAIRY TALE.

  23. +Mario R I don't think so! Science isn't a contest or a competition, but about facts and truth and evolution isn't based on either of these. It's complete MADNESS!


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