Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Good news for Catholics

Roman Catholicism Expert Shares What Pope Francis Is Up To

Published on Jun 1, 2015

To All Catholics - The Failure of the Cross?
A Woman Rides the Beast - The Catholic Church and the Last Days - Dave Hunt (Documentary)
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Yesterday 12:30 AM

there not Catholic. there evil scum masquerading in holy uniforms.didint the bible say beaware for even satin disguises himself as an angel of light that's exactly what's been played out here. earth is the devil's playground till judgement day

Ryan James
Yesterday 12:39 AM
+RISE OF GABRIEL Even 'SATIN'? I rest my case, people are fucking IDIOTS.

Paul McAteer
Yesterday 1:15 AM
you should know

Yesterday 1:33 AM

Yesterday 4:22 PM

Yesterday 5:39 PM
+Ryan James
Aren't you the atheist who doesn't really have a dog in this fight, & therefore, has no REAL reason to be here except, to toll, like an ass, anyway?

If I am wrong, I stand corrected, & my apologies.

Al Masih
Yesterday 7:47 PM
Yup, just like the Knight Templars. Templar Order. Masonic Order. Illuminati Order. New World Order. All worship satan/lucifer

Dina G
8:28 AM
Thank you! Exactly so if I had a problem and I knew you could help me and said "Hey listen I really have a problem can you help me out?" Not a prayer. We don't pray to saints we ask for their help because God works through saints. Your Grandma got it. Smart lady.

11:50 AM
+Dina G You're not a genius. How can God work through saints if they are buried 6ft underground? And asking for help is done through prayers. Prayers is asking. It's funny when you said, "We don't pray to saints we ask for their help:", Prayers is the ACTION you do to get HELP. You're a FAILED apologetic. I feel sorry for you.

Hans S
1:38 PM
+Dina G
Good news for Catholics like you: listen to this former Catholic who's now an expert on Catholicism and how to reach out to people like you.

His website:

I'm NOT an ex-Catholic, even though my mom is a non-practicing Catholic, but my dad was an atheist, and he wouldn't let her brainwash their children with her brand of 'Christianity', but on the other hand I was brainwashed through the school system with evolutionism and humanism, so I became an atheist too, who absolutely did not believe in the existence of a creator or deities or the supernatural.
It was all big fat nonsense to me and to me all 'Christians' and religious people in general were neurotic fools.
Now I know better, since a miracle happened to me, because JESUS personally spoke to me

Hans S
1:45 PM
Yes, I worship JESUS, who's the devil to you.
The Roman Catholic 'jesus' is NOT the JESUS from the Bible and the God of Israel.


  1. +Anthony Pope
    We are saved by GRACE ALONE, through FAITH ALONE, in CHRIST ALONE, according to SCRIPTURE ALONE, all for the GLORY of GOD ALONE!

    Roman Catholicism Expert Shares What Pope Francis Is Up To

    Testimony of EX-Catholic Mike Gendron.
    Here's his website:
    Share this with Catholics!
    There are 1.2 BILLION of them!
    Anthony Pope
    3:58 AM

    Hi Hans hope your doing well,as soon as i click the video and saw David Reagan i stopped watching it he and all TV preachers are False Prophets what all these guys don,t tell you is Pope is Antichrist all TV preachers are 501 C3 = church & state together is the Image of the Beast. 5 + 1 = 6 x3 = 666.I was talking to a lady who wanted to know who the Antichrist was i told her it,s found in Daniel 7,8,Rev 13 and 17 tells you where she sits and her colors,when i told her another lady about had a child,s fit she was Catholic she went running to the building manager to get me kicked out it did not work but maybe she will read Rev 17.I pray more people come out of this false church.
    Hans S
    7:27 AM

    +Anthony Pope
    This video is NOT about the interviewer, David Reagan but about the ex-Catholic, Mike Gendron, who's an expert on Catholicism and who also knows a lot about the Jesuits, and who's leading Catholics out of the whore of Babylon: Good news for Catholics
    When JESUS saved me He encouraged me to read the Bible.
    My mom is a Catholic and my dad was an atheist, and I knew almost NOTHING from the Bible.
    He's the WORD of God, and the TRUTH that's leading lost people, like Catholics, to the WAY of His eternal LIFE!
    Just give it another try and telling people that the Pope/Papacy is the Antichrist is the truth, but this won't SAVE them.
    Mike Kendron is telling people about JESUS!

    PS: I'm doing fine, thanks!
    The Lord JESUS is with us!
    Hans S
    7:32 AM

    +TONY COSTANZO I encourage you to watch this video too, since you have a Catholic background, but thank God you're now saved by JESUS:

  2. +Dina G Yes I am an ambassador of JESUS Christ, because He has saved me for a purpose, because I didn't ask Him to be saved, and He came into my life UNINVITED.
    Now, I don't regret He has done this, and from the start He allowed me to walk away from from Him, which I tried many times, because I didn't trust Him at first and I still thought God and Satan cooperate, because before I surrendered to JESUS I believed that IF there is a god, then he/she is both good and evil, GODDEVIL.
    What JESUS wanted to prove to me was that I was WRONG and that He and Satan are each others opposites, and then He showed me that He and God are ONE.
    So this means that JESUS is ONE with the God of ISRAEL and the God of the Old Testament who destroyed humanity during the Flood as a judgement, except Noah and his family.
    God-the Lord JESUS showed me that He's not coming back as a lamb, but as the LION of JUDAH, and He's going to DESTROY all of Israel's enemies.
    Because it's in fact NOT about Israel, but about His RIGHT the appoint a certain kind of people in a certain part of the world as HIS chosen people and beloved land, with Jerusalem as its capitol.

    He's is USING both the people of Israel and their God-given land as an INSTRUMENT in order to CHASTISE the whole world concerning HIS RIGHT and POWER to chose whatever He wants, because He is GOD, and everything according many prophesies, as if it's a computer program that CANNOT be stopped.
    God's enemy, Satan, knows this VERY WELL, and yet he tries to thwart God's plans as if he's INSANE.
    Well that's exactly what Satan is: an INSANE GENIUS.

    Everything Satan does is working toward his own demise!

    This was already so when the God-man, JESUS, was on earth: everything Satan did was working toward his DEFEAT, because JESUS fulfilled ALL prophesies concerning His FIRST coming and He will also fulfill ALL prophesies concerning His SECOND coming.

    We are living in a TIME-dimension, but God-the Lord JESUS exists in the ETERNAL NOW.
    From His point of view our dimension is all HISTORY.
    Hence His name is 'I AM that I AM' and in short 'I AM'.
    JESUS means 'I AM Salvation'.
    He's the great 'I AM' in the capacity of Savior.

    When we say we believe in Him and that we love Him, we don't need anyone else to REPLACE Him.

    The Pope calls himself the 'Vicar of Christ', which means the 'in place of Christ'.

    ANTICHRIST means the 'in place of Christ'.

    Guess WHO the Pope is!


    1. +Hans S I'm not leaving my faith just because of what one pope said. As far as the Eucharist goes Jesus said: "I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world. . . . For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink" (Jn 6:51-55). The whole Christ is truly present, body, blood, soul, and divinity, under the appearances of bread and wine—the glorified Christ who rose from the dead after dying for our sins. This is what the Church means when she speaks of the "Real Presence" of Christ in the Eucharist. This presence of Christ in the Eucharist is called "real" not to exclude other types of his presence as if they could not be understood as real (cf. Catechism, no. 1374). The risen Christ is present to his Church in many ways, but most especially through the sacrament of his Body and Blood. "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him" (Jn 6:56). In being united to the humanity of Christ we are at the same time united to his divinity. Our mortal and corruptible natures are transformed by being joined to the source of life. "Just as the living Father sent me and I have life because of the Father, so also the one who feeds on me will have life because of me" (Jn 6:57).For Catholics, the seven sacraments are the center of our life as Christians. Our baptism removes the effects of Original Sin and brings us into the Church, the Body of Christ. Our worthy participation in the other sacraments provides us with the grace we need to conform our lives to Christ and marks our progress through this life. Each sacrament was instituted by Christ during His life on earth and is an outward sign of an inward grace. After the sacraments, prayer is the single most important aspect of our life as Catholics.

    2. Dina G
      8:03 AM

      Furthermore, you call yourself an ambassador for Christ. Paul himself states in I Corinthians chapter 13 - love is kind, gentle and unselfish. Paul, who was the greatest of all ambassadors for Christ, appeals to his
      readers by the meekness and gentleness of Christ and presented his case with a blend of authority as well as with a gracious humility. He is an ambassador, but not one who arrogantly presents his claims, but rather brings his humble request. Lastly, I worship Jesus not Satan! Jesus who teaches love and tolerance. Luke 9:52-56 And he sent messengers ahead of him, who went and entered a village of the Samaritans, to make preparations for him. But the people did not receive him, because his face was set toward Jerusalem. And when his disciples James and John saw it, they said, “Lord, do you want us to tell fire to come down from heaven and consume them?” But he turned and rebuked them. And they went on to another village. THAT IS JESUS! THAT IS JESUS' WAY! The character of Satan is evil personified. This is a malevolent, sinister, wicked, destructive, murderous personality. That is this person called Satan. All he wants is to kill and destroy, Scripture says. And he wants either to destroy the faith of those who are God's or to destroy God's commitment to them by accusing them before Him. Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light” (2 Cor. 11:14); it is immensely advantageous to him for people not to know how evil he is nor even to know that he exists (just as it would be greatly advantageous for a thief to become invisible).

      Matthew 7:6 Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.
      Dina G
      9:12 AM

      +abukid I didn't call myself a genius. I was replying to another comment where someone was talking about his grandmother and I said she was a smart lady but my computer froze. Anyway, The definition of pray: to offer devout petition, praise, thanks, etc., to (God or an object of worship). We DO NOT pray to saints. We do not WORSHIP saints. We ask for their help that is all. If I were to ask you, "Could you help me find the nearest restroom?" Am I praying to you? No. I'm just asking you for some help. There is no such thing as dead saints. Jesus said those who follow Him "will never die". Catholics believe Him.

    Hope is not the same as FAITH and have you watched the video?
    We are called by JESUS to step into the footsteps of Paul and tell others about JESUS.

    Brother Mike Gendron knows a lot about Catholicism and how to tell Catholics about JESUS.
    Learn from him and put it into practice, is my advice, and this goes for me too.


    10:37 AM

    i hope that the mislead are forgiven THROUGH JESUS

    1. +TONY COSTANZO Tony, you're still young in Christ JESUS, but believe me: God is your REAL FATHER and He will coach you and just learn to TRUST Him and you'll grow stronger in Him!
      Seek His presence by talking to Him and by reading the Bible.
      READ the WHOLE Bible.
      Every day a portion.
      We're NOT in a hurry.
      That's how I began to read my Bible in my infancy as a follower of JESUS.
      Hans S
      8:55 PM

      My mom still lives and I don't know yet how I will react in case she dies.
      But today I haven't heard about her imminent death, so I live by the day.
      My mom and I have almost NO contact, though we live close to each other.
      Her Catholic spirit cannot stand me!
      Catholicism is a CURSE!

      Oh, it forgot, you say mum instead of mom.


      12:17 PM

      Catholics think that it does not matter which church you attend , non of them DONT even have a bible
      they think bad people go to hell and good people go to heaven
      it does not work like that
      they dont seem to understand what getting saved is all about
      Hans S
      3:34 PM

      Well, then you tell them how to get saved through what you have learned.
      Always confront them with what the Bible says and tell them about JESUS.
      3:48 PM

      +Hans S
      i am sick of being told to change the subject
      thats why i dont bother i only see them at funerals these days ,
      i am sill tring to live with out my beloved mother HANS
      I wonder why i have not gone mad , i rather would have gone mad so mad i would become brain dead , or better still just dead
      3:51 PM

      dear Hans your stronger i am not

  4. Replies
    1. The Catholic church is the counterfeit of the Body of Christ and it's the guise for what the Vatican in fact is: the Roman Empire, with the Pope as Emperor, disguised as a spiritual leader. The Catholic church has nothing to do with the JEWISH JESUS of the Bible and baptism and the ritual of the Last Supper (Eucharist) is NOT for the members of the Body of Christ. JESUS taught this His JEWISH disciples. JESUS saved the former persecutor of the Jewish believers in Him, Saul, and He turned him into the Apostle Paul. Paul teaches ON BEHALF OF JESUS that we are saved by GRACE ALONE, through FAITH ALONE, in CHRIST ALONE, according to SCRIPTURE ALONE, all for the GLORY of GOD ALONE! The Roman Catholic 'Bible' is not the right WORD of God and there are not 5 books lacking. Catholics need to surrender to JESUS ALONE and be BORN AGAIN in order to get saved.

    2. You're talking from ignorance. The Bible doesn't derive from the Roman Catholic church but from THE JEWS! The WHOLE BIBLE is a JEWISH book and all the Apostles were JEWS. JESUS Himself is a JEW, who happens to be God, manifested in the flesh. You need JESUS if you want to be saved. Saved from what? God's wrath.

    3. JESUS is coming back to DESTROY 'Mystery BABYLON', which is the Vatican and the Roman Catholic church, because this cult is the true church of Satan. ALL Roman Catholics are DECEIVED and UNSAVED and are potentially LOST FOREVER. The need to read the REAL BIBLE (like the Geneva Bible 1599) and get to know the REAL JEWISH JESUS the Messiah (Christ).

    4. James, the half brother of JESUS, wasn't teaching that WORKS save! He warns BORN AGAIN BELIEVERS in JESUS that true faith is proven by deeds. But it's IMPOSSIBLE to be saved by doing good deeds. Only the GRACE of God through Christ JESUS saves. No one is able to EARN heaven. Are you BORN AGAIN and are you SAVED and do you rely ONLY on JESUS concerning SALVATION?

    5. All Catholics are lost, so they need to surrender to JESUS Christ alone and read the RIGHT Bible, like the Geneva Bible 1599. The Catholic 'jesus' is not the JEWISH JESUS of the WORD of God. The Catholic 'bible' is not the right version.

  5. +Dfns686
    I love you, my sweetheart! ;-))


    Yesterday 1:02 PM


  6. +Dfns686
    I know you love me, my darling!

    Hans S
    1:58 PM

    +Dina G
    What a lot of WORDS, my sweet Dina!

    Yesterday 12:58 PM

    Yesterday 12:59 PM

    Yesterday 1:01 PM

    Dina G
    3:42 AM

    +Hans S No you aren't. You're a Christian Zionist. It's a cult. You masquerade as a Christian but you really want to destroy Christianity. That's the truth and you know it. War, conquest and imperialist domination, based on a fanatic insistence on the absolute truth of Christianity and the racial superiority of the Jews lie at the very heart of Christian Zionism. Christian Zionists believe that the Jews are God's 'Chosen People' and that God has given the Jews the absolute right to complete control over not just Palestine but, indeed, a vast stretch of territory, extending from present-day Egypt to Iraq, the so-called 'Greater Israel'. God, they claim, has selected the Jews above all other people. Hence, they insist, those who oppose the imperialist project of the advocates of 'Greater Israel' or the Zionist occupation of Palestine are 'God's enemies', deserving to be crushed by every available means, including outright war and decimation. Advocating Israel does not mean, however, that Christian Zionists accept Judaism as a legitimate means of salvation after Jesus. Nor does it translate into genuine love for the Jews, a departure from the traditional teachings of the Church that, for centuries, viewed Jews as 'Christ-killers'. Since Christian Zionists believe that Christianity is the only religion acceptable to God, and that, as the Bible claims, salvation is possible only through Jesus, they insist that Jews cannot be 'saved' unless they convert to Christianity. It essentially tells Christians that those who oppose the murderous, mass ethnic cleansing and oppression of the Palestinian people are the “Anti-Christ.” Modern-day Israelis and other Jews are well aware of the fact that the Christian Zionists believe, based on a mistaken interpretation of Zechariah 13:8, that there must be a devastating war in the Middle East in which two-thirds of all the Jews will be slaughtered. It is commonly understood that the Christian Zionists do not really care about what is best for the Jews, as evidenced by their constant lobbying efforts to stir up World War III in the Middle East. Million Jews may wind up dead, but it will be good for sales of the Armageddon videos that are peddled on the televangelists’ broadcasts and web-sites.

  7. +Dina G Titus 1:16 is about the Pope and most Cardinals and priests and a lot of others too.
    Do you want to be my sister in JESUS?

    People who don't love JESUS AND each other and who are not born again are not my brothers and my sisters.

    Yes, it's (unfortunately) true many SAY they love JESUS, but they refuse to love their brothers and sisters.


    Dina G
    3:32 AM

    John 3:16
    love [1560 Geneva Bible]
    love of God [1611 KJV]

    Revelation 17:5
    mother of whoredoms [1560 Geneva Bible]
    mother of harlots [1611 KJV]

    Romans 5:17
    by the offence of one [1560 Geneva]
    by one man's offence [1611 KJV]

    Little textual differences that do not change the meaning
    Dina G
    4:46 AM

    +Hans S Paul makes a point in Titus 1:16, in a warning about false teachers. He says, “They profess to know God, but by their deeds they deny Him, being detestable and disobedient and worthless for any good deed.”
    Dina G
    4:48 AM

    The book of 1 John, the apostle emphasizes the same point against false teachers. In 1 John 3:7-10, he writes, “Little children, make sure no one deceives you; the one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous; the one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil. No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious; anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor the one who does not love his brother.”

  8. +Dina G
    Nobody's forcing you to comment here, except yourself.
    The same goes for me and everyone.

    I can choose to say NOTHING at all.
    Hans S
    10:15 PM

    +Green Lantern
    Are you interested in JESUS (y)our maker?


    Dina G
    10:13 AM

    Well we should all just get along. All this tit for tat and blah blah blah. It's exhausting. It's annoying. Gives me a headache and nausea and I'm tired right now.

    Green Lantern
    5:19 PM

    Greetings Hans.

    Of the millions of (MS) available- which ever man group or even a society decides which ones are scripture also decides doctrine to follow.

    Is it coincidence man and god began with Jewish scripture only?

  9. +Dfns686



    5:40 AM


  10. +Johnny Huynh
    The Catholic church didn't even exist when the real Bible was already finished.

    The Catholic CULT is Satan's COUNTERFEIT of the Body of Christ JESUS.


    Johnny Huynh
    Yesterday 7:29 PM

    +Hans S Something tells me that you're just spamming. In case you haven't noticed, the Real Bible that you are talking about came from the Catholic Church.
    Hans S
    1:07 AM

    +Johnny Huynh
    Johnny Huynh
    4:09 AM

    then prove me wrong

  11. +Dfns686 My Heart Belongs to Him
    Hans S
    6:52 AM

    +Zerkse Garcia
    May many of the 1.2 BILLION Catholics find the REAL JESUS Christ, before it's too late, and this goes for the Vatican concocted Islam too and its Muslim adherents and also for the Babylonian Hindus and other adherents of religions with a Babylonian origin.


    Yesterday 5:28 AM

    +Hans S. This is no laughing matter Hans. You need to repent of all this wickedness. You honor Jesus with your mouth but your heart is so very far from Him.
    Zerkse Garcia
    5:05 AM


  12. +James Curtis
    The ESV is NOT the Word of God and JESUS is the WORD of God and GOD, says John 1:1 and thus the CREATOR.

    There's only ONE God and JESUS and the Father are ONE and ETERNAL.

    This is the RIGHT version of

    Philippians 2:12 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    12 Wherefore my beloved, as ye have always obeyed me, not as in my presence only, but now much more in mine absence, so make an end of your own salvation with fear and trembling.

    Here it says something quite different.

    In plain English: KEEP the FAITH and KEEP LOVING JESUS and you're doing FINE.

    (S)HE who loves JESUS, will also do good works, though these works themselves won't save us, but the WORK OF JESUS, by having shed His precious blood for us on the cross.

    I KNOW I am saved through FAITH and this FAITH is a GIFT and a conformation of what I HOPE for.

    Hebrews 11:1 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

    1 Now faith is the grounds of things which are hoped for, and the evidence of things which are not seen.

    God-the Lord JESUS has already given me the grounds of things which are hoped for!

    And what do I hope?

    That I am forgiven and won't go to hell, but instead go to heaven and the New Earth and the New Jerusalem, to be ETERNALLY HAPPY with JESUS and MANY others!

    God-the Lord JESUS has ASSURED me through FAITH that I've already received this, because I believe He has adopted me as His son!

    This is also for you, but you must BELIEVE and RECEIVE.

    We can NEVER earn heaven!

    We are just too BAD from ourselves and we all deserve to be cast into the lake of fire, and GRACE is receiving what we DON'T DESERVE!


    James Curtis
    5:48 AM

    +Hans S what are you implying, that I am not saved or born again? Well I can see how ignorant you are in regards to Christianity, because technically Jesus didn't create you, it was God the Father! I'm well aware that it was non-disciples who created the label.

    First of all the only One who knows who is saved or not, is God Himself, who is the Only Judge! As long as one continues to live here on earth, salvation is an on going process. Its not a one time event in the life of the person here on earth. Paul says in his epistles to work out your salvation in fear and trembling. This is the exact citation in Philippians 2:12 English Standard Version (ESV) "12 Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling."

  13. +James Curtis
    I'm glad you're not an atheist, so that's good, but i tell you that one can be sure to be saved and loved forever by God-the Lord JESUS Christ.

    No English (or Dutch, because I'm Dutch) translation of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts is perfect, but what I like about the Geneva (Reformers) Bible 1560-1599 is that it has the right translation of 2 Thessalonians 2:3

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a departing first, and that that man of sin be disclosed, even the son of perdition.

    The first English Bible I discovered with the right translation of the Greek word 'apostasia' into DEPARTURE was the World English Bible 2002, made by born again believers in JESUS:

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 World English Bible (WEB)
    3 Let no one deceive you in any way. For it will not be, unless the departure comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of destruction

    The Body of Christ JESUS isn't appointed to God's wrath, and so God-the Lord JESUS will snatch the members of the Body of Christ JESUS away from earth, right before the start of the 70th year-week of Daniel, and this period is also known as the Time of Jacob's Trouble.
    Jacob is Israel and the prophetic word is about Israel, because that's the country where JESUS Christ will return to at the height of the war of Armageddon in the valley of Megiddo, which will l be the bloodiest war of all time.

    JESUS is a JEW and He will always be a JEW, and He happens to be God in the flesh.

    Most Roman Catholics don't acknowledge this, but I'm informing you now.

    Satan hates the JEWS, because of JESUS the JEW.
    The Jewish people never ceased to be God's chosen people and the 'woman' in Revelation 12 is Israel and the remnant thereof, which will be one third and read Zechariah 13:8-9


    James Curtis
    10:06 PM

    +Hans S don't be ridiculous, the Geneva Bible of 1599 is littered with errors! How can you compare a Biblical version from the 21st Century to one from the 16th Century? Boy, I can tell you are way out there pal!

    I never said we can earn or merit heaven. What I did say is that our salvation is a process on how we respond to God's Grace! The best example is in Lucifer who responded by rejecting God's good Grace!

    Yes, I absolutely agree with you that a person is saved by Faith! I'm not denying that. There is no way that we can earn, merit, or use self works to reach Heaven. I agree because everything that is Good comes from God. God is the source of all Good!

    Yes, I believe the same thing, that this is what we hope for is our salvation!

    Another thing is like I mentioned older versions of the Bible have errors but this particular passage has the same meaning in both the 1599 Geneva Bible and the ESV. And guess what it has the same meaning in the Roman Catholic version of the Bible as well. The point that I am making is that we can hope for our salvation but we don't know for a fact that we will be saved until we either die and face particular Judgement by God and also when Jesus comes again in Glory to Judge both the living and the dead.

  14. +Mister Right
    The Pope/Papacy IS the Antichrist:

    The Satanic Power Tree


    Mister Right
    Yesterday 11:40 PM

    Hans S:
    You had stated:
    "...the start of the 70th year-week of Daniel, and this period is also known as the Time of Jacob's Trouble." This is the time, most would call the 7 year Tribulation and at mid-point 3 and 1/2 years the anti-christ will show up and sit on the throne in the Jerusalem Temple where he will claim to be God. btw, you also realize that the Roman Catholics latched on to the term "Christianity" and they are far from being Christian. The Pope himself is more anti-christian than Christian.

  15. +Alec Gany
    Tell what works the man on the others cross did in order to get saved, to whom JESUS said
    'today you will be with me in Paradise'?


    Alec Gany
    Yesterday 8:59 PM

    +Tim Spangler You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.
    James 2:24 ESV

  16. Catholic means 'universal'.

    JESUS didn't start a 'Universal Church', but the Body of Christ,
    and He used the Apostle Paul in order to establish this MYSTERY.

    The Roman Catholic church has STOLEN what belongs to the Jews, because the Apostle Peter was the Apostle for the Jewish believers in JESUS and he has never been in Rome, but the Catholic church asserts he did, which is nonsense.

    Every 'Pope' (Papa=father) claims to be the successor to Peter, the so called founder of the Catholic church, which is historically absurd.

    So all Catholics are deceived and they need to get out of their CULT in order to be saved and in order to get to know the REAL JESUS Christ.

    All ex-Catholics agree with this.


    Hans S
    Yesterday 1:15 PM

    Crisis of Confusion - John 6:48- 69 - Pastor James Knox
    Dina G
    4:05 AM

    +Hans S A bunch of nonsensical babble. "Jesus said this and it's weird and what did He mean? I know what He meant but my explanation isn't very good but you guys don't stand on the bible. You don't believe what it says. " He preached things in the past that were wrong and it could still be happening. Uh, you think?
    Tim Spangler
    4:14 AM

    Dina...praying FOR the saints in Heaven is not the same as praying TO them.
    Dina G
    4:33 AM

    We pray for the saints and we ask the saints to pray for us. We pray for each other.
    Tim Spangler
    6:11 AM

    You pray TO the saints. Completely different issue.
    Dina G
    6:22 AM

    Again.. To and for. For and to. Got it? Get it?

    1. +DerekJ M All ex-Catholics who have become worshipers of the RIGHT JESUS, agree with me.
      They have become members of the world wide Body of Christ.


      DerekJ M
      2:20 PM

      Ex-Catholics are just one subgroup of anti-Catholics, who have fallen for this "must be born again" nonsense, and been indoctrinated by it and poisoned by the arrogant and self-righteous rhetoric. But like all other cults, fundies and SDAs say only their groups can be saved - how unusual!

    2. +MrJohnnyjeyy
      I don't have to worry about anything.

      You'd better worry about the fact that you're not saved, because you're a member of the true church of Satan, the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT.

      Matthew 7:51 599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      5 Hypocrite, first cast out that beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

      You're NOT (yet) my brother in JESUS Christ.
      Surrender to the REAL JESUS Christ of the RIGHT BIBLE and then you're my brother in JESUS, and then you may confront me with these kinds of verses.


      Hans S
      4:08 PM

      +DerekJ M All ex-Catholics who have become worshipers of the RIGHT JESUS, agree with me.
      They have become members of the world wide Body of Christ.
      4:27 PM

      +Hans S
      Then in that case, you don't really need the numbers, do you?
      Seems to me, you'd be better off worrying about YOUR OWN salvation with God instead of meddling into the salvific affairs of others, right?
      MATTHEW 7:5

  17. +Fred Abbot
    The Roman Catholic church is Satan's counterfeit of the real Body of Christ, and I must admit it's a 'good counterfeit', because 1.2 BILLION people are blinded by its FALSE LIGHT.

    Thank God there are EX-CATHOLICS who have come tho know the REAL JESUS of the RIGHT Bible:


    Hans S
    Jun 22, 2016

    JESUS was referring to the statement of Peter about JESUS HIMSELF.
    JESUS is the ROCK!
    Fred Abbot
    Jun 22, 2016

    Because a violent idol worshiping religious institution, seizes by the use of centuries of deceit and violence the title church, while opposing every fundamental principal of our Christ and the bible does not make that masquerader the church. Because a goat calls itself an eagle does not automatically equip this imposture it with the ability to soar above the mountain. Eagle don’t bleat and goats just don’t fly.
    marc Parkinson
    Yesterday 2:15 AM

    Yes the rock was the statement, YOU ARE THE MESSIAH, the SON OF THE LIVING GOD.

  18. +TheBubblydimple is my blog.


    Hans S
    Jun 25, 2016

    +TheBubblydimple PETER WAS NEVER IN ROME!!!
    Jun 25, 2016

    +Hans S U are relying heavily on a blog 'ezekiel38rapture' and that can be very, very, very dangerous. U need to go out of ur comfort zone and look for more reliable sources not by one blog alone. Again, how do u know their teachings are sound just because u happen to stumble upon them? U need to do more research than that.

    Remember u don't go for manmade religion. Are u certain that u are not falling for their manmade religion yourself this ezekiel38rapture?

    I gave u ancient writers then it is up to u to dig all those names I have mentioned. Otherwise u have fallen into a huge trap of (ezekiel38) manmade religion which u despised, scorned and reviled.

  19. +MrJohnnyjeyy
    YESHUA is JESUS' name in HEBREW....that's ALL.

    I'm DUTCH and JESUS is JEZUS in Dutch, and say something like Yaysus.

    It's about the MEANING of His name: 'I AM (that I am)' is the NAME of God, revealed to Moses.

    The Jewish writers of the Bible concealed this name by using the letters YHWH, and the Christan translators turned it into LORD.

    The name YHWH (I am that I am, or in short I AM) is hidden within the name YESHUA (JESUS) plus SALVATION, so JESUS means 'I AM SALVATION'.

    It's all so SIMPLE' people!

    Christ is from the Greek word Christos, which is the translation of Messiah or the Hebrew word Mashiach and it means (the) anointed (with the Holy Spirit).


    JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh, so in the capacity of SAVIOR.

    Believe in Him and LOVE and WORSHIP Him and be SAVED.

    Saved from what?


    But He doesn't want to PUNISH us and to TORTURE us forever.

    No: He wants to SAVE us and LOVE us forever!

    That's why His name is JESUS=I AM SALVATION!


    8:19 AM

    What about these various groups, & individuals who call themselves, "Jesus Worshipers", & insist that Jesus name is actually, "Yeshua", & anyone who still calls him "Jesus" is damned to Hell.

    Yea, in my experience, calling Jesus, "Yeshua" is a good sign of a cult member. LOL!
    8:44 AM

    MrJonnyjeyy: Your cult was formed because of Luther's desire to oppose the also evilish Roman catholic church. But the truth is the mother of Protestantism is catholicism, only it is way worse. Your cult's core doctrine is that Jesus is the father, equal to the Father, is the father, that he is the father who assumed the form of man, left his spirit on earth when ascended to heaven is very demonic. Your demonic belief oppose Jesus. Your Jesus is a fake Jesus.
    4 For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.

  20. +Skip J This is also a good video: Do Not Take the Mark of the Beast

    At the end of the video Pastor Tony Alamo talks about baptism and tithing.

    This is not for the members of the Body of Christ. JESUS wants us to give abundantly and secretly, and this is not possible when we give 10% of our income to the needs of the Christian community, or for other purposes, because then it's no secret anymore.
    More on baptism and the ritual of the Last Supper:

    MANY believers follow the WRONG GOSPEL

    Tell Catholics about the REAL JESUS Christ:

    Gospel of GRACE


    Skip J
    7:54 PM

    This video is better than any history book, since most educational textbooks are written and controlled by the jesuits. The whole education system has been in their nefarious little hands for decades now.

  21. +Dina G

    The more you 'explain', the more you're making it clear that you belong to a CULT and not to the Body of Christ.

    Peter was the Apostle for the JEWS and he has NEVER been in Rome and he certainly is not the forerunner of the Papacy.

    THE Apostle for the Body of Christ (wrongly called 'the church') is PAUL, appointed by JESUS Himself.

    Catholics pick and choose what they like from Paul, because you referred to Paul's words on behalf of JESUS in 1 Corinthians 13, but what about Paul's teaching on being saved by GRACE ALONE, through FAITH ALONE, in CHRIST ALONE, according to SCRIPTURE ALONE, all for the GLORY of GOD ALONE!?

    You are PROGRAMMED to think that you must EARN GRACE and SALVATION by doing good works and charity.

    But this is the TRUTH:

    Ephesians 2:8-9 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    8 For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God,
    9 Not of works, lest any man should boast himself.

    By trying to earn salvation you're making JESUS LESS important than YOURSELF!

    But He is GOD, manifested in the flesh!

    Catholics make JESUS less important because they have 'Mary' as their 'co-redemptrix' which is absolutely UNBIBLICLE.

    That's why the Roman Catholic religion is a CULT.

    The Jehovah's witnesses believe that JESUS is the Arch angel Michael, and this is also UNBIBLICAL and they're also members of a CULT.

    The Seventh Day Adventists also believe this and they are just as wrong.

    The Mormons have their own FALSE TEACHING and they're also a CULT.

    The Muslims also believe in JESUS, but not as the Son of God=God, manifested in the flesh, but only as a PROPHET.

    Yes, JESUS was ALSO a Prophet, but He's GOD, manifested in the flesh and the ONLY way to God the Father and to Salvation, and JESUS and the Father are ONE.

    Are Mary and the Father ONE, the way JESUS and the Father are ONE?


    I'm SURE that I'm SAVED because the indwelling Holy Spirit has told me so, and the Holy Spirit is God-the Lord JESUS in SPIRITUAL capacity.

    True followers of JESUS don't need 'a church', but ONLY JESUS.

    The NAME 'JESUS' means 'I AM Salvation', and it's GOOD to share one's faith with other members of the Body of Christ, but the Body of Christ can't save anyone but ONLY JESUS!


    1. Brian
      Jul 5, 2016

      +Dina G the Catholic Church gives out very little compared to what it takes in. After all, their hands are in drugs alcohol cigarettes gambling pornography , prostitution and child molestation just to name a few.
      Dina G
      Jul 6, 2016

      +Brian In the United State 50% of social services are provided by the Catholic church. Catholic charity work is extensive and widely considered a crucial part of the nation’s social safety net. By itself, Catholic Charities USA, has more than 2,500 local agencies that serve 10 million people annually. it has been estimated by The Economist that the Catholic Church in the USA spends collectively in excess of $170 billion each year but this is not on caviar and fine wine. The money goes to fund healthcare, universities, schools, parishes, charities and the payroll of the one million people who work for the Church and make it all happen (this includes the tens of thousands of priests and religious who give their lives for Christ and the service of the Church and must be thus housed and provided for. Those who think the Catholic Church has a lot of money are correct but those who think the Church holds onto money for the sake of it are incorrect. The Catholic Church is not a ‘fly by night’ organisation that is flippant about money. Working to bring the message of Jesus Christ to every generation and to serve the needs of humanity requires funds, and as the single most charitable private organisation on the planet the Catholic Church uses its money as a wise steward should.The big beautiful traditional Churches that receive the most complaints were not built with big bucks. They were built with the sweat of the brow of volunteers who worked 'till 11 PM every night after a full day of working their regular day jobs. They would do this for years until their community parish was built. For the big European Churches it would take many generations. The Cologne Cathedral took 700 years. The "Church Treasury" has nothing to do with money. It is the infinite value, which can never be exhausted, which Christ's merits have before God." ) The "Treasury" also contains the deposit of faith from 2000 years of prayers of the faithful Christians who have been saved in the name of Jesus.Yes, the Catholic church had a huge and horrible scandal lately in which some priests were molesting children. This was absolutely awful and shameful, and they will have to stand before Jesus for what they did.But if you look at the statistics, however, only a very small minority of priests were involved, and it isn’t really fair to blame the entire Church or dismiss the Church’s core teachings for what a few did.

    2. Scandals like this happen in EVERY church and in every city. That doesn’t make everyone guilty of the crimes of a few. In 2007 the mainstream media all but ignored the recent Associated Press report that the three major insurance companies for Protestant Churches in America say they typically receive 260 reports each year of minors being sexually abused by Protestant clergy, staff, or other church-related relationships.
      Jul 6, 2016

      +Dina G sister, you might as well tell that to somebody else. my knowledge is incredibly deep in terms of what the Catholic church is and what it is not. The Catholic Church developed communism in Russia and originally in the mines of Bolivia Uruguay and other South American countries where they worked Indians to death in Gold and Silver Mines. the 7 Day Adventist Church is in almost every country in the world and has set up Hospital Systems in all of these countries comma as well as organizations for relief of suffering. This is a church that has no more than 18 million members worldwide, and yet it is on par with the Roman Catholic Church as far as giving to the communities that it is involved with. the Roman Catholic Church takes in trillions of dollars every year. so it should be giving trends of dollars every year to the world to help with hunger and other needs. Your church builds extravagant temples of paganism that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. the Vatican has artwork that is priceless, and the whole place is just full of gold and silver and Faberge eggs themselves being priceless. Jesus Christ had not even a place to lay his head, but your popes and Priests walk around richly clothed and living in luxury. and because this Pope doesn't live in some 100 million dollar home Kama they brag about how he's so frugal. He's not frugal, he's just a deceiver trying to trick people into thinking that he's just like everyone else. He's a Jesuit. That oath that he takes to become a Jesuit is absolutely horrifying. I've seen the Earth with my own eyes and it's in the Library of Congress of the United States. I don't pull my punches. The Catholic church is the biggest danger to the human race that the world has ever known. Just because they do some charity work means nothing comma when behind the scenes they are working on starting a world war that will kill billions. Just so they can come to come back into power and control a one world government and one world religion. I know what I'm talking about, and if you don't understand that you can make any little comment about me you want. Because I would not really care about what any Catholic thinks of me. if a catholic don't like me its because they can't stand to hear truth. I have many Catholic friends, but they are almost atheist every one of them. That is what the Catholic Church does to people , even its own people. during the Dark Ages, known as the Dark Ages because the light of the Bible was illegal to read., many Roman Catholics were murdered by their own church and burned at the stake just because they tried to point out error that the Catholic church was doing Kama by comparing it to the word of God. so what did the Catholic Church do? they made the Bible only in an unknown language of Latin, and made it so that no one but a priest could read it. What was the penalty for reading the Bible, and getting caught with a Bible or part of a Bible during the Dark Ages? death, burning at the stake , having your head chopped off, and many other unpleasant deaths that that sickos could think of. and of course they were tortured before being killed. some Holy Church you got there.

    3. Dina G
      Jul 6, 2016

      +Brian Some Protestant pastors feel no guilt whatsoever about making huge salaries. Catholic priests do not make huge salaries.
      Some Protestants love to point out the church scandals with homosexual priests attacking altar boys. They will say "See - This not only proves that celibacy is wrong because it caused these attacks, but it also proves the Catholic Church is evil." However, when Protestant Pastors get caught cheating on their wives, or molesting kids in huge Protestant "compounds" in Waco, TX and other places, they don't refer to them as Protestants, but rather, as cults. They will get real offended when you refer to David Koresh, Tony Alamo, or Jim Jones as "Protestants". Some Protestants like to say that the Catholic Church is evil because of the Inquisition and the Crusades. They conveniently ignore all of the Catholics killed by Protestant leaders in Ireland and England, as in the Irish Martyrs and the English Martyrs. And they will never bring up the alleged witches killed by Protestant leaders in Salem Massachusetts. And then there was Jonestown and Waco.Some Protestants believe the Pope is the Antichrist. Catholics believe that the antichrist is anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ, which would exclude every Pope.
      Jul 6, 2016

      +Dina G I make no excuses for apostate Protestantism. They fell from grace over a 150 years ago. Those so called witches were not burned by TRUE protestants, but Jesuits disguised as protestants. Who burned millions of people at the stake during the dark ages? The catholic church! If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, looks like a duck, guess what, it is a duck.
      Jul 6, 2016

      +Dina G I sorry but your ignorant to the facts. Popes do not worship Jesus Christ, they worship a Christ. All false religions are awaiting a Christ. Islam, Buddhism, New Age, Hinduism, etc. They may use the name of Jesus sometimes, but it is all a illusion. Why does your pope wear the mitre of dagon the fish god? Why does your pope wear the maltese cross of the sun god baal? Why does your pope wear the Egyptian sun god's ankh around his neck? Why is there an upside down cross on the back of the pope's chair? It is not because of peter being crucified upside down, but because Satanist use it as a symbol of the sun god. Answer these questions, or there is no need to further this convo.
      Dina G
      Yesterday 4:17 AM

      Sorry, Brian but your facts are actually lies. Although the upside-down cross can possibly represent Satanism, it does not do so exclusively, and certainly not in this case. The Cross on the back of the Pope's seat is called St. Peter's Cross. St. Peter, the chief apostle, was crucified upside-down for his beliefs. This was done on Peter's request, who believed he was unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as Christ.
      The pope took the title "Vicar of Christ" which means that he is Christ's representative on Earth ,so he literally is saying that he represents the lamb. He always dresses in white just like a lamb. In the Old Testament, the High Priest and other priests wore a distinctive garb which included a mitre: "For Aaron and his sons, there were also woven tunics of fine linen; the mitre of fine linen; the ornate turbans of fine linen; drawers of linen and sashes of variegated work made of fine linen twined and of violet, purple, and scarlet yarn, as the Lord had commanded Moses. The plate of the sacred diadem was made of pure gold and inscribed, as on a seal engraving: 'Sacred to the Lord.' It was tied over the mitre with the violet ribbon, as the Lord had commanded Moses" ...

    4. I wish to thank all of those Protestants who persecute Catholics and the Catholic Church, because all that you are accomplishing is to help all Catholics to a greater reward in Heaven.
      "Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you."
      Yesterday 6:55 PM

      +Dina G Dina, your spiritually sick and need repentance. Our convo is over, because you will not accept anything that does not come from your church. You have been hypnotized, brainwashed to their false doctrines. The pope wears white because he thinks he is God on earth. Vicarius fili Dei adds up to 666 in roman numerals. When ever you see a president or leader of a country visit the pope, they will always be dressed in black and the women will usually wear a veil. This is to let the world know that the pope is god on earth, so he dresses in white to show he is pure. Popes are homosexuals and are about as pure as satan.
      Dina G
      3:20 AM

      +Brian Well, you should look in your own back yard, because you guys each act as your own pope. There are millions of "popes" in Protestantism, and all of them are running around claiming that their personal opinion regarding the interpretation of Scripture is the truth. Are there really millions of truths? I thought Holy Scripture said there was only one truth. I am forced to conclude that you are not interested in finding the truth,but
      are interested only in your own agenda.
      Closed minds are closed to truth. Closed to truth is closed to Him who is Truth, and to His Word. Goodbye.
      Tim Spangler
      3:50 AM

      Please circular file the "millions of popes" garbage. Who is claiming to be a Pope..other than the Pope? Who is claiming to be infallible...other than the Pope? Who is claiming to be "Vicar of Christ"...other than the Pope? Who is claiming to be the undisputed authority of a billion Christians...other than the Pope?

      That you make the charge is simply empty claims, born out of unhealthy allegiance to humans.
      Dina G
      4:18 AM

      +Tim Spangler Infallibility is not the absence of sin. Nor is it a charism that belongs only to the pope. Infallibility also belongs to the body of bishops as a whole, when, in doctrinal unity with the pope, they solemnly teach a doctrine as true. We have this from Jesus himself, who promised the apostles and their successors the bishops, the magisterium of the Church: "He who hears you hears me" (Luke 10:16), and "Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven" (Matt. 18:18).Some ask how popes can be infallible if some of them lived scandalously. This objection of course, illustrates the common confusion between infallibility and impeccability. There is no guarantee that popes won’t sin or give bad example.Other people wonder how infallibility could exist if some popes disagreed with others. This, too, shows an inaccurate understanding of infallibility, which applies only to solemn, official teachings on faith and morals, not to disciplinary decisions or even to unofficial comments on faith and morals. A pope’s private theological opinions are not infallible, only what he solemnly defines is considered to be infallible teaching. "Are you saved? Are you saved?" Are you saved, Tim? Anyone who thinks they are automatically "saved" simply by declaring that Jesus Christ is their personal Lord and Savior is grossly mistranslating Holy Scripture, and is committing a sin of presumption. It is GOD alone who knows who is "saved" and who is not. No human creature can declare themselves as being "saved". Salvation is an on-going process throughout our entire lives as Holy Scripture clearly has told us. Read 1Corinthians chapter 13, as it tells us that we must have faith, hope, and charity
      Tim Spangler
      6:15 AM

      I know what infallibility is the INABILITY TO ERR.


    5. Dina G
      6:58 AM

      Clearly you didn't comprehend. Im not explaining it all over again. Go back and read it again and try to process it.


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