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If you want everlasting life, it can only be found in JESUS Christ!



Published on Jun 13, 2016
***************************** The above referenced video to watch is from Jason A. You will see that we need prayer and repentance in our country. Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. If you think there's turmoil now, just wait. So I pray that everyone is saved in these days. Only Jesus can save. He is the way, the truth and the life. The world needs to repent. Pray Saints. Today's Bible reading comes from Revelation 2:8-11

Hans S
12:49 If you want everlasting life, it can only be found in JESUS Christ!

Hans S
4:25 PM
+Donna Diggzzz MOST unbelievers will NOT go to a church BUILDING to get saved.
We really have to find them and tell them about JESUS in their current situation.
Most unbelievers have LOTS of prejudices against Christianity, and that's because they think they have to go to a church-BUILDING in order to get to know JESUS.
JESUS is our example and then the Apostle Paul.
They reached out to meet the people in their everyday circumstances.

JESUS never told people that they should become part of a 'church'.

When JESUS-followers gather it's an assembly or a congregation.
This can happen out in the open, when the weather if fine, or in a home, or in whatever building is available and suitable.

The GOSPEL of GRACE doesn't command us to tell people that JESUS must first become their LORD, because people who aren't saved first must be convinced of their LOST state, and that JESUS is the ONLY one who can SAVE them from this horrible fate.
JESUS wants us to explain to the lost WHY they are LOST.

And when they are convinced they are lost and feel terrible about it, then we present them the SOLUTION: JESUS Christ.

This is the Gospel of GRACE: The Plain Truth

They don't have to be BAPTIZED:

They don't have to do the ritual of "the Lords supper":

The MAIN thing is that a saved sinner learns how to develop a LOVING and CLOSE RELATIONSHIP with JESUS.

Subsequently it's VERY important that they know this: Israel's Kingdom Gospel and Our Grace Gospel

Many believer follow the WRONG GOSPEL!

Because of this they apply things to them which are meant for the Jews!

And of course they need to read the right Bible:

The Bible, Satan HATES the MOST: Geneva Bible - Take that, SATAN!

World English Bible - Not perfect, but made by born again JESUS-followers

If they know yet little about JESUS, then it's good that they watch this film, which is literally based on the gospel of Luke: The Gospel of Luke - Film - Visual Bible in HD Very Rare Version

Explain to them that we are NOT appointed unto God's WRATH:
Tribulation Period = Seven Years by Dough Stauffer

Daniel's 70th week is in the future, the NEAR FUTURE

The Believer's Superglue - 26:49 the RAPTURE = the DEPARTURE

The Pre Tribulation Rapture is the only truth

Explain to them that God-the Lord JESUS still loves His CHOSEN people:

Explain to them why the Roman Catholic replacement theology is such a GREAT LIE:

Explain to them that the MYSTERIOUS BODY OF CHRIST started with the SUDDEN conversion of Saul into Paul:

Explain to them that God-the Lord JESUS doesn't need our love, but that He wants to be LOVED by us, and that LOVE is the MOST important criterion concerning our salvation:

1 Corinthians 13 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

Revelation 2 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

Revelation 3 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

Explain to them that if we say we believe in JESUS, but don't really LOVE Him and our fellow man, we run the risk of being REJECTED by Him:

Revelation 3:16 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
16 Therefore because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, it will come to pass, that I shall spew thee out of my mouth.

But in case we LOVE JESUS and do what He says, we have NOTHING to fear!!

I don't call people who don't LOVE me my friends.
Example: my own older blood brother doesn't love me, so he's not my friend.

JESUS doesn't call people who believe in Him, but who don't LOVE Him, His friends!

How do we prove JESUS that we LOVE Him?

When we DO what He says!

There are 'Gospel of Grace' adherents who say they believe in JESUS, but they don't DO what JESUS says and they don't LOVE Him and their fellow man.

I'm SURE that JESUS is NOT happy with such believers!

Love in our Lord JESUS from Hans!


  1. We are saved by GRACE ALONE, through FAITH ALONE, in CHRIST ALONE, according to SCRIPTURE ALONE, all for the GLORY of GOD ALONE!

  2. 12:49 If you want everlasting life, it can only be found in JESUS Christ!
    Donna Diggzzz
    Donna Diggzzz7 minutes ago
    Nothing but the Blood of Jesus !
    Hans S
    Hans S18 seconds ago
    +Donna Diggzzz Amen, my dear Sister!
    Hans S
    Hans S15 hours ago
    Google sensor test
    Hans Steijnhagen
    Hans Steijnhagen15 hours ago
    12:49 If you want everlasting life, it can only be found in JESUS Christ!
    Donna Diggzzz
    Donna Diggzzz7 minutes ago

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    1. Only JESUS can make you whole, He's the Redeemer! AMEN! Well said and well sung! Greetings from a Dutch ex-ATHEIST/ex-EVOLUTIONIST.

  4. +Donna Diggzzz 17:53 My vote still stands for JESUS!


    Hans S
    9:50 AM

    +Donna Diggzzz Have I already shared this with you?
    Never mind: Eric Jon Phelps on the sell out of America and the coming War. Must Watch

    Donald Trump EXPOSED by Eric Jon Phelps

    1. +Zone Television Media I don't say that I agree on everything with Eric JP, but calling him 'a bit of a disinformation Coadjutor' just because you don't agree with him on Lincoln, while he's transparent about his faith in the Lord JESUS and his identity, isn't fair.

      President Lincoln was murdered by the Jesuits and he knew they were the real enemies of the young USA, but he also wasn't such a fantastic president.

      Here are 9 different opinions on Why was Abraham Lincoln against slavery?


      Donna Diggzzz
      3:35 PM

      +Hans S
      No, you haven't til now. Will watch. God Bless
      Zone Television Media
      5:24 PM

      Eric JP is a bit of a disinformation Coadjutor .. Some of facts facts on Lincoln we're screwed up.

    2. +Donna Diggzzz
      When you click on 17:53 (may twice) you'll hear yourself say 'My vote still stands for JESUS!'

      Amen, Donna! JESUS: KING of kings and LORD of lords!


      Donna Diggzzz
      3:22 PM

      My vote is for JESUS as well !

    3. Zone Television Media
      12:46 AM

      Eric has too much angry rhetoric in his tone. I don't trust a lot of what he says. 
      Hans S
      1:02 AM

      +Zone Television Media
      The Catholic church and the Jesuits agree with you.

    4. Zone Television Media
      1:18 AM

      +Hans S If you bothered to watch my documentary you’ll see that i am no friend of the Catholic Church. In this respect I agree with Phelps, however, any one who accepts the Trinitarian doctrine propagated by Tertullian is NOT a Christian. They are pagan by the very definition of the word.
      Hans S
      1:25 AM

      +Zone Television Media
      I believe Eric Jon Phelps is a saved, born again fellow believer in JESUS Christ.
      Are you suggesting that he will burn in hell because he believes that God has 3 capacities: Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
      Zone Television Media
      4:40 AM

      +Hans S when pagan bishops and priests decide what is "Christian" doctrine that should be your first clue.

      The Pagan Emperor Tiberius declared the state religion (to appease the Christians and stop the war.)

      "3 persons in one" is a doctrine that came 280 years AFTER the Crucifixion.

      To be. Christian one must follow Christ. Period. End of story.

      Christianity: is in Matthew chapters 5, 6, and 7. 
      Hans S
      8:28 AM

      +Zone Television Media You said 'If you bothered to watch my documentary you’ll see that i am no friend of the Catholic Church'.

      This is the first time I talk to you and I don't even know your name and all I know about is what you reveal about yourself on your Googe+ page and your YouTube channel, and where can I find your documentary?

      I'm an ex-atheist and I don't call myself a 'Christian' but a follower of JESUS or a believer in JESUS or a JESUS Christian, and JESUS didn't start 'Christianity' but a living organism consisting of believers in Him or of worshipers of Him, and He initiated the Body of Christ through His special apostle Paul.

      Every simple JESUS-follower is able to establish that God is ONE, but that He has THREE capacities: Father, Son (human form) and (Holy) Spirit, and this study is giving a good explanation: The GodHead Explained- Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

      This is what I know about the COUNTERFEIT of the Body of Christ, the Roman Catholic church: Emperor Constantine Was the First Pope!!

      I don't see why you need to attack Eric Jon Phelps's conviction concerning God, who is three capacities in ONE, just because the false Roman Catholic church has its own version of this concept, and by doing so, downplaying his important revelations concerning the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic church in general.

      What I personally like about Eric is that he's an ex-atheist too, like myself, and he's older than me (I'm 56) and he knows a lot about the Jesuits and the Catholic church and about politics in relation to the Catholic church, and he's an admirer of the Dutch reformation during the 16th/17th century and the struggle of the Dutch against the Roman Catholic church (the hidden Roman Empire), because I happen to be Dutch.

    5. Zone Television Media
      8:57 AM

      +Hans S
      Recommedned Reads:
      1.) “WIde as the Waters” by Benson Bobrick,

      2.) "American Freedom and Catholic Power" by Paul Blanchard

      3.) “Shattered Tablets” by Davd Klinghoffer.

      The link to my Video is here:
      Hans S
      10:45 AM

      +Zone Television Media
      Okay, thanks for the info and I've watched your video.
      What's your first name, 'Zone'?
      You like Donna's videos and she's the opposite of your way of expressing things.
      Donna likes to keep things SIMPLE, and maybe sometimes TOO simple, but Donna and I agree on this SIMPLE TRUTH: it's ALL about JESUS!

      JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh and I've informed her that God's name is 'I AM that I AM' and in short 'I AM' and that JESUS' name (from the Hebrew YESHUA) means 'I AM SALVATION'.

      This knowledge is in principle enough in order to be saved (from God's wrath-eternal punishment) as was proven when the other condemned (Jewish) man on the other cross turned to JESUS, asking Him to think of Him when He would enter into His Kingdom.
      JESUS was glad with this request and He assured him that on that day he would be together with Him in Paradise.

      Through divine revelation this man knew who was hanging next to him on the cross: GOD ALMIGHTY!

      Thomas was the first of the disciples who came to the same conclusion:

      John 20:26-28 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      26 And eight days after, again his disciples were within, and Thomas with them. Then came Jesus, when the doors were shut, and stood in the midst, and said, Peace be unto you.
      27 After said he to Thomas, Put thy finger here, and see mine hands, and put forth thine hand, and put it into my side, and be not faithless, but faithful.
      28 Then Thomas answered, and said unto him, Thou art my Lord, and my God.

      Thou art my LORD, and my GOD!

      Now I have another question for you: Donna and I believe in the pre-Jacob's Trouble-rapture (the pre-tribulation-rapture), because the Body of Christ is not appointed to God's wrath and because its a prophetic necessity, because after the rapture it will be about Israel=Jacob again.

      What do you believe?

    6. +Zone Television Media
      We all deserve to ROT in hell forever.

      Someone who is saved is very glad he or she won't ROT in hell forever.
      it's that simple and that's why JESUS loves CHILDREN so much.
      But many 'grown ups' are children who love to think and do DIFFICULT.

      To answer my own questions you declined to answer: YES, I LOVE JESUS and He has saved me from ROTTING in HELL FOREVER and that's why I'm HAPPY.


      Mike Smith
      Yesterday 1:20 PM

      Trumpets I think you may be on to something Donna
      Donna Diggzzz
      Yesterday 1:53 PM

      +Mike Smith
      I see dead people.....Hahahaaa, Just teasin you. Yeah, something wicked this way comes
      Mike Smith
      Yesterday 1:56 PM

      +Donna Diggzzz Fear snot the booger man LOL
      Zone Television Media
      Yesterday 5:54 PM

      +Hans S Exodus, 23:19 God is not a man that he should lie neither is he the son of man that he should repent.

      John 4:24
      God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth."

      Luke 24:39
      ...handle me and see, because a ��spirit �� hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

      The inferences drawn from People such asTertullian (as yourself and other Christians) violates the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd commandments.

      The way some of the a text is written makes it easy to infer many things. This is why John Wycliffe wanted everyone to read the Bible.

      The Nicene creed is how most Christians are taught to read the New Testament ...from that comes your "3 in 1" doctrine ... This is NOT jesus doctrine.

      Jesus doctrine is in Matthew 5, 6 and 7

      I believe Jesus is the Son of God. The virgin birth, the Ten Commandments
      People make the mistake of believing the "oneness" of Jesus is in quantity rather than in quality ... Easy mistake to make but a person who has material inclinations is going to accept the pagan
      Slant on Jesus "oneness" rather than the spiritual one and will continue to read the Bible in a manner that infers things that are not there. Or just untrue.

      Hans S
      Yesterday 6:10 PM

      +Zone Television Media
      Do you love JESUS and are you saved and are you happy you won't burn in hell?
      Zone Television Media
      Yesterday 6:41 PM

      +Hans S Anyone who ever asks “are you saved” is a clear sign of someone who has cultish mentality.

      It presupposes that “salvation” is a conditon of YOUR belief. Not what God knows OR requires. You’re also not as familair with the Bible if you ask that question.

      It’s a loaded question that suggests that those who dont “accept Jesus Christ as their pesonal Lord and savior” are not “saved” hence “going to hell”

      Let me ask you a question

      1.) What does it mean to you to “accept” Jesus.
      2.) What does Christ Jesus himself say about the question concerning salvation.
      3.) Are you of the Truth ? Do you hear what Christ Jesus says and DO what he says ?

      4.) If you are not DOING the word than you are a liar hence NOT “saved”.

      TO answer you question:
      1.) I answer to no one but God with respect to salvation.
      2.) I defer you to Psalms 139:23-24

    7. +Zone Television Media Ephesians 2:8 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      8 For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God,

      Are you saved through faith, and not of yourself but as a gift of God, because of what JESUS did for you on the cross?


      Zone Television Media
      4:20 AM

      +Hans S Tell me Hans.
      Do you think Joeseph was “saved”
      or Moses ? Or Daniel ?, Or the Three Hebrew Prophets ? Or David ? or Elisha or Elijah ?

      You see Hans. Jesus wasn’t there for them yet they walked wirh God.

      Sorry Hans.. but Jesus is not the guy at the bar buying everyone free drinks.

    8. +Mike Smith
      Say that to JESUS too, because He gave us a free will and in principle everyone has the option to say NO to Him.

      DOING what JESUS = God says is SIMPLE: LOVE Him and secondly, LOVE your fellow man as yourself, and both commandments are EQUALLY IMPORTANT.
      If people who say they believe in God-the Lord JESUS don't love me, then they're not willing to accept me forever in the presence of JESUS, and then they've got a BIG PROBLEM with JESUS, because He loves me.

      Mike Smith
      12:53 PM

      +Hans S Some men you just can't reach :)

    9. +Zone Television Media
      Is the trinity mentioned in the gospels?

      Many who stand against the doctrine of the triune nature of the Almighty suggest that the trinity is nowhere to be found within the scriptures. But is this really the case? The following are the top 4 passages within the gospels which point to the 3 in one reality which the Christians call God.

      1) In Matthew 28:19 Jesus tells his followers to make disciples of all nations. However, he then goes on to instruct them to baptize these people in the name of NOT JUST the father, but of the son and the holy spirit. If the creator was indeed a 1 person reality, then Jesus would be guilty of idolatry. However, this is NOT the case.

      2) In Luke 3 we read the event of the baptism of Jesus Christ. However, the eyes of many are quick at missing the most important audience which were present during this time. The kind of picture Luke draws of the event is quite amazing. We see the son coming up out of the water, the father is present by means of his voice and the holy spirit descends upon the Messiah like a dove.

      3) In John 14:26-27, Jesus is talking about the coming of the holy spirit. But the important thing to notice here is the very first line of this passage which reads: "But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name," Jesus, as we see, is mentioning all the persons of the trinity working in harmony to bring about the comforter into the world.

      4) In Matthew 2, there is an event which symbolizes the idea of a triune creator which many do not seem to recognize. When the wise men come to worship the new born savior, what we see is that they provide 3 different types of gifts (Gold frankincense and myrrh) unto 1 God ( Jesus Christ). 3 gifts unto 1 creator God, a 3 in 1 creator.
      Hans S
      1:29 AM

      +Zone Television Media Does James Contradict Paul?

      'Zone', I only want to know whether you love JESUS.
      My brothers and sisters in JESUS all love Him and they are glad that they're saved, no matter what background they have.
      Hans S
      1:37 AM

      +Donna Diggzzz +Mike Smith +Zone Television Media Mike Farris 'Thank You Jesus'


      Zone Television Media
      Yesterday 5:39 PM

      I see no one can answer the question. 
      Mike Smith
      Yesterday 5:58 PM

      OT saints were saved BY faith, faith in Elohim, NT saints are saved by faith in Jesus and his redemptive work on the cross, comprenda?
      Zone Television Media
      Yesterday 6:17 PM

      James 1: 22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves

      The Old Testament prophets were DOERS
      The Apostles were DOERS

      James 2:14
      But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?

      Do�� the word don't just say it. It's not enough Tk say you just have "faith"

      Are you doing the word Hans? Are you proving your faith or are you just talking ?

      Be careful. 
      Mike Smith
      Yesterday 6:57 PM

      I love to just talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk hahaha
      Donna Diggzzz
      Yesterday 7:08 PM

      +Mike Smith
      Hey you Comedian :) Have you heard that song "Talk Talk" ? All you do to me is Talk Talk. It's from the 80's
      Mike Smith
      Yesterday 9:12 PM

      you mean........ LOL wow way back, but yes that's it my generation :)

  5. Replies
    1. Hi +Donna Diggzzz !
      I assume you're now using a laptop with an inbuilt camera.

      The in sync problems are over, but your voice sounds a bit as if you're hoarse, but that's due to the live stream technique.
      Just watch a few seconds of this video which was made with live stream and see that the whole background is shaking. It's rather funny! ;-))
      But the sound quality of Steven's video is perfect.
      So you see you're not the only one with live stream problems.

      Amen to your message and as always: IT'S ALL ABOUT JESUS!!!

  6. You may be right about Trump and Psalm 83. The term Vicar of Christ means literally 'in place of Christ' which can be translated by antichrist. JESUS is coming, Donna!


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