Friday, March 18, 2016

The RAPTURE and what will happen NEXT

SAINT - Through The Sky

Published on Jun 11, 2014
SAINT - Too Late For Living (album 1988)
Salem, Oregon (United States America)
Josh Kramer - Vocals
John Mahan - Guitars
Dee Harrington - Guitars
Richard Lynch - Bass
John Perrine - Drums

I could hear the voices shouting
In the blacken night
Fill terror and destruction
On the edge just out of sight

It was there just like a vision
Evil in it's zeal
But the scent of death around me
Like me know it's all for real

Soon the world will see Gods face
Raging through the sky
His fiery eyes will find you
So make a choice to live or die

Seven plagues were now upon us
Seven seals were open wide
Seven bowls of wrath were poured out
There was no place you could hide

There was no one left to tell us
The believers disappeared
All the people in confusion
Never knew this kind of fear

Let me tell you this my friend
The truth is to be known
Vengeance death or victory
The choice is yours, you're all your own

Like the devil seeks his thrill
To quench his thirst to be fulfilled
The prince of death will pay listen to me

Are You Ready?



Opname en profetie-Rapture and prophecy



Psalm 83 war



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