Thursday, January 7, 2016

The POPE is a PUNK and Obama too

FALSE PROPHET of Revelation ---- [History ID's POPES of Rome as "ANTICHRIST"] 


The presidency of the US is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13


FREAK OBAMA - How deep is your love?







Emperor Constantine Was the First Pope!!




The Rothschilds are Jesuits




Published on Mar 14, 2013
[*Exclusive] :: Pope FRANCIS precisely matches Bible's specifics for ANTICHRIST including being of "ITALIAN" descent ~


*ANTICHRIST ID'd :: [*Exclusive 1984 Copyrighted Book ID's Pope of Rome as
Revelation's False Prophet: -- 1 & SAME man as ANTICHRIST / Coming to pass
100% Today] :: *News/photos :


*Other VIDEOS at's PRIME Channel, PatmosIsle :

- End Time AMERICA : ---RED CARPET for ANTICHRIST :: [*Sept 2015]


- POPE Francis to Lead 1-World GOVT "Launching" in SEPT 2015 [News]

-POPE Francis Warns "personal relationship w/ Jesus is dangerous" : [*News]

- SEPT 2015 : -----SIGNS of Tribulation "start"

-terms "ANTICHRIST & False Prophet" profile 1-and-SAME-MAN

- POPE Francis New Controversy to Erupt --- Billions to die.

- FALSE PROPHET of Revelation -- 1 & SAME as ANTICHRIST

- ISRAEL to give POPE "Legal Custody" of Temple Mount : [News]

- 1st Blood Moon (April 2014) -- Antichrist in Israel (May 2014)


- [Oct 16, 2013/*News] :: Netanyahu to Meet w/ Pope NEXT WEEK to Discuss Mideast Peace Talks :

- coming MIDEAST HOLOCAUST & ISRAEL ::: [Exclusive]

- OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA ::: [July 4, 2013]

- ISRAEL at APEX ---- READY for Antichrist's Mideast Mediation
- 100% CONFIDENCE of Christ's Nearness -- [in Jesus' own words]
- End Times 2013 : --ANTICHRIST (March) then Mideast Talks (June)
- NEXT POPE is ANTICHRIST --- [Benedict resigns Feb 2013/News]

- End Time America : ---2013, 2014, 2015 FOREWARNINGS
- 6- 6- 6- "guessing-game" ENDS HERE .... ID'd
- God's "CHOSEN ELECT" --- 100% MATCH
- WHY did God create? ...VS. remain by Himself?
- Coming ECONOMIC CRASH -- 100% Guaranteed :: [USA/Global]
- Hurricane SANDY : --Judgment on N.Y., Wash DC Leaders
- "WORSE" Judgments coming to U.S. Govt Leaders & America
- "Abomination of Desolation" -- Rehearsals in Synagogues [News/photos]
- ANTICHRIST Photo ID'd -- in Jewish Temple, seated [News/photos]
- DIVINE Forewarning to Israel
- ISRAEL "Dissolving" Muslim DOME of Rock --- [News/photos]
- False Prophet & Mark of Beast --- In Plain View [News/photos]
- Sir Isaac Newton ID'd ANTICHRIST
- 100% PROOF of Christ's Nearness_______

*Video narrations by founder Rob Conrad :


"And he (Antichrist) will come with ALL the deception of wickedness ..." ::
[2 Thess 2:10]

"Be on guard.... lest that day (day of the Lord) come upon you
SUDDENLY like a trap...." :: [Jesus / Gospel Luke 21:34]



America's  foremost  Bible  Prophecy  'Experts'  have BLINDED   a   whole   generation    with   many   false teachings







  1. +Hans Muller Meet the first Pope!!
    The Lord JESUS is with us!

  2. +Kenny Jacobs "I don't get how you can say one person unless you ignore or change the meaning of these verses."

    I didn't say that, and it's not my website, and I agree with you that the Antichrist and the False Prophet are TWO persons, but nevertheless it's an interesting site, because it's true that millions have been misled by people like Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye, because even 46 years ago, when Hal Lindsey's bestseller 'The Late Great Planet Earth' was released, it was already known to scholars that the Antichrist is the Pope.
    Martin Luther discovered this already centuries ago.
    Every Pope is AN Antichrist, and Pope Francis could well be THE Antichrist, and we will be sure when we're in heaven after the rapture.

  3. +David B
    I'm a follower of JESUS Christ and I love Him, because I say so, and there are no people like me, because I'm an unique individual.
    Richard Dawkins is a sinner who's lost without JESUS Christ and he's not (yet) my brother.

    Islam was invented by the Vatican, and the Catholic CULT is the true church of SATAN.
    I don't condemn Catholics, but I do condemn the teachings of the Roman Catholic church of LUCIFER, and Catholics should leave this EVIL CULT and become real followers of the Lord JESUS Christ, who happens to be God, manifested in the flesh.
    I'm not a Protestant, because protestantism was a movement WITHIN the Roman Catholic CULT and I've never been a member of this Roman Catholic DEATH CULT, nor have I ever been a member of a Protestant church: I'm an ex-atheist.
    I have nothing to do with the politics of people who lived in the 16th century.
    Real followers of JESUS aren't involved in secular matters.
    You're lost without JESUS Christ!

  4. I believe the Antichrist has been identified: the Pope!
    He has not yet revealed himself as such, and of course he will never say 'hello people, I'm the Antichrist' or 'I'm the first beast of Revelation 13'.

    But the reason he's still hiding himself as this so called 'Vicar of Christ', the leader of the Roman Catholic church, is because JESUS is restraining him through the Holy Spirit.
    When the Holy Spirit will suddenly be taken away, including those in who He's indwelling and those who loved JESUS before they died (the 'dead in Christ), the devil will take his chance and 'anoint' his two chosen ones, the Antichrist and the False Prophet with his UNHOLY spirit, turning them into the most wicked and evil people in history on his behalf.
    I believe they are the Pope and Obama: beast 1 and 2.
    Many people think the Pope is the False Prophet, but it's the other way around.
    Satan loves to do things BACKWARDS.
    But to make a long story short: we MUST be taken away, or otherwise these two 'beasts' can't be revealed, and God's prophetic word won't be fulfilled.
    God has a different plan for the Body of Christ than for His chosen people Israel (Jacob).
    This means there are TWO gospels in the New Testament: Israel's Kingdom Gospel and Our Grace Gospel
    All people who are sealed with God's Holy Spirit will be caught up to where JESUS is, BEFORE the Antichrist and the False Prophet will be revealed.
    I believe we're close to that moment, but JESUS is still busy rescuing people and saving them, because He wants to save as much people as possible.
    He and the Father are ONE and only He knows WHEN it will happen.
    This is an interesting study: Ezekiel Chapters 41 to 48: Israel in the Millennium

  5. +judie kloss Ex-Catholics For Christ - Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ


    judie kloss20 hours ago
    I was raised Roman Catholic-and I never thought I'd be against The Catholic Religion-You're not taught to read the bible-Well
    I read it-something they don't teach you to do-Something as simple as the Abomination of men lying with men-Accepted by this pope and his one world garbage-Makes me want to vomit


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