Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Vatican is behind ALL EVIL (through images)

Now do your OWN research, and images are leading to sites:

Evil Vatican

Tony Gambino says Vatican runs the Mafia

Vatican Declared a Criminal Body

Catholic Church Exposed: Vatican assets spy for the CIA

UFO's, The NWO & Vatican Are About To Rock Your World


Vatican forced child immigrants to Australia and Canada: Thousands of children stolen

The Vatican is the most corrupt organization in existence!




De LUL van Rome en de KUT van Allah - The DICK of Rome and the CUNT of Allah








  1. +Mo Dolaghan
    You're not the person on your profile picture and you're a typical defender of the true church of SATAN, the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT.

    It's NOT about 'Protestantism', it's about JESUS Christ, and the Roman Catholic 'jesus' is NOT the JESUS Christ of the REAL Bible, because also the Roman Catholic 'Bible' is FAKE.
    You are completely and utterly LOST without the JEWISH JESUS Christ, whom the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT has MURDERED, because the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT is the EVIL Roman Empire, disguised as a so called 'Christian church', and the so called ONLY true Christian church.

    TO HELL with the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT and to HELL with the POPE!

  2. +Presbyterian Community Church
    Martin Luther was a PSEUDO-CATHOLIC
    , like ALL 'PROTESTANTS'!: Lutheranism Exposed!

    1. +Antony Sawyer
      Yes, and what's your point?

      Are you saved by JESUS and are you sure you're not going to BURN in HELL, because that's what WE ALL DESERVE???

      Antony Sawyer
      3:07 PM

      +Hans S Luther was a Roman Catholic Monk who Protested against the RC Church. Do try and live in the real world 

    2. +Tim Spangler
      Protestantism was a PROTEST against the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church
      , but it didn't go far enough, because the Protestants still go to church on the Catholic SUN-day and though the radical reformers were against it, the average Protestants still celebrate 'Easter' and 'Christmas' which are Babylonian-Catholic feasts.
      More: I'm a JESUS Christian!

      I am NOT a 7th Day Adventist, but I do agree with them on this: The Mark Of The Beast
      Hans S
      11:38 PM

      +Antony Sawyer
      You're lost without JESUS Christ.
      He died in YOUR place on the cross, because you deserve to be punished, and in case you believe it was necessary and in case you are grateful toward God-the Lord JESUS, because of what He has done for you at the cross, even you can be saved, because He doesn't want you to be lost.
      Satan, on the other hand, doesn't give a DAMN about you and he wants you to REJECT God's MERCY through JESUS Christ.
      This is not a GAME or a JOKE: this is about LIFE or DEATH, GRACE or ETERNAL DAMNATION.

      Antony Sawyer
      3:26 PM

      +Hans S My point is your barking mad as to being saved Have you been saved by Cthulu.

      You can get what you thin you deserve and this video is nothing more than SDA Paranoia 
      Hans S
      3:43 PM

      +Antony Sawyer
      This is my upload, so you'd better shut up and leave.
      You next insane comment will be deleted, because you LOVE to be a SINNER and you don't want to be saved by your own creator, JESUS!
      Antony Sawyer
      4:44 PM

      +Hans S Upload all you want it does not make you at all accurate.

      Delete whatever you want it just proves that you have lost the argument and more importantly lost the plot.

      Have a nice day now Hans 
      Presbyterian Community Church
      4:44 PM

      I can't be saved through the gods of the Roman Catholic Church only through Jesus Christ.
      Tim Spangler
      4:45 PM

      +Hans S Why do you reject both Catholic and Protestant Bible/Jesus believers?

  3. +Rick Valentine The goal is MARTIAL LAW! Google search (I can't place links, or YouTube won't publish my comment): Obama May Declare Martial Law For The Vatican

  4. +Ellen Jirasek
    Yes, I know, Sister, but in the meantime He ALLOWS them to ruin this world
    , because the majority of the world population is NOT interested in our Lord JESUS Christ....unfortunately.

    But we LOVE JESUS!

  5. Replies
    1. Ramana Maharshi1 month ago
      Christian people seem to go out of their way to put other religions down
      , you don't see Buddhists doing that though.
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +Ramana Maharshi Of course not: they're already going to hell, and they don't care that others go to hell too. And the same goes for you and you're LOST without JESUS Christ!
      Angel Dunbar
      Angel Dunbar6 days ago
      buddhism is LOVE!
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +Angel Dunbar Yes, LOVE for SATAN! You're LOST without JESUS Christ!
      Nosferatu3111 month ago
      I mean, those pictures prove everything. How can you argue with proof like that? It's not like a painting has a subjective interpretation.
      DIGITL2 months ago
      Lol how can y'all try and refute this. He is showing you non refutable evidence of demonic relations in Buddhism. Dragons, snakes, demons, idols. Most ancient religions have the same images and idols because they all stem from the same place. Demon lies.
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +DIGITL It's ALL deriving from ANCIENT BABYLON and the ROMAN CATHOLIC DEATH CULT loves it, and especially ANTICHRIST Pope Francis!
      Moonlit Kim
      Moonlit Kim4 months ago
      ...those images indicate that buddha has been gone through to overcome evils and get enlighten
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +Moonlit Kim Enlightened by the former angel 'light bringer' or in Latin LUCIFER. Buddhism is EVIL, and you are LOST without JESUS Christ!
      mrsimbau1 month ago
      You have to destroy a demon, kick it out . example : like killing a beast (Christian way). Or u can tame it into a good demon, which would help others. example : like tame a wild beast( Buddhism way). I dont know what u guys think but i like the Buddhism way. Taming something is even harder then killing it.
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +mrsimbau What kind of an IDIOT are you? So you're suggesting you would also try to tame a lion while it's DEVOURING you, or a wild elephant while it's CRUSHING you? DEMONS are FALLEN ANGELS and they CAN'T be TAMED! They MUST be cast into the ETERNAL LAKE of FIRE, and that's also where YOU will be going, unless you start to BELIEVE that you NEED JESUS Christ.
      Thierry Eeman
      Thierry Eeman1 month ago
      May peace be upon you all.....and have mercy on your Ego for it is the realm of "the devil" think logicically and you will be lost, think with heart as Jesus and every prophet in every religion has taught , but still it was man who have slain their prophets for they were accused to be of the devil for not fitting scriptures.......i say unto you, may the most high have mercy on those who try to point fingers , so they themselves can proclaim themselves divine without the accordance of the heavens. Your subconscious will betray your Ego Consciousness until it is tamed......this is why you you live within hatred, jealousy, betrayal, gossip, and separation.
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +Thierry Eeman You were a LOT smarter when you were an EMBRYO! You're LOST without JESUS Christ!
      uFrances B
      uFrances B2 months ago
      tantric deities are depi2 usually very wrathfull because there is a huge esoteric backround to them
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +uFrances B Go to JESUS and become WISE!

    2. +mrsimbau
      As an ex-ATHEIST I don't respect ANY KIND of RELIGION!

      If you don't want to be punished by God forever, you need JESUS, God's ALTER EGO, who was PUNISHED in (Y)OUR place on the CURSED CROSS.

      But if you believe the SATANIC LIE that you can work your way to self-salvation, than you have chosen to reject the ONLY way to redemption and GRACE.


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