Thursday, September 22, 2016

Grand Canyon, reminder of God's judgement through the Flood

When we talk of "The Story of Noah's Flood", were are talking about "reality", not about "science fiction", or about "fantasy" as is actually the case with "The Story of Evolution".  I know that people like to tell their children about "The Story of Noah's Flood".  Nevertheless, there are some problems with treating this historical flood as just some kind of light-hearted "Children's Story":

(1) The Flood of Noah's Day was the greatest disaster in the history of the world. This flood was a far greater disaster than the sinking of The Titanic, or any of the other disasters of the past. In fact, only eight people in the entire world lived through this tremendously tragic worldwide disaster. All of the other millions of people, (if not billions of people), living on the Earth in that day, drowned during this great flood. Therefore, in what way is this story of mass death a "Children's Story" to be so glibly told to young children?

(2) Noah was a righteous man. Nevertheless, the flood was a judgment sent by God upon a world that had become filled with wicked, violent unbelievers. These evil men and women committed so much violence and sin on the Earth that God was left with no other choice but to judge the Earth with a great flood.

(3) This is not a "story" like "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" or "The Three Little Pigs". No, this Flood actually happened, with an incredible amount of physical evidence which can still be seen throughout the world today, showing that it did indeed happen. This scientific evidence is also well documented. The huge weight of scientific evidence just cannot be simply ignored, as if this were just some kind of "Children's Story".

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Hans S
God, who happens to be JESUS, who happens to be God ANNIHILATED about SIX BILLION people during the FLOOD, and He turned them into OIL, COAL and GAS. 
He will ANNIHILATE many more when He'll return in the near future, except those who LOVE Him and who have surrendered to Him. JESUS the JEW will DESTROY all JEW-HATERS and they will BURN in His ETERNAL lake of fire. 
He will LURE the WHOLE world into war in HIS country Israel so that He can AVENGE Himself on the whole world and on all satanic people who HATE Him and His chosen people during the battle of ARMAGEDDON. 
He will grab the POPE of Rome, who is the ANTICHRIST, and He will cast this evil man and the False Prophet into His eternal lake of fire, which is the SECOND DEATH and His TRASH CAN, and He will annihilate all who will wear the MARK of the BEAST, 666, on their forehead or on their right hand. The Mark of the BEAST is the Mark of the POPE and the SUN-worship on SUN-day, the FALSE SABBATH. 
 Adolf Hitler's SWASTIKA was a symbol of the SUN-god from BABYLON. Both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were financed by the USA, on behalf of the EVIL Vatican and the JESUITS. 
The USA is 100% a project of the Vatican and the original name of Washington D.C. was ROME. The 'Hitler salute' was an AMERICAN invention on behalf of the satanic Vatican. 
Obama (Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis) is the SECOND BEAST from the 2nd BEAST SYSTEM, the USA. 
The 1st BEAST SYSTEM is the Vatican, which is the ROMAN EMPIRE. 
The POPE is the (hidden) ROMAN EMPEROR. 
His god is LUCIFER! 
Surrender to JESUS Christ, while you can and He'll forgive you and LOVE you and He'll be forever your best friend and Savior. 
Don't surrender to Him and He'll be your WORST NIGHTMARE!
Hans S
Adolf Hitler was 100% a product of the satanic Vatican and the JESUITS. 
Joseph Stalin was a JESUIT PRIEST.

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    1. +Ellen Jirasek
      Yes, this is funny, but I miss the largest island on earth, Greenland, and where's Antarctica, and see how HUGE EurAsia is.

      I live in the western part of it in the Netherlands and EurAsia is connected to Africa (and vice versa) by the landbridge which is ISRAEL.
      That's why Israel is strategically so important and now they've also discovered huge amounts of oil and gas in and around Israel, which makes it even more important.
      It's God's OWN country and JESUS is God!

      Something else: Eric Jon Phelps on the sell out of America and the coming War. Must Watch

      Read my comment addressed to sister Donna:

      JESUS is with us!
      Ellen Jirasek
      6:31 AM

      +Hans S
      thanks for your reply and info, Hans. Btw, my grandfather was from Amsterdam! And, yes, Jesus IS God! and in a world of mis-information, that's all we need to know! And He will guide us into all truth! Have a richly blessed week, friend
      Hans S
      7:05 AM

      +Ellen Jirasek Well, Ellen is a common female Dutch name.
      Love in JESUS from Hans!

      PS: New York used to be New Amsterdam.

  2. +Honey Pie Sister, watch this video and then you'll hear this song after 'Child in Time' by Deep Purple: Scientific EVIDENCE of a Flat Earth
    I'm since recently a believer in a flat earth, thanks to sister +Silent Witness (Denise) from New York, who has made quite a few videos on this subject.
    We've all been lied to by the Vatican/Jesuit led NWO!
    Flat Earth: Exposing the Jesuit Agenda! - Are you getting NERVOUS, SATAN?


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