Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The US Is Willing To Strike Israel

The US Is Willing To Strike Israel

Published on Mar 21, 2016
In a surprising Article published years back after the 1967 war it seems that The US was willing to strike Israel if it dared to attack Syria or Iran with Ballistic Missiles. The US feared that it would bring Russia into a nuclear confrontation something they were not willing to allow. So it must be true that Obama was willing to knock out Israeli Planes as Kuwaiti News had reported.

Jew Hatred


  1. PM Netanyahu Meets with IDF Soldiers in the Golan Heights

    +Israeli News Live :
    The Prime Minister is speaking to a group of reserve soldiers in the Golan, he is telling them they are the back up line of defense, and that Israel has to learn to defend themselves because nobody else will come to her aid. The Prime minister speaks of the threats Israel has like Hezbollah and Hamas and that Israel continues counter measures both near and far to protect the people of Israel. He speaks about the ground shaking (from the bombs across the border) and that towns disappear from the map. He then expresses his gratitude for their service..... That is a nut shell of his Hebrew Message


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