Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ukraine Leading NATO Into War

Published on Jul 6, 2016
Ukraine seems to be leading NATO right into a war with Russia. Is it a staged event or does Petro Poroshenko really think NATO has his back when he attacks Donbass. TASS News is reporting that Kiev is a massing TANKS and other heavy fighting equipment ready for a strike on Donbass. Which will destabilize the region according to Russian Ministers.


  1. Replies
    1. Obama is a pawn of the Vatican.


      Karen DIckson17 hours ago
      Obama went to Poland when the Dallas massacres happened. Obama has Congress in the palm of his hand no doubt. wow
      Jeannie Mayer
      Jeannie Mayer17 hours ago
      O. Always had them ....they have no backbone
      chuck middleton
      chuck middleton16 hours ago
      Good point

    2. Obama is doing everything on behalf of the Vatican.


      Ronald Rasch13 hours ago
      Obama will be the death of us all! Canceling the election with martial law, while being a dictator going to war against Russia.

    3. Obama is a PAWN of the ANTICHRIST, Pope Francis. The PAPACY is the ANTICHRIST by DEFAULT!


      Lloyd Hamilton13 hours ago
      obama is the antichrist soon all will see and know for themselves.


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