Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Vatican is the most corrupt organization in existence!

Secrets & Corruption Exposed: The truth behind top banks and world's largest companies

Published on Aug 22, 2012
The Vatican is the most corrupt organization in existence!

The Protect Your Children Foundation is committed to exposing all the lies and crimes of religion worlwide to alert the nations of the dangers these criminal organizations pose in our communities. For more information, visit: and

3 'City States' Rule the World





The Papal Colonization of America 





Proof that the USA is Controlled by Foreign Corporations





Vatican Roman Law Rules Washington DC 





Justice will be done... Gerechtigheid zal geschieden...





Help, a PSYCHOPATH is ruling the world!




Pope Francis The Luciferian Number 13




The Vatican's Role In The New World Order ~ by Bill Hughes 




The Trinity of Global Empire





  1. Hans S
    12:57 PM

    +TONY COSTANZO Thanks Tony!
    Great find from the year 2012.

    JESUS will destroy this ROTTEN system!

    Hans S
    1:22 PM

    +TONY COSTANZO I had already made a topic about it in the past: 3 'City States' Rule the World

    But it doesn't matter, because this information is so important, that I make a new topic about it under a new title.

    Hans S
    1:29 PM

    +TONY COSTANZO The Vatican is the most corrupt organization in existence!

  2. Pope Francis is 'so insignificant' that ALL major world leaders come to visit him...
    And yet there are still people who don't WANT TO acknowledge that the POPE/PAPACY is the ANTICHRIST.

    Yes, they have their own prison and a whole country as their bank: SWITZERLAND!

    Hence the SWISS GUARD that is protecting the Pope!

    They look like medieval clowns, but they're WELL TRAINED FIGHTERS!


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